Most reasonable questions, Lane! But unfortunately - This is neither the time or place for the answers! If you agree not to struggle... I'll try not to cause you any pain!
~ Faora to Lois Lane.
Do you remember Faora. Mate of Kru-El, Hound of Zod? I remember you, Kal-El.
~ Faora to Superman.

Faora Hu-Ul was a Phantom Zone villain introduced in Action Comics #471. She was a beautiful Kryptonian woman whose unexplained hatred for men led her to torture and kill 23 men at a secret concentration camp in her home. Faora served under Major Zod during the war against Black Zero.


Action Comics

Originally in the action comics, Faora is the daughter of Hu-Ul, and was born on Alezar, Krypton. Faora was a man-hating Kryptonian who murdered and tortured them at a secret concentration camp. She was sentenced to 300 Kryptonian years in the phantom zone, having the second longest term after Jax-Ur.

While imprisoned, she would meet and help Dru-Zod and Jax-Ur escape the Phantom Zone, and plot against Superman. She would later fight against the man of steel, nearly killing him due to being trained in Horo-Kanu (utilizing the pressure points in the Kryptonian body), causing the hero to leave the fight. She would manipulate widower Jackson Porter, masquerading as his wife's ghost to make him move next to Superman, and steal an artifact that would allow her to escape the zone.

Upon escaping, she challenged Superman to a duel, easily winning before sending Superman into the zone. However, Superman escaped the zone, and Faora destroyed the projector, claiming that she would be the new leader of the zoners. Superman reprogramed the projector, sending her and the zoners back to the Phantom Zone.

This version of Faora was erased from existence due to the collapse of the original Multiverse, due to the 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earth's.

New Earth

Faora was a loyal member of the hounds of Zod, being a manhunter who pursued Superman and Lois Lane on Brainaic's version of Krypton. Despite later working with Jor-El, she was eventually killed during a struggle against religious zealots alongside Kru-El.


In Pokolistan's New Earth, Faora (name given to her after Zod's ally Faora) was a metahuman who can disrupt molecular bonds, becoming Avruskin's ("New Zod's") greatest ally. She created the mutagenic virus, but she and Zod's plans were thrawted by Team Superman.

Prime Earth

Faora was a lieutenant in the Krytponian Military Guild, who desired for Krypton to return to its militaristic empire. She would meet Dru-Zod, who shared the same ideals, and they gathered a group who supported their beliefs. Faora became an accomplish to Zod creating a false flag operation, which caused a war against the Char. Zod's old friend, Jor-El, learned of their deceit, and revealed them to the authorities. Faora, Zod, and his followers were all sent to the Phantom Zone to face their crimes, surviving the later destruction of Krypton.

Faora stayed a loyal supporter to Zod, with them becoming acquainted to the Warworld, a machine that they could use to conquer outside worlds. In addition, they used Doomsday, a Kryptonian monster who was a prisoner in the phantom zone to weaken the zone to escape. However, Faora was still trapped there, as Zod escaped, and went to Earth to trick Superman, to take him to the Fortress of Solitude and get the Phantom Zone projector.

Upon leaving the Phantom Zone, Faora became aggressive until exposed to the Earth's sun, gaining her sanity. Faora and Zod fought Superman and his ally, Wonder Woman until Zod threatened to kill the man of steel. The two escaped after Wonder Woman agreed, and went to the South Pacific to construct a Phantom Zone portal. Superman and Wonder Woman traveled to the pacific and fought them once again, but they were aided by the Greek God Apollo, who was angered at his defeat by Superman.

After throwing them into a nuclear reactor, Faora and Zod entered the portal, and were trapped there by the heroes. Faora and Zod somehow escaped once again, presumably due to Doomsday being released from the Phantom Zone. This was revealed to Batman and Wonder Woman during their travel in the phantom zone, wanting to help cure Superman (who had become a new iteration of Doomsday).

In other media

Live Action

  • In Smallville, she was portrayed by Erica Durance (when possessing Lois Lane). Sharon Taylor plays her original form in a flashback, and also plays her clone. Taylor also played Wicked Witch of the East in Once Upon a Time.
  • In Man of Steel, she was portrayed Antje Traue,


  • In the 1988 animated Superman series, she was voiced by Ginny McSwain. McSwain also voiced Lois Lane in the series as well.
  • Faora appears in a Looney Tunes episode that parodies Superman. She is depicted as the long-suffering girlfriend to Genral Zod (played by Daffy Duck). Superman (played by Bugs Bunny) manages to turn her against Zod by pointing out how bad a boyfriend he is. She as voiced by Sonya Walger.
  • In Justice League Action, she was voiced by Fryda Wolff.



  • She was created by Cary Bates and the late Curt Swan.
  • She has the second longest term in the phantom zone, the highest being Jax-Ur.
  • She is often depicted as being a loyal follower, wife or lover of Dru-Zod.
  • Though not renamed, she was named Zaora in a pocket universe after Crisis on Infinite Earth's, thus meaning she is based off the character.
  • She is one of the few Kryptonians to possess psychic powers, the others being Nadira and Az-Rel.
  • In Superman and Superman II, the character Ursa is based on Faora, as they both have a strong hatred of men, except for Zod.
    • Similarly, in Superman: The Animiated Series, the character Mala appears to be a blend of Faora and Ursa.


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