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Famine is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a supporting antagonist in Sleepy Hollow who served Moloch.

In Season 4, during the time Malcolm Dreyfuss is planning to assemble his own Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Helen Donovan start serving as Famine.


Season One

Famine is the fourth and last of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He appears as a cloaked figure in Ichabod's dream, wielding a staff or scythe and riding a pale horse.

He has yet to appear in Sleepy Hollow, aside from a brief appearance in the dreams of Ichabod Crane.

Season Four (Helen Donovan)

Helen Donovan is a business woman who worked for Dreyfuss Enterprises until its CEO Malcolm Dreyfuss shut the company down, leaving all his employees jobless.

Helen first appeared in "Loco Parentis", expressing her concern to the board of Dreyfuss Enterprises about the future in Malcoms abscence. When Malcom himself enters the room and starts talking about having being destroyed to become what he needs to be, she and the board talk about getting him help, only to be yelled at and dismissed by their boss.

When the company is shut down, she is seen telling a coworker, as they leave the bulding, that Malcolm's decision is not out of craziness, but rather pursuing another interest, whatever it may be.

Days pass since the shut down, and Helen receives an invitation to met Dreyfuss. Here he talks to her about how she admires her "hunger" and "famine" of power, and tells her about a role she could have in the future. This is when Jobe kidnaps her. It's later revealed that Malcolm's real purpouse was for her to become the her Horseman of Famine, using the balance that feed the Hunger Demon as a catalyzer in her transformation.


  • Famine might represents something connected to greed, gluttony and plunder, making Nick Hawley (though less likely) or Carmilla Pines to be candidates for its vessel.
  • Since both Death and War were once mortal men who sold their souls to Moloch, it is possible that Famine was also a mortal man who sold his soul.

Possibly the Horseman of Famine in Season 2 trailer.

  • In Ichabod's dream, the Horseman of Famine is shown to be a cloaked figure. In the teaser trailer of Season 2, there is a cloaked figure running within Porcatino Grove. However, the scene was somehow cut and the two remaining yet-to-summoned Horseman did not appear.


  • In terms of the Bible, Famine is the third horseman to appear.
  • If one doesn't count Ichabod's dream, Famine is the only horseman to have not yet made an appearance.


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