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Fandaho of Nonsense is a hornet-themed alien and is the main antagonist in episode 8 of the 2010 TV series called Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

He is voiced by Yasuhiro Takato who previously voiced JJ Jetton, SS Sutatanzo, a Copy Org, Quotaian Dagonel, Sorcery Priest Meemy, Tsuneki, a Straw Banki and later voiced Daiyarl, Mushikagoloid, Debo Vaacance, Jashinger, Demeran Yatmis and Carantula.


Fandaho comes to Earth on his own, to make an impression on Great King Mons Drake by causing chaos on the streets, causing chaos to machines; while none of the Warstar generals instructed him to go, Mons Drake let him remain to see what happens. When he uses his power on the Goseiger, his electric shock strikes Alata, making his Gosei Powers go haywire preventing him from invoking anything that he wishes to with Gosei Cards and likewise causing problems where he becomes stuck in his Goseiger suit for a long time. Due to this ability and what happens to Gosei Red, Buredoran begins to become interested in him and decides to take Fadaho under his wing to further use him for his own plans.

Alata tries to work down his Gosei Power by multiple invocations, but his powers become more chaotic with each one, further made troublesome with Fandaho and Buredoran working together. The other Goseiger trick Fandaho in revealing his weakness, but Buredoran prevents them from striking him and uses his Bibi Bugs to grow the Warstar Insect to prevent it from being destroyed so easily. Yet as Alata becomes nearly out of Gosei Power to even summon a Headder, he tries a last-ditch option in drawing a Dragon Headder with poor art skills and in four colors which are not associated with Dragon Headder. Miraculously, the drawing ends up summoning a special set of Headders: the Exotic Headders, four multi-colored Dragon Headders which destroy Fandaho's towers and restores Alata's abilities. Transforming and gathering the means to control Gosei Great, the Goseiger use the four Exotic Headders to become Exotic Gosei Great, which easily destroy the Warstar Insect.


  • His ability to interfere with electric currents is the power likewise gained by this film's version of Marvel villain Doctor Doom.


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