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Fanha is a major villainess in the RPG video game Secret of Mana. She is the sole female among the four generals of the Vandole Empire, and the least recurring overall, but arguably the second mightiest. She is revealed near the end to be working in fact for Thanatos, as they use and ultimately kill Emperor Vandole for their own gain.


Original artworks depict Fanha as a tall and muscular woman with dark red hair and harsh features.

Yet, the remake make her much younger and sexier, with a black dress revealing most of her body, yet hints her deal with Mavolia (the Mana counterpart of Hell) through her red eyes, pointed ears and slight aura of darkness.

She is never seen fighting in her human form, but she is described as equally fearsome as her fellow generals. She is cruel, bloodthirsty, aggressive and power-hungry, enjoying violence and revelling in the prospect of domination, though the remake make her more poised and teasing when in a good mood.

Fanha's original artwork

Despite her evil, she cares for her comrades and strives to avenge their deaths, being furious when Vandole denies her.

She seems to despise him, perhaps due to this, gloating after killing him, but shows great reverence to Thanatos.

Under her demon form Hexas, Fanha is second only to Thanatos' true form the Dark Lich in terms of magic mastery, and arguably of overall might, displaying huge speed and strength as well.

Role in the Game

Fanha is first seen when the heroes confront the Emperor in his castle of Northtown, but he wordlessly stands by the tyrant's side, leaving Geshtar deal with them.

Likewise, she does not react when the heroes find the Empire in the Tree Palace, as Sheex asks to get rid of them while she and Vandole unseal the Mana Fortress: a city-sized flying warship of unmatchable might that the Emperor covets to take over the world of Fa'Diel. She angrily prepares to fight them later in the Grand Palace, but Vandole deems this useless with the Mana Fortress so close and she grudgingly complies.

Ironically, it is Vandole who now becomes useless so close to the Fortress, so she kills him on the altar. She gleefully reveals her true obedience to Thanatos, as well as her immensely powerful demon form to get her revenge on the heroes, while her liege enters the Fortress.

But even her might is no match for the heroes, and she meets her comrades in death.

Boss Battle

Fanha's demonic form Hexas

Hexas can put up a considerable challenge, so a high level is advised. She is fast, strikes with her claws and tail, and turns the heroes into harmless Moogles at contact. She spams Pygmus Glare to shrink the heroes and Dispel Magic to break buff magic. Curing often is required.

She casts level 6 magic depending on her colour. When she is brown she casts Gem Missiles and Earth Glide. When pink she casts Air Blast and Thunderbolt. When blue she casts Freeze and Acid Storm, and red she uses Fireball and Lava Wave. She has no weakness but spells of at least level 5 are useful and an equally powerful Wall reflects back her spells. With it she will fall without big trouble.

Circle of Mana

Fanha is featured in this card-based game. Like each character, they are played as cards series to save the Mana Tree from monsters, evolving, gaining power, equipment and Class Changes.


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