Falcon Graves is a recurring corporate saboteur spy from Ducktales (2017) TV series who is always being antagonized by Mark Beaks.

His voice is performed by Robin Atkin Downes, who also voices as Medic from Team Fortress 2, both Baron Zemo and Abomination in The Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes, And also played as Luxord and Davy Jones in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.


Season 1:

We're first introduced to him was in Episode "The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!". He was hired to steal Waddles' Tah-Dah project. He tries to force Mark Beaks to take him the project. He later took everyone else as hostages after getting very annoyed by Mark Beaks's antics. After Mark Beaks revealed that Project Tah-dah was a hoax just to get attention, he angrily attempts to murder Mark by throwing him off the building. He was later defeated by Huey and Dewey when they distracted him with Dewey's mysterious suitcase by showing that it had millions of dollars in it and threw it off the building, which caused him to dive after it and land into a safety net along with it. 

He was later seen as a shadow during the climax of "The Shadow War" episode.

Season 3:

He later appeared in the 5th episode of Season 3, "Louie's Eleven". He appears as Emma Glamour's Body Guard and Party's Bouncer. He later revealed he was part of a heist along with Glomgold's Pirate Gang, but much to his chagrin, he then found out that it was none other than Mark Beaks who hired him to steal his mother's phone so he could get on her "it" list.  They then proceed to fight over the phone, but then got distracted by Dewey Duck's yoyo skills. They then briefly resumed fighting with him threatening to take out both Beaks and Glamour to "put an end to this infuriating family once and for all" before Donald and Daisy Duck dropped down on them with Daisy proceeding to take him down. At the end of the episode, he was taken away by police to prison.


Falcon Graves is a menacing, violent, and ruthless falcon who takes his job very seriously. He shows no mercy or qualms with using lethal force against those who oppose him and will do anything to finish the job he's assigned to. 


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