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Jafar says: Read my lips and come to grips with the reality!

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There will be a war.
~ Fake Frank

Fake Frank is a major antagonist within the Filthy Frank Show. He is a less powerful shadow of Filthy Frank. He worships Chin-Chin as a god like all others in the shadow realm. He's notorious for being paid in Chromosomes by the dark lord to impersonate the real Frank while he was banished in the rice fields.

Just like the actual Filthy Frank, he was portrayed by George "Joji" Miller.


Fake Frank first appeared at the end of "TOILET SRIRACHA SHRIMP" where he approached Pink Guy and Red Dick. Pink Guy immediately realized that he was not the real Frank and called him out. After that Fake Frank made most of the 2015-2016 videos.

Things stay normal until the end of the video "I HATE VEGANS" where a character called Veggie Cunt calls Fake Frank out again, saying that he wasn't the real Frank. The fake responds to this by simply saying "There will be a war." During this time he married Maxmoefoe in the video "HUMAN CAKE".

Finally in the video "FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN" Fake Frank's reign was put to an end. He was killed by Mr. Negi Generation 3000 (A.K.A. the Roast Lord) by roasting him to death.

Differences between the Franks

Despite Fake Frank bearing an uncanny resemblance and voice to the Real Frank, don't be fooled. The Fake Frank is always seen wearing a pair of Spider-Man shades or Goggles in contrast to the Real Frank's black rimmed glasses. He is also seen wearing an aviator cap (though in earlier videos, he barely wore it.)


  • It should be noted that, in I HATE VEGANS, Fake Frank claimed he wouldn't eat vegetables, while, in PINK GUY COOKS STIR FRY AND RAPS, the real Frank showed enthusiasm over Pink Guys stir fry.
  • While Fake Frank was defeated by Mr. Negi Generation 3000, it is still most likely that even in death, he has succeeded in overtaking the real Frank as the star of the show as he has become a popular meme and his videos are reacted to even more by "reaction Youtubers" compared to the real Frank's videos.
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