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The Fallen Angels are major antagonists in Highschool DXD. Once ordinary angels these angels were cast out of heaven for various reasons most now savagely serve God in a various ways such as murder.


Fallen angels were once normal angels only they took more aggressive and unholy ways of serving God and were cast out of heaven but continue to serve God in twisted ways going as far as to kill those who ally themselves with devils. The first fallen angel encountered by Issei is Raynare who murders him but Issei is reborn as a devil,later the next night he returns to the fountain that Raynare killed him at only to be attacked by another fallen angel ,Dohnaseek only to be saved by Rias and her servants. A few nights later and Issei is returning home after completing devil work when his attacked by another fallen angel , Kalawarner but he is able to defeat her and force her to retreat. A few days later after Issei spends a day with Asia when they are attacked by Raynare despite holding his own Issei is no match for her and is incapacitated. Later Rias Issei and the others plan to rescue Asia Rias and Akeno run into another fallen angel named Mittelt who is later joined by Kalawarner and Dohnaseek while Issei Kiba and Koneko fight against Freed Sellzen.Rias ends up using her power of destruction killing the 3 fallen angels after they insult Issei and later Rias executes Raynare. Soon Issei and his friends begin their mission to destroy the holy swords one of them being in Freed's hands.After using an injured Irina as bait Freed reveals who he has been taking orders from: the leader class fallen angel Kokabiel who intents to start another 3 way war between angels fallen angels and devils. The devils who reside at Kouh academy quickly take up arms and in the fighting Valper Galilei is killed and Freed is nearly cut down however before Kokabiel can start his war Vali Lucifer intervenes and engages in a violent fight with Kokabiel where Vali begins to savagely tear off his wings and later takes Freed's unconscious body,Valper's corpse and a screaming and cursing Kokabiel back with him. Soon after this Issei is called by a long time contact of his and the man reveals himself as Azazel the govenor general of the Fallen angels,and later meets Vali who later betrays them for the Khaos Brigade.Issei learns later that Akeno is part fallen angel as her father Baraqiel was a fallen angel however she has a deep hatred for him due to him abandoning her mother to die.

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