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Fallen Angel Nanael

Nanael The Fallen Angel

Nanael as a Fallen Angel after being banished out of The Heavens.


Up in the heavens, Nanael is bored with heavenly life and wants to build a "harem" (of servants), and to do this Nanael eats a Holy Grape from the Holy Grape Tree which grants the eater any wish. Nanael flies to the tree but is caught by Hachiel, but in the struggle Nanael pulls off one of the grapes which falls into her shirt. Trying to steal the Holy Grape was one of the highest offense in Heaven, and the Head Angel decides to banish Nanael down into the Swamplands. At the swamp, Airi and Melona are complaining about being punished by the Swamp Witch after they failed to retrieve Menace. The two of them then spot Nanael falling from the skies. Nanael wakes up and finds herself trapped in a cage, and Melona and Airi begin to torture Nanael. Nanael is unable to break out because she has been stripped of her angel powers, but during the torture the Holy Grape falls out of her shirt, which Nanael is able to eat. Nanael then wishes to become strong so she can build her harem, and as a result Nanael's wings turn black and her power increases significantly. Seeing Nanael's new power, Melona and Airi try to recruit Nanael into helping the Swamp Witch and they even find servants to pamper Nanael. Nanael then begins to avoid work that Airi gives her and finds Melpha. After being rejected by Melpha, Nanael's dark powers completely takes over and her clothes turn black as well. Nanael is spotted by two angels and the angels report the situation back to heaven. Back at the swamp, Airi and Melona have had enough of Nanael not listening to them and proceeds to confront her. The Swamp Witch's Castle is destroyed in the process. Hachiel arrives and she battles Nanael, but Nanael proves to be more powerful. Melpha then arrives to stop Nanael from causing further harm to Hachiel. Melpha and Nanael trade blows with Holy Poses which cause giant ink explosions in the sky. Nanael, loses to her inexperience. The Head Angel states that Nanael and Hachiel have passed their test, and Nanael is reinstated as an angel. Nanael then returns to Gainos and tells Melpha she is going to create her harem.



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