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Factory Owner Persson is the main antagonist of The Crown Jewels (2011). He is Richard Persson's cruel, tyrannical father.

He was portrayed by Swedish actor Loa Falkman.


He is first shown in the hospital along with Fernandez where Richard and Fragancia Fernandez were born. Mr Persson accidentally dropped Richard, resulting in injures that required Richard to have a metal plate in his head.

He raises Richard with cruelty, physically and emotionally abusing him; when Richard's hockey team loses, for example, he hits Richard and flushes his goldfish down the toilet. He also abuses his wife, Richard's mother, at one point raping her in a fit of rage. She eventually leaves him, and he takes it out on Richard, administering evermore brutal beatings with greater frequency. His business fails after his employees go on strike to protest his abusive management; he also takes that out on Richard.

Persson abuses his son yet again after Jesús Fernandez dies, but this time Richard fights back. During the ensuing struggle, Richard kills his father with a shotgun, which he then turns on himself.