(chuckles) Move aside, pinky.!
~ Fang from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Fang is a hulking motorcycle rider from the 2001 Kirby: Right Back at Ya! anime series, appearing in the two-part "Born to Be Mild" episode. He can't resist having fun causing trouble for the people of Cappy Town. He is the leader of a three-piece biking gang along with Rip and Turbo. When he was younger, he and Gus were bad buddies who wanted to outrun Steppenwolf, the legendary biker. But Steppenwolf easily bested Fang, reminding him that being a biker was really about freedom rather than breaking rules and causing trouble.

Since then, Fang has had a grudge against Steppenwolf. Fang secretly made a deal with Nightmare Enterprises, who in turn gave him a secret weapon to use when he was in a pinch. With his new power at the ready, he gathers Rip and Turbo and they roared into Cappy Town looking for Steppenwolf. Luckily for them they come during Cappy Town's second-annual racing derby. Kirby was able make quick work of Rip and Turbo in the first race, but Fang goes on to attend the second race. He manages to get the best of everyone during the race, until Steppenwolf appears and outraces him again as easily as before. Incensed and crazed by his loss, Fang, still desperate for victory, unleashes his monstrous secret weapon—the ability to become Wheelie. Fang (now Wheelie) eventually meets his end when he crashes into part of the racecourse, the collision of which brings down the entire stadium.

Physical Appearance

Fang is a burly Cappy, but with sunken-in eyes and, true to his name, has small fangs in his mouth. He wears Roman-style gladiatorial clothing: a flapping mauve cape, a black Spartan helmet with red tufts of fur on its crest, and spiked wristbands. He has long purple sideburns and a bulking chin.

Fang also carries around a flail that he can bludgeon or grab anything with. Along with the rest of his biker gang, he rides a purple motorcycle that resembles a Rex Wheelie.


Just wait, Kirby. I'll finish you off later! But first, I have a race to win.
~ Fang from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
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