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Falcone is a minor antagonist of the Disney series Mighty Ducks. He is a thief who came from Puckworld and a former minion of Lord Dragaunus, only appearing in the episode To Catch a Duck.

He was voiced by Reed Diamond, who also played Daniel Whitehall in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..


Falcone was once a member of Brotherhood of the Blade, a gang once led by Duke L'Orange (one of the Mighty Ducks) in Puckworld. Similar to Duke, Falcone has his own sword and flairs in his ways of stealing jewels. However, unlike Duke, Falcone looks down on others with disdain and impatience, and doesn't take kindly to any obstacles coming on his path.

He first appeared in the episode when he stole a ruby that Wraith and Siege tried to steal before. Falcone later tried to steal a diamond, but Duke has anticipated this due to his rivalry. After a brief fight, Duke formed up a deal with Falcone: he would let Falcone go free in exchange for helping him defeat Dragaunus in his next plot.

However, as the two head onward to Big Ben to steal a rare sapphire, Falcone betrays Duke by revealing that he is in league with Dragaunus, as the latter hired him to steal the jewels to power up a ray machine that can wipe out all minds of the Earth and leaving the Saurians in control of the world. Knewing that Falcone would be up to no good, Duke tries to stop him, but the latter escapes away on a ship with the stolen jewels, much to Duke's anger.

Though it would've appeared that he finally accomplished his task, Falcone decides to betray the Saurians by taking the stolen jewels and the ray machine for himself, intending to become the most infamous thief of all time. However, anticipating Falcone's betrayal, an angry Dragaunus arrives on Falcone's ship, intending to finish him off. Falcone tried to beg for his life by explaining his actions, but Dragaunus refuses to listen and instead throws him out of the ship. Eventually, Falcone is saved by Duke while the other Mighty Ducks use their ship to take down Falcone's ship, forcing Dragaunus to escape while the jewels and ray machine are destroyed by the ship's explosion. Falcone is then turned over to the authorities and ends up in jail.


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