My name is FATHER, Kyle. And I'm here for you.

FATHER is a powerful interdimensional creature and the main antagonist of the Slenderverse ARG Afraid at Home. He returns in the Slenderblog Stargazer as the main antagonist.



Years ago, a group of unknown scientists discovered a way to open a bridge to another world, they called it: "Perpendicular Road". In one of the explorations inside the bridge, they found a faceless creature that proceeded to kill everyone except the lead scientist (who was in fact Kyle's Father). Sometime after the event, his wife mysteriously disappeared, leaving him with his child. One day, they had a car accident while escaping from the faceless creature, causing both of their deaths. However, the creature revived Kyle, in hopes of using his body in the future as a vessel.

Afraid at Home Part 1)

Kyle, now a young adult, starts hearing strange noises coming from his bedroom wall, which is soon revealed to be the sound made by the FATHER arriving into our world. He seeks to possess Kyle's body, which he had been harvesting ever since Kyle had a car accident in his childhood. FATHER unfortunately succeeded and Kyle was possessed.

Afraid at Home (Part 2)

After Kyle's possession, strange videos started to be uploaded on the channel. These videos in some way retell the story of Afraid At Home, but in a different scenario, and with Kyle having a different, more aggressive personality. How these videos pertain to canon is unknown or if even has a connection to the FATHER.


In the sequel, Kyle (possessed by FATHER) is now the neighbor of Ezekiel/Zeke. Zeke somehow becomes fascinated with his new neighbor. One night, Kyle even knocks on Zeke's door and enters, covered in blood, and leaves soon after cleaning himself. Zeke asks his best friend, Hannah, to help him conduct some research on this guy, soon stumbling upon the Afraid At Home YouTube channel. FATHER also has a loyal servant known as PLAGUE (based on the Plague Doctors).

Stan Frederick

As seen in 29. Neighbors, Kyle is no longer possessed by FATHER and now lives in the Mid-West, homeless. Kyle says that he got rid of FATHER by completely dissociating himself from technology. FATHER's status is unknown.


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