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So you wish to challenge me? Branch Chief Faba? The man who is called Aether Paradise's last line of defense is to battle a mere child?!

Faba is an antagonist of the 2016 videogame, Pokemon Sun and Moon. He is the branch chief of the Aether Foundation, and is one of their strongest trainers.


Faba is first encounter at the Memorial Hills, where he and an Aether Foundatoin employee are found trying to defend a Slowpoke from two Team Skull grunts. When Faba notices the player, he ask them to defeat the grunts in his place. Once the grunts are defeated, Faba invites the player to the Hano Grand Hotel to talk.

Once the player completes their Akala Island challenge, the player heads to Hano Grand Hotel and meets Faba once again. Here, he introduces himself as the Aether Foundation branch chief. He invites the player to visit the Aether Paradise located at the middle of the Alola. He then takes the player and Hau there.

Faba then gives them a tour around the Aether Paradise. He explain that their goal is to create a safe heaven for Pokemon to protect them from evil people such as Team Skull. As such, the Aether Paradise has a jamming signal that prevents Poke Balls from being used. He then introduces another branch chief, Wicke, and leaves the rest of the tour to her.

Later, the player, along with Hau and Gladion, returns to Aether Paradise in order to rescue Lillie. Gladion suggest searching the secret labs that reside in the basement, but realizes that a key is needed in order to make the lift go down. So instead they go up to the entrance, where they are confronted by Faba. Faba challenges the player to a battle. When he's defeated, he inserted the key that can allow the lift to go to the basement.

However, Faba knew that it would lead to a dead end, so he calls in reinforcement. After searching the basement, the trio return to the entrance, where they are ambushed by the Aether Foundation Employees. They later confronts Faba again, this time with three Aether Foundation Employee. After defeating the first two, Faba and the remaining Aether employee battles the player, with Gladion battling alongside them. Faba was defeated a second time, and gives the trio a key needed to find Lillie.

After the player stops Lusamine and beats the Pokemon League, Faba can be found still in the Aether Paradise, where the player can battle here. It is reveal that due to his actions, he has been demoted, but he is currently working on redemption. Additionally, Faba can be fought as an challenger for the Alola Champion title.



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