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We flourished. In the soil of those birthing woods we were molded anew. Once, we were the leftover scraps of a race nine times decimated. We had been nothing. Through our vengefulness, we became something. But when our essence is to lay waste, to obliterate, to raze, what could we become?

We became the weapons that were never used against us.

We became engines of the destruction we sought.

We became bombs.
~ A Faerie shortly after losing his name in "They Had Names".
It is this that makes our interactions with They-Who-Swore-To-Protect of paramount importance. Names have power, and without them, we remain trapped in this gilded cage. A Name, any Name, even a borrowed one, means we will be whole enough to leave. This is why we must interact with those who drove us to this place, and why they must replace us here. We take their Names, and thereby take their place outside. Then, and only then, can we be free.
~ The Faeries in "Most Beautiful Things".

The Faeries, or the Fae, are recurring antagonists in the SCP Foundation mythos based on various depictions of the Fairies from folklore. They are an ancient magical race currently inhabiting the dimension of SCP-4000 after losing all of their names following their failure at destroying the Foundation.

They play important roles in the "From 120's Archives" and "Project PARAGON" canons.


(Note: Due to the lack of canon in the universe of the SCP Foundation, it is up to the reader to pick which part of the group's history is canon for their headcanon.)

Possible Origins

From 120's Archives

Around 300 000 years BCE, the Faeries alongside the Children of the Night and humanity evolved from one common ancestor, and became the three dominant species on the planet. The Faeries led by Queen Mab and her sister formed a vast empire connecting all Faeries as one nation worldwide while taking control over both humans, who were put into habitats to act as entertainment, and the Children, who were used as slaves. Eventually, the poor who had been oppressed by the aristocrats fought back under the leadership of Mab's sister, leading to Mab using her powers to help the royals win, but the Children and the humans took advantage of the chaos and decimated the royals' palaces. In the aftermath, Mab was killed after temporarily loosing her powers, while the Children became the next dominant species before humanity also overthrew them with Mab's help whose spirit lived one within her corpse.


At the beginning of time, as the two opposite forces known as "IS" and "IS NOT" created the entire universe, the very first beings that came to inhabit the newly created Earth were the Faeries formed from the remnants of IS before being followed by the human race led by Adam El Asem. During Asem's reign in the city of Audapaupadopolis, he took a star from the sky and transformed it into the powerful Crown of Apollyon.

The Faeries seeing this act as a terrible and unforgivable sin to their goddess Titania, attacked the human race, but were repelled by Asem and his sons. Refusing to let Asem get away with this, the Faeries prayed to Titania and wished to grant them a mean to bring him down for good. Titania answered by creating the Children of the Night which were sent by the Faeries to destroy Audapaupadopolis and capture Asem. The Children were successful in this task, but despite serving their purpose perfectly, the Faeries ostracized the Children due to their resemblance to humans and left them at the bottom of their cities.

After Titania found out of the Faeries' mistreatment of the Children of the Night, she betrayed the Faeries and became the Children's goddess, allowing the Children to overthrow the Faeries and take over their cities, turning the captured ones into their slaves who were used as playthings. Years following this, the Faeries were attacked by the House of Apollyon which wished to expand their territories outside of Old Europe and into the Faeries' lands. The House was able to slaughter a number of the Faeries and kidnap a fairy princess, but after being taken by them she used her magical powers to put a curse on the House, causing the kingdom's disastrous downfall. After the Flood caused by the sorcerer Noah killed most of the Children, the Faeries were able to free themselves while surviving the Flood.

The Factory

SCP-001 (Bright's Proposal)

In 1911, after the newly founded SCP Foundation took over The Factory, the Faeries tried to warn them of the horrible threat posed by The Factory, but were ignored forcing the Faeries to go to war with the Foundation and The Factory. Despite their best efforts, the Faeries were able to destroy the Foundation, and kill most of the O5 Council except for O5-1. Cornered by the Faeries and having no other choice, O5-1 was forced to make a deal with The Factory, which was possessing the corpse of James Anderson, and rewrote history, reviving the Foundation and making them the winners of the war who proceeded to retaliate by killing most of the Faeries. As a result of their defeat, the Faeries lost their true names and were forced to flee to SCP-4000 where they became trapped, unable to leave unless they got a name from someone.

SCP-001 (Ralliston's Proposal)

In 1908, Mab from beyond the grave manipulated James Rollander into building The Factory in Poland where her body was put inside a room. After employing a number of people to work for the Factory, Rolland began offering human sacrifices to Mab in order for her to fuel the Factory with magic. After the newly created SCP Foundation discovered the Factory around 1911 they tried to investigate it, but this eventually led to the Great factory purge in which Mab, under the guise of her sister, used her powers to slaughter most of the remaining Faeries who opposed her, while the survivors had their names taken by her. Those who were able to retain their names due to their loyalty to Mab would form the terrorist group known as the Triumviraté who wished to resurrect Mab and the Fae empire.

Possible Endings

SCP-001 (Ihp/Locke Proposal)

As a result of Site-100's manipulation, Allison Eckhart was brought into SCP-4000. This cross-test resulted in SCP-4000 and the Faeries getting the identity of Allison Eckhart, but because of Eckhart's semantic identifier, all of the Faeries inhabiting SCP-4000 entered in a quasi-comatose state, while the other Faeries who had retained their names weren't affected.


When the Church of Maxwellism led by Saint Hedwig discovered SCP-4000 and its inhabitants, they came to the belief that the Faeries were enemies of their god WAN and so they began slaughtering them. The Maxwellists then proceeded to use the Faeries' bodies to forge an anomalous metal named Pygnite which they believed would help them reassemble their god. As they kept forging more and more Pygnite out of the Faeries, a powerful blizzard began forming on Amazon as a result of the ashes formed from the burning of the Faeries. The SCP Foundation upon discovering what the Maxwellists were doing decided to remain neutral since they did not care much about the Faeries' fate and the Maxwellists actions posed no threat to them or the Veil of Secrecy. However, as the blizzard expanded over the entire world, the Foundation and Prometheus Labs took over the Pygnite production from the Maxwellists, since the metal was able to help people resist the cold caused by the massive blizzard, and began hunting the Faeries to extinction and began vivisecting the remaining ones in order to harvest their organs and body parts as they could regenerate over time before eventually dropping a nuke within SCP-4000. This would later lead to the few remaining Faeries such as Ekhart to try and take revenge on all of the groups responsible for the decimation of their race.


After former cult leader Damien Nowak, who sought to bring humanity, the Faeries and the Children of the Night to live back in harmony, was resurrected by the SCP-5572 phenomenon and became Nobody, he went to SCP-4000 where he destroyed a portion of Mab's essence which was responsible for the current state of the inhabitants. Following this accomplishment, a number of Faeries trapped within SCP-4000 had their names returned, but others remained nameless due to Mab still being alive, causing Nowak to go hunt down the rest of Mab's body. Following this, the Faeries began fighting over the election of the new leader to govern them.

When the event only known as SCP-6500 began neutralizing all of the anomalies due to the Foundation containing most of them, in the "Emissary's Path" the Foundation rechristen itself Vanguard and deliberately caused a "Broken Masquerade" scenario in order to stop SCP-6500. In the new state of the world, various Faerie communities revealed themselves to humanity and with help of Vanguard the two races were able to coexist with each other.

Physical Appearance and Characteristics

The Faeries were a species scientifically known as either Homo sapiens sidhe or Trans stellaris, which mostly looked identical to normal humans, but with notable differences. As Homo sapiens sidhe the Faeries were taller than humans, possessing ethereal wings, big black eyes, pale skin, and hair colored after nature. As Trans stellaris the Faeries were smaller than humans, possessing light green skin, and six eyes positioned in two vertical columns. A subspecies of the Faeries resembled women with ears pointer than those of elves and possessing green skin.

After losing their names, the Faeries also lost their true form, resulting in them undergoing changes in physical structure when unobserved and often resembling animals. The Faeries also possessed reddish-green blood and according to a vampire working for Ambrose Restaurants in Transylvania the Faeries' blood is very sweet. In modern times a mixture of a iron and heroine named Spiegeleisen was forged as a highly addictive drug for Faeries.

Powers and Abilities

The Faeries were highly advanced in thaumaturgy/magic and some were experienced reality benders. The Faeries could use their powers for a variety of things excepted for the traditional fairies. In addition the Faeries were notorious tricksters and manipulators, being capable of outsmarting unsuspecting or careless people and easily tricking them in order to achieve their goals. As according to folklore, the Faeries were immortal as they never aged, but were also highly allergic to iron which proved to be very harmful and toxic to them. According to Veronica Fitzroy the Faeries can draw power from ceremonies and rituals similar to SCP-2852. It is also said that they, or at least a subspecies of the Faeries, can inhabit both the physical and spiritual planes, and often used their powers to prey on unsuspecting people to feast on their souls.

After having lost their names, the Faeries had also lost their identities and forms associated with their stolen names and became imprisoned inside SCP-4000. As a result of losing their true appearance, the Faeries were transformed into forms which often resembled animals of humanoid shape. However, the loss of their names also allowed the Faeries to achieve nomenclative and nominative powers, allowing them to steal other people's names and identities and manipulate their newly acquired names as they wish. After stealing someone's name people would start to see the Faerie as the same individual whose name was stolen, while the original holder of the name would be forgotten and be unable to be identified or recognized. Despite acquiring a new name, the Faeries wouldn't be returned to their former selves as the names weren't their's meaning that they didn't represent the real identities of the Faeries. Because of this when interacting with the Faeries people should use inconsistent epithets in order to avoid the harmful effects of the Faeries and SCP-4000.


Hierarchy & Structure

Not much is known about the social hierarchy of the Faeries. On one account it was said that the Faeries were ruled by monarchs who acted as conduits to their gods while some primogens, such princes and princesses, led a loose governorship of their lands.

On another account, the Faeries had always been ruled over by Queen Mab and her sister, with the aristocratic Faeries standing above the poor ones who were turned into slaves like the ancient humans and Children of the Night. This hierarchy was soon demolished when Mab's sister led the oppressed people in a revolt against Mab.


Not much is known about the Faeries' religion, apart that they worshipped some deities such as the goddess of Earth Gaia, possibly SCP-4043 or SCP-6789, and the goddess of Stars and Wishes Titania. Although Gaia was the central figure in their religion, the Faeries favored Titania over her. It is implied that the Faeries also worshipped SCP-4971-▽, SCP-4812-S, SCP-INTEGER and the Violet Queen as their deities. The religion of the Sidhe in Three Portlands mostly comprised of ancestor veneration which made up 12% of the total population's religions.


The Faeries spoke an unknow language referred as Fae with the word "Triumviraté" translating to "we will prevail", but were also fluent in old versions of Irish, Welsh and Gaelic. The Sidhe in Three Portlands spoke Modern Celtic, while SCP-2932-A spoke Quechuan.

Relationship with other anomalous factions

The Faeries are hostile to the SCP Foundation due to them working with The Factory to massacre them and take away their names. However, most Foundation personnel don't understand this hatred due to the aforementioned events being classified information which was kept secret from them by the higher ups.

During an occult war happening in the dimension of Avalon in the year 1884, the Sidhe population evacuated the dimension and made a deal with a genius loci in order to create the interdimensional city-state of Three Portlands to act as their new home.

The Global Occult Coalition has made a treaty with the Faeries named the Athurian Charter that neither race would harm the other unless one attacked. When the Foundation captured one of the Faeries' unicorns, the GOC broke inside the site containing the unicorn in order to not upset the Faeries.

When the Unusual Incidents Unit discovered the island of Hy-Brasil, the then current king allowed the organization to establish their headquarter on the island.

Although referring to the Faeries as "friends" and together crafting the Blue Lily Chains as a sign of friendship, a large number of the Serpent's Hand regard them as hostile misanthropic monsters who hate humanity for no real reason and believe that they deserved to have their names lost. Despite this, a Fairy couple found refuge in the Wanderer's Library where they were seemingly welcomed.

Elewynn and Erelynn once helped the Man with the Upside-Down Face of Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting in saving one of the poor circus members from the wrath of Herman Fuller. In gratitude, Manny repayed them by getting "Dr. Jaspers" stolen name from The Factory with the help of Isabel Wondertainment V and Iris Dark.

The former subordinates of Miss Moon from the interdimensional kingdom of Alagadda would often travel to SCP-4000 in order to be free from the evil of the Kingdom and interact with the Faeries. The Hanged King himself regarded the Faeries as disgusting creatures.

The Triumviraté once opened a false restaurant in SCP-5373 under the guise of the Ambrose Restaurants franchise in order to trap unsuspecting Faeries and bring them to SCP-4000.

After the Faeries arrived to the Greenleaf region of Corbenic where they formed their nation of Wielka Altana, the Three Moons Initiative decided to leave the nation be and not establish any form of communication after learning of their hostile nature and that they were under the protection of the Corbenese goddess, Konarwidz, although they would have diplomatic discussions when in cases it became necessary. However, in SCP-6944 it's revealed that the Fairies had secretly spied on the Initiative to gather more information on a version of SCP Foundation.

During the Irish War of Independence, several Faeries from Hy-Brasil who were suffering from the war, decided to flee to America alongside Irish immigrants by joining the Irish-American criminal organization known as Chicago's North Side Gang which benefited from their nomenclative magic. However, the organization came into conflict with another criminal organization the Chicago Spirit, which led to the Faerie members being killed by the Chicago Spirit's leader Richard Chappell who expressed disgust towards them.

A Fae named Queen Maven acted as a muse for a SWJC? commune in Lichtenberg. After she was kidnapped by the Fourth Reich of the Obskuakorps the SWJC? went to war with them to take her back.

SCPs Associated with the Faeries

  • SCP-001 (Bright's Proposal): The Factory created by James Anderson, which produces anomalous objects and feeds on the suffering of its workers. When the Faeries attempted to destroy it, The Factory made a deal with O5-1 and rewrote reality into making the Foundation kill most of the Faeries and taking away their names which were written on scrolls currently stored within one of The Factory's facilities.
  • SCP-001 (Ralliston's Proposal): A version of the Factory built by James Rollander north of Krakōw, Poland above the ancient ruins belonging to the Faeries. Inside the Factory was a room designated SCP-001-B which contained Queen Mab's body designated SCP-001-C who was fueled by human sacrifices. When the Faeries attempted to destroy Mab she instead manipulated the events resulting in the slaughter of the Faeries and took away the names of the survivors.
  • SCP-001-B (Another djkaktus Proposal): An entity resembling Winnie the Pooh created by Administrator Milne's reality bending son Christopher. The entity proceeded to create various other smaller entities designated SCP-001-B-1 resembling the Faeries which served to bring honey for SCP-001-B to feast on.
  • SCP-321: A female humanoid named Sarah Bright who after being revived by her father, became an ever growing creature with the undeveloped mind of a small child. Wanting to ensure that the Faeries survived their genocide at the hands of the Foundation and The Factory, SCP-239 brought the Faeries' Queen from the past into the present and had her possess SCP-321 in order to grant her a new body which would allow her to bring back her people.
  • SCP-562: A phenomenon occurring on internet chat sites in which some of the Faeries use several accounts to convince people to participate in their party. If subjects agree to join the party then the Faeries would transport them to their dimension in which times passes faster than on Earth, causing attendants to partake in the party for the rest of their lives and after dying of old age their bodies would be found near forests.
  • SCP-615-J: A Faerie resembling a middle-aged Caucasian man with long matted hair and wearing oversized Florida Marlins jersey, and previously inhabited SCP-4000 before being later banned. He would abuse the Faeries rules to steal valuable stuff from people in order to gain enough money to buy bear.
  • SCP-860: A blue key which when used to open any door, the opened door would lead to a dimension designated SCP-860-1 which resembled a forest surrounded with blue mist and containing various creatures and phenomena. This key was previously under the possession of the Faeries who would use it to go hunting inside SCP-860-1.
  • SCP-953: A sadistic kumiho who enjoys killing people and can transform into a nine-tailed fox. It is possible that she is a member of a race of Faeries since an elder Taoist was able to imprison her by swallowing her name.
  • SCP-1000: The entire species of Bigfoot known as the Children of the Night. They were created by Titania at the behest of the Faeries to bring down Adam El Asem. However, as the Faeries mistreated them, the Children fought back, overthrowing the Faeries the same way humanity would overthrow them.
  • SCP-1323: A dimension which can only be accessed at various points in the British counties. This dimension contains a fairground consisting of an exhibition hall, a livestock pavilion a sideshow, a variety of information and ticket kiosks, food stalls, and wandering entertainers. People can enter the fairground by getting tickets in exchange for a joyful laugh and a sorrowful tear, a cherished memory, a year and a day, a lost love and a favor, but if people eat some food then they are forced to forever live within the fairground.
  • SCP-1826: A phenomenon taking place in an office building in Oleksandriia, Ukraine in which females of any species after entering the building in March would grow deer antlers and disappear. After this happened if a male and a black canine entered the building, the female would manifest and try to engage in combat which would end when one of them was killed during combat, at which point the corpse would be absorbed into the walls where foliage would grow and produce a male black Arctic wolf cub.
  • SCP-1949-EX: A series of murders done by a man later designated D-039021 whose sister was lost after having her name stolen by the Faeries. After meeting the Faeries the man was convinced by them that in order to get his sister back he needed to ritualisticly murder people and use their body parts to reform her.
  • SCP-2254: One of the four Knights of the House of Apollyon known as La Hire who was cursed by the fairy princess. As a result of the curse he transformed into a massive incorporeal invisible distorted humanoid with extremely distended arms, six legs, a misshapen neck and face, long hair and disfigured genitals. He had the power to hypnotize a human couple to have sex in front of him in order to impregnate the female with his offsprings.
  • SCP-2307-01: Also known as the legendary Sword in the Stone from British mythology which can regenerate itself when out of water and can alter the past of its wielder in a positive way. It was created by Mekhane for the king of Britain, and several Faeries had attempted to steal the sword from him but were unsuccessful. Near his death, the king and some monks gave the custody of the sword to the Lady of the Lake who would give the sword to the king's successor.
  • SCP-2323: A behavior observed in some great grey shrikes, designated SCP-2323-A, which grab small Fairies and impale them on barbed wires or other metallic thorns in order to feast on them.
  • SCP-2615: The collective designation for a variant of fairies designated SCP-2615-A and their culture designated SCP-2615-B. Because they exist as a result of humanity believing them as real, the Foundation created the SCP-2615-J file in order to cover them up and prevent them from expanding. They occupy most of Drake, Inverness-shire, Scotland.
  • SCP-2744: A fabricated monstrous serial killer named TATTLETALE for the Foundation's training simulation. In the simulation the monster after violently killing its victims would take away their names and couldn't be stopped.
  • SCP-2932: A highly advanced and secured prison created by the Children of the Night using Titania's heart. The Children used this prison to contain various dangerous beings which included the Faeries who were temporarily locked within it after their defeat.
    • SCP-2932-A: One the Faeries named Caspan resembling an insect-like humanoid with hair. During the revolt of the Children of the Night against the Faeries, Caspan surrendered himself to them in order to be spared and promised to obey their every wish. The Children accepted his offer and made him the prison's caretaker.
  • SCP-2952: An immortal corgi whose body has been elongated from Portland, Oregon to Japan's Kariwa District, passing through the Americas, Europe and Asia. Small fairies known as the Tylwyth Teg and designated SCP-2952-2 entered SCP-2952 through openings designated SCP-2952-1 and inside they would use it as a train to travel through the world.
  • SCP-3477-17: One of the many immortal humanoids resembling the 17th Prime Minister of Australia Harold Holt. This instance gained immortality after being cursed by a prince of the Seelie Court.
  • SCP-3903: An extradimensional location known as Fata Morgana which only appears to SCP-3903-A instances, Faeries who have been reborn as humans, on the horizon in the ocean when the full moon is visible and the sun is completely gone. SCP-3903-A could access SCP-3903 by skipping enough stones which would create circular silver discs with each bounce and form a bridge.
  • SCP-4000: A dimension resembling a forest which is inhabited by the Faeries who had survived The Factory's purge. This dimension can only be accessed if a ritual is correctly done inside a chimney and when the person who executed the ritual climbs up the chimney they would climb out of a well within SCP-4000. Visitors need to always follow the path ahead of them which would lead them back to where they came from, but if they get out of the path then they would forever be lost. If people repeatedly refer to the dimension with any name then various anomalous phenomena would happen to them and their surroundings.
  • SCP-4000-J: A version of SCP-4000, but with the difference that people needed to refer to it in a very specific and unknown way. This caused the researchers writing a file about it to become irritated and give up describing it.
  • SCP-4666: A humanoid monster known as the Yule Man who breaks inside houses of families during Christmas time, killing every member of the family except for the children whom he kidnaps and brings them to his layer where they are forced to make toys out the bodies of other kidnapped children who were unable to work anymore. He was originally one of the evil names in the possession of SCP-5925 before the latter lost those names, resulting in the creation of the Yule Man.
  • SCP-4715: An immortal monster that grew in size when perceiving danger and when not perceiving threats it decreased its size, while generating heat in the process. Based on the inscriptions found in the containment area created by the Children of the Night to trap the creature, it implied that SCP-4715 was created by the war fought between the Children and the Faeries, the latter being most likely responsible for its creation.
  • SCP-4812: The collective designation for the Profanities summoned by a fairy princess to destroy the House of Apollyon.
    • SCP-4812-S: Also known as the Profane Dark or YASH, it is the final and greatest of all of the Profanities. It is an amorphous entity covered in hair whose appearance or parts of its body causes those who view it to violently die. It has been theorized that unlike the other Profanities, Profane Dark is either an aspect or an actual fairy deity and is currently laying dormant in a subterranean cavern near Alès, France.
    • SCP-4812-E: Also known as the Profane Restrictor or Vinuvinex, it is the lesser of the Profanities. It's a humanoid constructed entirely of metal and acts as a near-perfect heatsink, absorbing all heat around itself.
    • SCP-4812-K: Also known as Profane Adamant or Lamellenant, it's greater than Profane Restrictor but lesser than Profane Dark. It's a insectoid creature resembling a winged scorpion with a humanoid face and covered in impervious reflective chiten which allows it to reflect light to hide and protect itself from various attacks.
    • SCP-4812-█: The fairy princess responsible for the summoning of the Profanities and transformation of the Four Knights of the House of Apollyon. After being locked inside a coffin which was buried deep beneath the ground by the House, her mummified body was discovered by the GOC who designated her as EROS, thinking that she was one of the Profanities. Her discovery led to the other Profanities becoming active and try looking for her.
  • SCP-4840-B: One of the four Knights of the House of Apollyon known as Lancelot who was cursed by the fairy princess. As a result of the curse he transformed into a massive invisible vaguely humanoid possessing six legs and six distended arms ending in metal clasps affixed to chains connected to large iron flails. Even after being killed by Seth and his allies, SCP-4840-B's body still radiates heat as if he was still alive.
  • SCP-5159: The name AU BARON AL BARICH forged in the ancient times by some people for the Faeries. This name could give its holders various forms of immortality and access to the memories of the previous holders, and can only be transferred to someone else if the current holder willingly gave it to them. This name was eventually given to a Faerie infiltrator named Robin Goodfellow by the previous holder D-9921.
  • SCP-5213: A massive subterranean structure belonging to the ancient Faeries located beneath the Delphic Panhellenic Sanctuary on Mount Parnassos, Greece, which predates every other ancient structure and could be accessed through a cave containing a staircase leading to a pair of doors which could only be opened if people spoke their true name. The structure was divided into five sections, the fifth one connecting the other four at the center and contained various scribes which described how the Faeries sought to save themselves from the Eternal Oblivion, an event which would erase all civilizations without leaving any trace.
    • SCP-5213-A: A magical device constructed from marble and banded by strips of a metal alloy. This device allowed its singular occupant to communicate through time to the ancient spirits in order to learn more about the Eternal Oblivion.
  • SCP-INTEGER: A Fae deity also known as LOGICIAN. If people learn about its existence then they would inadvertently take part of SCP-INTEGER's identity which greatly upsets it. SCP-INTEGER upon being angered would proceed to abstract any information relating to it while cursing those who are aware of it by taking away their true identity as it did with Dr. Nathan Valis.
  • SCP-5292: An ancient library located below Site-120 containing information regarding humanity's ancient atrocities written in unknown languages, including Fae. It was constructed by the Keeper, brother of Noah, whose spirit still inhabited the library and mistakenly helped a number of malevolent Faeries who proceeded to attack the place and partially destroy it.
  • SCP-5347: The collective designation for SCP-5347-1 and SCP-5347-2. SCP-5347-1 is a partially-submerged island off the coast of Hy-Brasil and cannot be accessed in any way except through SCP-5347-2. SCP-5347-2 is an unknow ritual that originated from SCP-4000 that would allow its executor to go to the island. The ritual worked if the one executing it was of Faerie bloodline, must be "three times five times 13 times 17 Deiscéim" of the current location of SCP-5347-1 and be told the phrase "You are going to Hy-Brasil".
  • SCP-5373: A magical city named Esterberg, meaning "city of the east" in Fae, which exists inside a nexus which can be accessed through five entries hidden around in Częstochowa, Poland. It was established by both the Faeries and the Children of the Night as a result of wars on the anomalous of medieval times during the Fourth Occult War.
  • SCP-5404: A phenomenon which causes words related to it to explode when spoken or written. This phenomenon infected words mostly used by the Foundation to describe their cataloged anomalies and as the Foundation personnel struggled to find new words to use in order to avoid casualties and collateral damage, forcing them to talk in a manner similar to babies, the phenomenon began incorporating even more words. This anomaly was created by the Faeries as revenge to the Foundation for stealing their personal language, causing the Foundation to go to war with them in order to neutralize the anomaly.
  • SCP-5795: A thaumaturgic ritual which can open a portal to a dimension designated SCP-5795-1 which resembles a forest containing mountains near the center and is inhabited by some Faeries designated SCP-5795-2 which can inhabit written files.
  • SCP-5925: A Faerie resembling a bearded old man who was able to gather various names, including benevolent and malevolent ones, which inspired various winter-based deities and individuals such the Holly King and possibly Santa Claus. Upon meeting any person he becomes aware of their real names and their material needs, and used his properties to make several people happy. The Foundation accidentally summoned him after failing the ritual to enter SCP-4000, and gave him the name SCP-5925 to bound him to their custody.
  • SCP-5935-1: A nonexistent nameless entity directly created from the remnants of IS which first inhabited SCP-4000. After an Overseer lost his son, the entity manipulated him into coming to it and give it his name which it would use to escape the forest and claim even more names in order to become God. Despite the warnings of the Faeries the Overseer did exactly as the entity wished but as he refused to give it his real name the entity instead used his deceased son's name to use for its plan. The Overseer eventually sacrificed himself to trap the entity within his mind and keep it from destroying reality.
  • SCP-6001: A microscopic portal to a parallel universe in which the Foundation collaborated with the major groups of interest and established worldwide peace. Together they formed the Compendium as the benevolent ruler of the Earth and began using the anomalies to benefit not only humanity but all life on Earth which eventually lead to Earth becoming a near perfect utopia. The Faeries were part of the Compendium being known as "The Unnamed" and because of this they were free to go back to live peacefully on Earth alongside humanity. When the portal was opened to the main universe the Compendium made a poll to decide whether to contact this chaotic universe and offer them help for them to become an ideal world just like them or cut all ties with them just like they did with other universes filled with never ending conflicts, with the Unnamed voting for contacting with this universe.
  • SCP-6022: An anomalous forest somewhere in Ireland where landmarks constantly change places and people within it always feel like being watched. When cars drive past a certain yew tree, designated SCP-6022-2, it will cause those cars to crash and the survivors would transform into Faeries, designated SCP-6022-3-A. Every photo and video taken within SCP-6022 will only display a fairy designated SCP-6022-1 with the head of a ram and the body of a snake.
  • SCP-6090: A virus that infects various animals designated SCP-6090-A and people bitten by infected animals would gain the power to transform into those animals, designated SCP-6090-B. The virus was a biological weapon created by the Fae terroristic group the Mabbites to use it against humans, but the Foundation decided to use the virus to give their personnel useful animal abilities.
  • SCP-6099: A device constructed by the Foundation that allowed them to see parts of the past and the future. Using the device the Foundation found that the anomalous world had been public knowledge as some Faeries and Children of the Night had also attended Queen Elizabeth's coronation, before a CK-Class Reality Restructuring Scenario in 1839 rewrote reality into making the anomalies hidden from the world.
  • SCP-6163: Organisms resembling transparent ice stalagmites which would impale various creatures, mostly humans, and absorb their remains in order to feed. These organisms are capable of movement and can induce mild hallucination in their prey by releasing cries. These organisms were created as a result of the SCP-6800-1 blizzard created from the forging of SCP-6800 out of the Faeries' bodies. The SCP-6163 instances are extremely hostile towards the Foundation and the Church of the Broken God and very protective of the surviving Faeries.
  • Abnormality-6219: The corpse of a Faerie who had been captured by the Department of Abnormalities and given the name Abnormality-6219 in order to bind it to their custody and cause everyone always referring to it as Abnormality-6219. It had been tortured by the Department so it could give them information regarding to the Pygnite, but it had refused and was left for dead in the abandoned sealed room within Site-58. Although it is a corpse, it doesn't decay and after causing a power outage in the site personnel who were near its chamber reported hearing crying and screaming.
  • SCP-6268: A powerful Fae known as the Erlkanzler who was born in the late 17th century in Northern Europe and following WWI he and fellow Faeries stole a German eigenweapon and rebuild it into a flying city-state named Wilheim which acted as a sanctuary for subjects of the anomalous world. Despite the Foundation recognizing Wilhelm as a state the Foundation for undisclosed reasons decided to assassinate SCP-6268, who had become the mayor of the city, and commissioned the group known as Azure Eyes to carry it out. The assassination was successful and SCP-6268's remains were delivered to the Foundation by Azure Eyes, while Karl August Zimmermann succeeded him as the new mayor of Wilhelm.
  • SCP-6379: A Fae known as the gancanagh who appears as a handsome man smoking a tobacco pipe and usually manifests in the outskirts of the town of Caherkeen in Co. Cork, Ireland. It secretes a toxin that causes anyone who touches him to fall deeply in love with him, allowing 6379 to easily rape them.
  • SCP-6380: Forty-three unidentifiable corpses discovered in various locations in Chicago in 1925, with forty-one being Faeries while the last two being the parents of Richard Chappell. These Faeries were members of the Irish-American criminal gang Chicago's North Side Gang who had joined the organization in order to flee from the Irish War of Independence in exchange for their magical services. When confronting the Chicago Spirit gang's leader, Richard Chappell, the Faeries kidnapped his parents to try and blackmail him, but he ended up killing his parents himself before proceeding to murder them.
  • SCP-6401: An autumnal forest that along with any information relating to it only exists between the September equinox and the winter solstice, autumn in the northern hemisphere and if people discussed it with others who are not affiliated with it then their health would rapidly decline. This forest is inhabited by the Autumn Court made up of Faeries who all used the shared name Faellen in order to avoid becoming nameless but also completely losing their appearance. They would judge multiple individuals and entities for various crimes they had committed and once invited some Foundation personnel to assist them in some of the trials. The Foundation gave the leader of the Court the designation of SCP-6401-A but it was unsatisfied with it and eventually collaboration with the Foundation fell through.
  • SCP-6411: A language created by the Department of Linguistics founder Joseph Harrison and the Department of Applied Force using the stolen Faeries' names as lexemes in order to keep the Faeries trapped within SCP-4000. If the language is used outside its official documentation in form of lexemes being spoken or written then the original owners of those names would manifest via a SCP-6411-A event at the location where the word was used and take their names back, causing those lexemes to no longer be part of the language. This later caused the Foundation to decide to either transfer the vocabulary into a new language or erase them entirely.
  • SCP-6471: A virtue reality multiplayer online roleplaying game titled "A Midsummer Night's Game Online" released by a former Foundation front company named "Super Carefree Playing", which is modeled after the internet. It is inhabited by Faeries who had stolen the players' usernames and attempted to establish a new Summer Court connected to the one in Esterberg.
  • SCP-6596: A humanoid entity resembling a skeleton of a horse mostly covered in a white cloth and two silver-colored glass baubles replacing its eyes. This entity possesses great reflexes and the ability to teleport which it uses to terrorize personnel of Site-120 by challenging them to a game of rhythmic statements and if the personnel loses the game then SCP-6596 would teleport inside the Site's cafeteria and ransack it, stealing all of the food which it would store inside a pocket-dimension in its chest area. The entity was referenced by the Faeries as a trickster entity symbolizing greed and gluttony, and stole the names of Site-120's personnel.
  • SCP-6651: The corpse of a Faerie which caused the concepts associated with objects or subjects in a 50m radius around it, designated SCP-6651-1, to be completely forgotten from the human collective consciousness, making those concepts incomprehensible and unrecognizable.
  • SCP-6666: The goddess Titania who was previously worshiped by the Faeries before she betrays them and helped the Children of the Night into overthrowing them. After giving her heart to the Children she transformed into a gigantic tree hanging upside down over the Faeries city in Amazon which was conquered by the Children and sunk into the earth because of an instance of SCP-4008.
    • SCP-6666-A: One of the four Knights of the House of Apollyon known as Hector who was cursed by the fairy princess. As a result of the curse he transformed into a massive humanoid with six arms one of which was larger than the rest with the hand having merged with his enormous lance. Unlike the rest of the knights Hector remained loyal to House and under his king's order went to Titania and forced her to incapacitate the Children by releasing a neurotoxin while he himself suffered from the poison as well.
  • SCP-6672: A thaumaturgic eigenweapon created by GRU Division "P" during the Cold War, which could detach the consciousness of individuals and absorb into itself. The weapon was comprised of SCP-6672-A, the casing of the weapon which resembles a canon and is made of an alloy previously used by the Fae Empire and covered in thaumaturgic symbols, SCP-6672-B, a complex computer making up most of the weapon and in it could be inputted commands to operate the weapon, and SCP-6672-C, the preserved brain of a Faerie which contains around 15,000 stolen consciousnesses and despite the original owner being the one in control the brain in under the complete control of SCP-6672-B. When the U.S. Department of Defense's occult branch Pentagram found out about the existence of SCP-6672 they created SCP-6672-1, a hypercomplex biological eigenweapon derived from the thaumaturgy of the Children of the Night which was used against deities, in order to defend themselves from 6672's attacks. However, when the two weapons clashed with one another, it resulted in SCP-6672-C becoming imbued with the Children's magic and leading to the consciousnesses transforming into a deity referred to as SCP-6672-Ω who decided to use their powers to do good in the world.
  • SCP-6789: The phenomenon caused by the embodiment of nature after humanity mistreated it through the use of their technology. The phenomenon was responsible for the rapid growth of all plant life which enveloped most of Earth and the reemergence of various extinct species such as SCP-1000 and the Faeries who began working together to help nature destroy humanity and heal the Earth. It is unknown what happened to them after the Foundation defeated the threat of SCP-6789.
  • SCP-6800: A useful metal-like substance named Pygnite resembling pig iron made out of the faeries who still retain their sentience even after being turned into metal. When the Church of Maxwellism discovered SCP-4000 they supposedly heard the voice of WAN and came to the belief that the faeries were enemies to their god which lead them beginning to slaughter the faeries and turning their remains into Pygnite which they saw as holy and instrumental to the reconstruction of WAN. After the Foundation discovered what the Church of Maxwellism was doing following the mysterious appearance and expansion of the massive blizzard in Amazon designated SCP-6800-1, which was created from the vaporized water produced by the metal, they decided to collaborate with the Maxwellists and together began hunting the faeries to extinction in order to produce more Pygnite.
  • SCP-6821: A subspecies of the Faeries living in the Central American region where they formed the basis of the Sihuanaba folklore, resembling female humanoids with decaying horse heads. They descended from SCP-6821-0, a group of Faeries brought to Spanish colonies by the Spanish Empire to help them subjugate the natives, but were eventually freed as they got out of the colonists' control. Some of these Faeries together with local humans bred a hybrid species designated SCP-6821-H. Eventually, the entire SCP-6821 species went extinct as a result of SCP-6821-V, a virus created by the Foundation's Department of Anomalous Weapons Development, which caused iron to develop inside of the infected bodies.
  • SCP-6883: A phenomenon caused by the Administrator which caused unhappy workers around the world to transform into cockroaches designated SCP-6883-1 after dreaming of a castle made of plants and machinery designated SCP-6883-2. Because this phenomenon came as a result of the Administrator making a deal with a nature goddess Crea and the Faeries, SCP-6883-2 appeared within SCP-4000 and released multiple SCP-6883-1 instances which proceeded to kill the majority of the Faeries residing in it. The survivors later helped the Foundation and the journalist group Aviatica to neutralize the anomaly.
  • SCP-6940: A dimension which can be accessed through a miniature door attached to a tree in a forest in Oxford, England where the Department of Abnormalities had previously discovered it. The dimension resembled a forest with pathways which continually altered except for one pathway designated SCP-6940-1 which led to a cottage. People who enter the dimension can leave only after reading either Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Alice Through the Looking-Glass and sleep at which point they would be transported to the place they last slept and upon awakening would become convinced that their visit to SCP-6940 was just a dream and would not remember much of it. Inside the cottage is a Faerie which apparently had stolen the name of Alice and continued attacking The Factory and the Foundation, forcing the Department to use its stolen name to put it into sleep and trap it inside the dimension.
  • SCP-6944: A series of teardrop-shaped planchettes which when placed on written surfaces would adhere to it and couldn't be removed unless a human removed. When someone states to want to speak to someone the entity connected to the planchettes, designated SCP-6944-A, who would offer that person a chance to speak to a deceased loved one at the cost of the caller's lifespan depending on the duration of the call. If the caller dies as a result of the call a large mushroom designated SCP-6944-B would grow from their corpses and release spores that induce hallucinations to those who inhaled it. The planchettes were created from SCP-6944-A and an alternate version of Queen Mab who inhabited the afterlife of Corbenic and attempted to use them to disrupt the Veil of Secrecy and blackmail the Foundation into reuniting Titania with her heart.
  • PE679/RE245/EM285: A meteoric iron named "Thunderbolt Iron" by Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. which could prevent the Faeries to move past it and nullified their magic. MC&D sought to sell it to various clinics, but when one of the clients, Cardoso Industria, began using it to prevent eco-terrorist Faeries from interfering with their deforestation of Amazon, the Faeries threatened MC&D about the consequences of this, forcing the company to cut ties with Cardoso and surrender the remaining iron to them as a sign of peace.
  • SCP-PL-253: The KFC restaurant chain which had lost its name after suing a Faerie who owned a restaurant called "Częstochowa Fried Chicken".
  • SCP-PL-259: A Fae who lived during the 13th century and was known publicly as Genghis Khan. He was a distant descendant of Queen Mab and united the Mongol tribes to form the Mongol Empire, which also became known as the Second Fae Empire. Following his death the empire crumbled but in modern times was brought back to life by GoI-120. However, he was left with brain damage, and could only revive the dead, causing him to form an army of undead soldiers and animals, designated SCP-PL-259-2, before being taken down by the Foundation and the GOC who bound him through thaumaturgical means.

Other Media

In Music

French musical artist Edward Ikor released on June 4, 2020 a song based on the Faeries from SCP-4000 titled "Dancing With Faeries".





  • The importance the names have for the Faeries seem to be based on the myths surrounding the concept of the true name. If someone found out about a fairy's true name then they would have full control over the fairy, but if the fairy found out a human's true name the fairy in turn would have full power over the human.
  • SCP-4000 is also based on the Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland and the Land of Oz from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
  • Protocol Eshu which details instructions in dealing with SCP-4000 and the Faeries seems to be named after Eshu from mythology.
  • In the SCP Wiki the terms Fairies and Faeries are used to refer to the same species, with Faeries being used more often. However, these terms actually refer to two different type of beings. The term Fairies, which originated from Latin word "fatum" meaning "fate", referred to benevolent type of spirits who didn't wish any harm on humans, while Faeries, which originated from Gaelic word "fear shidhe" meaning "'man of the shee", referred to malevolent creatures who would kidnap human children and turn them into their slaves.
  • The Faeries are not the only beings capable of name magic, as the group known as the Unnamed Lords, which includes Mr. Night who own various Great Shucks, are also able to manipulate their and other's names.
  • In SCP-6125, the Foundation had classified the reality of SCP-4000 as part of the Realm of Hyrial, the first layer of the universe, or the Second Hytoth, and were able to use a portal of SCP-6125-Ω to access SCP-4000.
  • In "Multiverse Threat Recovery Log: SCP-6936", which details various prohibited spells from different universes, describes a spell known as "Hands of the Butcher" which caused mechanical limbs to emerge from a portal harvest useful material from the universe it originated where the interdimensional group known as the "Black Priestesses of WAN" composed of Maxwellist Black Queens took over the world to harvest more Pygnite from the Faeries.


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