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When one dies, there is always another to replace him.... The master likes this face and form.... He chose to repeat it in me.
~ Fallow

Fallow is the main antagonist in Return to Del of Deltora Quest and therefore the final villain of the first series and the secondary antagonist in the anime. He was an Grade 3 Ol with Prandine's own form, and one of the most loyal servants of the Shadow Lord.


When the Shadow Lord took over Deltora, he made his personal advisor Fallow Governor of Deltora, though outside of Del his power and influence was limited. Fallow lived in the Palace of Del, where he talked to the Shadow Lord using the Crystal, a magical table used like a crystal ball.

Fallow in the form of Prandine.

Fallow was addicted to a magical drug called "Lumun". a reward the Shadow Lord granted him, however the Shadow Lord threatens to take it away if Fallow does not buckle down in finding the heir of Deltora as well as the traitors.

Fallow was the one who posted the punishment for Lief's allies (although it is normally a Grey Guard who does this but since it was a special situation, Fallow was granted the honor) but was driven back by Lief using the Belt of Deltora.

Fallow was killed by having a cone of white flaming liquid fall dousing him in the burning substance but not before killing King Endon. Fallow died in the battle against Lief ad his friends at the Palace of Del. In the anime he was killed by the magical power of the Belt of Deltora altrough the gems were scattered.



  • Prandine and Fallow's hats and outfits are almost similar to Judge Frollo and Jafar's.
  • in the anime, Fallow seemed to be afraid of the sorceress Thaegan. But he shows no fear on the sorcerer Oacus.