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The path to Eden is clear to those who have Faith.
~ One of Faith's loading screens.
It's not my fault... None of this was my fault! You think I wanted this?! He plied me with drugs, he threatened me! I was seventeen! I was just a child!
~ Faith revealing her backstory during her boss fight.

Faith Seed is one of the three secondary antagonists of the 2018 video game Far Cry 5 (along with Jacob and John Seed). "Faith" is a rank in the Project at Eden's Gate and not this woman's actual name. In charge of the Bliss distillery throughout Eden's Gate, Faith is in control of making sure that the followers of Joseph are happy and blindly obedient. A manipulator and liar, Faith will say anything to sway sympathy for her cause - including violence.

She was voiced by Jenessa Grant, and was portrayed by Mackenzie Lawrén in Inside Eden's Gate.



The woman's name is not Faith (a letter from Tracey implies her real name is Rachel and the two of them were close friends before she joined the cult). She was the herald of the Henbane River region of Hope County.

Faith claims that she was ostracised by her community and abused by her family which led her to turn to drugs to help and was close to suicide. She claims meeting Joseph gave her purpose and was welcomed into the Project like a new family. Despite this, Faith claims that she was threatened into joining and bombarded with drugs, claiming that she didn't want any of this.

Of course given her manipulative nature anything that Faith says can be doubted.

Events of Far Cry 5

Faith was present when a group of US marshals entered Hope County with the intent to arrest Joseph Seed. With the interference of cultists, the arrest of the Father stopped and Marshal Burke was placed under the control of Faith thanks to a Bliss overdose.

A Leap of Faith

The Deputy begins to liberate Henbane River so Faith ambushes them in a Bliss-induced hallucination and transports them to a place called "The Bliss", a realm that all Bliss-users are linked together thanks to a state of euphoria. She explains to the Deputy her backstory to convey sympathy and displays her powers in The Bliss by flying the Deputy and herself to the statue of Joseph. Marshal Burke is also there under an overdose of Bliss and jumps from the statue; the Deputy follows but the hallucination ends upon impact and they wake up surrounded by corpses (implying that Faith manipulated other followers to commit suicide). Her voice is heard, promising they will meet again when they are ready.

Faith often appears as a hallucination to taunt the Deputy, usually creating visions of herself, hostages and even replacing docile animals for more dangerous ones whenever the Deputy approaches.

One time, the Deputy enters The Bliss yet again and meets Faith who leads them to a sermon with other cultists and Marshal Burke listening to Joseph. He attempts to reason with them by manipulating The Bliss into showing his vision of the collapse that's a massive explosion then a world on fire. The Deputy is only woken up by Tracey and Whitehorse who uses a syringe to let them violently exit The Bliss.

Ignorance is Bliss

When the Deputy re-enters The Bliss, Faith is more hostile this time yet she still attempts to make them see the reason of her actions. Using Marshal Burke as a puppet, the two go on a boat ride across The Bliss where he explains that despite what they believe he does not want to be saved (whether this is the marshal on a Bliss overdose or Faith speaking him through him is unknown. When the boat ride is over, the Depity chases Burke and remove some him from The Bliss, infuriating Faith.

Entering the Bliss yet again, Faith is outwardly aggressive towards the Deputy this time and pushes them around to a vision of Marshal Burke and Virgil, a helper of the Cougar Resistance. She derides the Deputy for trying to be "a hero" and described their hubris with a comparison to the Greek gods - as a punishment she forces Burke to shoot Virgil, opens the gates to the prison stronghold for the Resistance that lets in the cultists and then shoots himself. The Deputy awakens from The Bliss and saves the prison from being overrun by Peggies and discovers that Sheriff Whitehorse was kidnapped. They leave promising Tracey that they will kill Faith as she cradles a dead Virgil.

Lost Paradise

Prepared to confront Faith in The Bliss, the Deputy finds Faith and Whitehorse taking a walk whilst singing a hymn together - she warns the Deputy to not interfere with Whitehorse and transports the two of them to a large area. She is able to replicate herself, fly and produce Angels to attack the Deputy all whilst firing energy blasts and screaming in frustration over their continued defiance - claiming that she was forced into this life by Joseph's threats and supply of drugs. Ultimately, the Deputy defeats Faith where she claims that even though Joseph believes himself the saviour, they will be the end before entering the river and succumbing to her wounds. Her essence in The Bliss is transmogrified to that of a flower which the Deputy plucks from the ground.


You don't know her. How she digs her way inside your head.
~ Tracey about Faith.

As stated by others, Faith is a siren leading others to their doom whilst keeping them blissfully happy. Being a master manipulator, she easily conveys herself as a victim to garner sympathy and loyalty for Joseph yet this only hides her cruelty. Faith sees little to absolutely no wrong in any of her actions as in her mind she's providing happiness and peace to her followers who make their decisions to be part of The Bliss on their own, spinning her enemies as violent extremists attacking innocent people.

To help manipulate her victims, Faith likes to depicts herself as innocent and childlike as can be seen in The Bliss where she often giggles, runs and skips around to appear harmless. Her likeness such as dressing completely in white and attempting to appear pure is to make herself appear like a flower - both in attempt to help her manipulations and convince herself, despite this Faith holds doubt in her own purity due to her implied past of drug addiction and her true value to the Seed family. Although Joseph grieves as much over Faith's death as his two brothers, a letter implies that she felt some doubt in The Father's mission and was worried if he would punish her for it.

Despite claiming to be loyal to The Father for accepting her for "who she is" and giving her a new family, Faith apparently lives in fear of whatever punishment Joseph will inflict upon her should she disappoint him. As the fourth Faith, she is constantly worried that one day she could be replaced like her predecessors - this is especially evident when the Deputy burns her personalized Words of Joseph and she sounds terrified over what he'll do to her. During her fight with the Deputy, Faith screams that was she bombarded with drugs and threatened by him to do his bidding at a young age.

Of course as Virgil, Dutch, Tracey, Whitehorse and virtually everyone says Faith is known to be a liar so everything she says holds some doubt.

Equipment and Abilities

  • Master Manipulator: Faith is extremely perceptive at identifying a person's weaknesses and exploiting them, prior to using the Bliss.
  • Bliss Chemical Compound: She utilizes a special chemical compound with powerful hallucinogenic effects and is often referred by cultists to be Divine Science and a Gift from God's Green Earth.
    • Hallucinogenic Inducement: She can cause people to feel severe hallucinogenic effects and make them see things. People who have been exposed to the Bliss usually encounter her throughout their days even when she is not within the vicinity.
    • Hallucinogenic Energy Blasts: Using the Bliss's hallucinogenic effects, she can create blasts of energy to throw at the Deputy. Given the fact that the Deputy doe get hurt by these suggest that it is either a weapon not seen due to the bliss, or a Conversion Disorder, as the Deputy's mind believes that it is being harmed and makes the body behave and respond to the attacks.
    • Hallucinogenic Wings: She can conjure up hallucinogenic wings for her to fly.
    • Brainwashing: She can use the Bliss to severely brainwash people and make them addicted to her suggestions. She can even use these to create the Angels, mindless human drones who live in a purgatory like zombified state.


The collapse is upon us, and the reaping has begun... But there is nothing to fear.
~ Faith's quote in a loading screen.
Join us and we will show you the path to a new Eden.
~ Faith's quote in a loading screen.
Faith Seed: You were born pure. Follow the path and find that purity again.
~ Faith's quote in a loading screen.
You came searching for answers. Let the path reveal the truth
~ Faith's quote in a loading screen.
Welcome to the bliss.
~ Faith's phrase anytime the Junior Deputy is ensnared in the bliss.
I know you've heard stories about me. That I'm a liar. A manipulator. That I poison people's minds. Well, let me tell you a different story. A true story.
~ Faith to the Junior Deputy during the first bliss experience.
Do you feel different? Do you feel alive? The first step is always the scariest. I'll see you soon.
~ Faith to the Junior Deputy after their first experience in the bliss.
You can stop the water, but you can't stop the bliss.
~ Faith to the Junior Deputy in "Clean Water Act".
What have you done? His words. Don't you understand what he'll do to me?
~ Faith to the Junior Deputy if they've burn Joseph's book and destroyed his statue.
Are you sure you want to do this? These flowers bring hope. You bring destruction.
~ Faith to the Junior Deputy if they are burning bliss flowers in "Sins of the Father".
You must be dizzy. So many roads to choose. What to believe? Who to help first? When to trust? When you find the path, you'll see clearly. Come with me and I'll show you the path.
~ Faith to the Junior Deputy in "Sins of the Father".
Do you see it? The transformative power of faith? The poor souls who struggle with doubt are brought here to be enlightened...It's beautiful, isn't it?
~ Faith to the Junior Deputy in "Salvation".
I know you have your doubts, but this is the only way the story ends. Nothing you can do change that. Your friends on the outside... they're controlled by fear. They don't understand. But he does. He'll show you.
~ Faith to the Junior Deputy during the third bliss sequence.
Leave him alone. Leave him alone!
~ Faith to the Junior Deputy when they try to stop Burke.
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...
~ Faith speaking to the Junior Deputy after taking Burke from the bliss.
None of us are perfect. We all...make mistakes from time to time. Even myself. Foolishly, I thought we were coming to an understanding. Foolishly, I thought we were building trust. But that trust has been broken. Again and again. So there will be no more interference. No more distractions. No more pity.
~ Faith to the Junior Deputy, turning hostile towards them.
If violence is the only language you choose to speak, then I'll speak your language.
~ Faith to the Junior Deputy, preparing to influence Burke to kill Virgil Minkler.
Aww...still trying to be the's too late, you know. You should have listened when you had the chance.
~ Faith taunting the Junior Deputy.
You still don't understand. You don't know what it is you're doing do you? Joseph believes he's our savior. But you'll be the one who decides what happens. You were the start. You'll be the end. It was always going to happen this way. You'll walk the path. You'll rescue your Sheriff. You'll be the hero. And then... you'll choose.
~ Faith to the Junior Deputy, her last words.



  • John Seed (probably the most sadistic of all the Seed siblings) considers Faith much worse than him due to her drugging up her followers and mistreating them.
  • On her left forearm, Faith has a tattoo of the chemical formula for scopolamine and cocaine.
  • Unlike Joseph or the heralds, Faith only makes two physical appearance in the game as the rest or in hallucinations.
    • Additionally, Faith is the only member of the Seed family to not use firearms.


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