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The Fake Captain Tim is an Arachnomorph (an arachnid parody of Xenomorphs) that were discovered by Wander and Sylvia on an abandoned spaceship where they had gone to search for people to help.


Actually, like the title of this page says, he's not the Real Captain Tim, the abandoned ship's captain. Wander thought he was named that because he found a coughed collar by it that readed "Captain Tim". Althought it is unknown how the Arachnomorph arrived on the ship, it is known that, once aboard, he escaped and attacked the crew.

Despite the monster's aggressive behavior, nevertheless, Wander began training him and treating him like a dog. Later on, he gave "Captain Tim" a stuffed animal and he ripped it to shreds, covered it in acidic gel and sticked it to the ceiling. Wander then screamed in excitement, signaling Sylvia to rush to find him. When she saw the orange stuffed animal on the ceiling, thought it was Wander and panicked to take him down. Thinking he was dead, commanded the ship to self-destruct. She was sent into an escape pod sad and miserable thinking not to turn back but when she saw Wander in the window of the ship she quickly left the escape pod and hops on rocks and asteroids to get to the ship. When she crashed in, she tried to turn off the self-destruct but can't, so she ran to get Wander. She found him with barely enough time and escaped while the ship is exploding. When they got into the new bubble of orbble juice, Wander said that Captain Tim was good and showed Sylvia some tricks. Eventually, Captain Tim attempted to consume Wander's heart and Sylvia, panicking, threw him outside the bubble. Wander and Sylvia compromise and agree to give him to Lord Hater.

On Lord Hater's ship, Commander Peepers and Watchdogs are going crazy from the vicious arachnomorph unlike Hater who likes him.


  • Mouth and pitch-black's Captain Tim fur also resemble the aliens from the film Attack the Block.


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