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Fangburn was an illiterate rat captain in Cluny the Scourge's horde. He was large, tattooed and rather stupid. He arrived at Redwall Abbey, pretending to be injured in the attempt to gain entrance, but ultimately ruined the element of surprise. During Cluny's first attempt to take Redwall, Fangburn led a gang of rats up a siege ladder, but was knocked down by rubble.


He and Redtooth were sent to guard Sela on her trip into Mossflower Woods to reveal the plans to the Abbot. His ear was tattered in a fight with Redtooth, allowing Sela to slip off. Fangburn and Redtooth searched for her, but Redtooth was killed by Constance the badger (who had set up the entire expedition). Fangburn fell from favor after this incident.

After Cluny's unsuccessful attempt to breach Redwall using a siege tower and his faked mental illness, Fangburn, along with Darkclaw and Killconey, took control of the horde. Fangburn was slain in the final struggle for Redwall Abbey by Constance by snaring him in the net used on her and banging his body against the Abbey wall until he died.

In the Redwall TV Series Fangburn is seen as a hunchback, although this is never mentioned in the book. 


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