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Now she's faceless.
~ The Reborn

Faceless is a supporting antagonist of the APCollection Slenderverse series. She is a proxy and serial killer who works for The Father and also the girlfriend/partner of Mr. Collector.


Not long after starting her blog, Faceless, a serial killer operating in Texas at the time, noticed the that a similar blog had been started by somebody by the name of Mr. Collector and attempted to contact him. She posted about how she was becoming somewhat infatuated with him, as he was a fellow serial killer who also had connections to the Slender Man, and how she had been killing fake proxies, as well as her ex-boyfriend.

Faceless and Collector later met up in person in a park and spent the following week together, committing several murders during that time. Having made a deal with a proxy named Mr. Reed in which he would attack the SMD, Collector used Faceless' fellow proxies for information. After getting shot by an unknown person who was believed to be an agent working for the SMD (who was actually Mr. Reed himself). Mr. Collector later "died" and she was left on her own. She later killed an innocent girl named Courtney Gray (who was revealed to be Josh Harris's girlfriend, Courtney Gray), she asks help for Mr. Collector in fear that Josh comes for her. In a rage, Josh (now The Reborn) kidnapped Faceless and tortured her several times before being rescued by Mr. Collector. She was later taken by a rogue agent of the SMD called B2 and is never seen again.


  • It is unknown if she knew The Creature or had any idea of what was going on.
  • Among the villains of The Angel's Game and APCollection, she had the worst fate of them all. Even worse than death.
    • In the end, she felt the pain of her victims, becoming Faceless.
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