Lisa Dooley, also better known FanGirl, is a villain in the Totally Spies episode "Solo Spies".

She was voiced by Kari Wahlgren.


Taking her fanaticism to extremes, she captures the spies. She is similar to Hayes in her obssession. In addition to Sam, Alex and Clover, FanGirl also captured Reynaldo, a WOOHP agent; Kip, a spy from the Secret Intelligence Service; and a Canadian agent named Hilary.

When questioned by Clover as to why she decided to collect her and her friends, she revealed that she had run out of things to collect and the only thing left for her to add to her collection were quote "living, breathing spies".

She was arrested at the end of the episode and Jerry said that her extensive spy collection would be auctioned off for charity and her underground website would be shut down permanently.

Physical Appearance

Lisa has blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. She wears sunglasses, a fuchsia bow in her hair, and a white, indigo and fuchsia bodysuit.


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