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Faora was a clone of the original Kryptonian Faora Hu-Ul and a recurring antagonist in the CW TV series Smallville.

She appeared in several episodes of Season Nine.

She was portrayed by Sharon Taylor.



The original Faora was born into a military family and raised on Krypton, and had a younger sister named Vala. Both sisters became soldiers and fought in the civil war against Black Zero. She served under Major Zod and stood in line of the soldiers having a sample of her blood taken by a medic, along with other soldiers under Zod's command, on the border outside of Kandor. Her blood including others was stored in an Orb as part of an experiment ordered by the Ruling Council to preserve Krypton's culture.


Faora was released from the Orb when it was opened and she came to Earth but having no recollection of how they came to be here. She along with the Kandorian Army were rendered powerless under the yellow sun even though they were promised great power by Zod. At the Luthor Mansion, Zod entered the den and met with Faora and Basqat who informs them he hasn't found any more of their people and they tell him that Tess Mercer has still not divulged any useful information.

After questioning him about why they were on Earth and their missing powers, Zod ordered them to kneel but Basqat rebelled against him and struck him down. The Kandorians later placed Zod and Tess on trial which Basqat lead as the prosecution. He accused Tess of joining with Zod and was a part of the missing soldiers that were still unaccounted for. Tess denied knowing the Major and says if they want answers they should ask Zod.

Faora recounts her memory of blood being taken from herself and hundreds of other soldiers just before the battle of Kandor on Krypton. Zod tells them that the fact that they are all present means that Krypton has been destroyed. Faora then accuses Zod of betraying them causing him to tell them his record of service and personal sacrifice was greater than anyone else's. After his passionate speech, the Kandorians including Faora kneel before Zod.


Weeks later, Faora was with Basqat and Alia when Zod spoke to the captured Jor-El, who was stolen from Tess' cellar while Zod was flirting with her in order to distract her. Zod tortures Jor-El in an attempt to force him to reveal how he obtained his powers. During the interrogation, Zod managed to deduce that Jor-El has a son who is the one leaving the mark of El in Metropolis and saving the humans. After realizing this, he orders his soldiers to release Jor-El and begin searching for Kal-El.


Faora was also present when Zod was issuing orders to his troops to ensure that the solar tower will be built. Faora was due to be given orders, but Clark Kent interrupted the proceedings before Faora and the rest of the soldiers were ordered by Zod to "Kneel before Kal-El."


After Zod was warned by Clark to stay away from Lois Lane, he descended to the street and was greeted by Faora. She awaited his arrival and they discuss their search for a Kryptonian object known as the Book of Rao, which they believe Jor-El had hidden on Earth. As soon as they acquired it, they would start the operation of the solar tower to give them their powers.


Faora was with Alia at the construction site of the R.A.O. tower, when Clark arrives and gives them their passports and ID cards to become official citizens. Faora admits had misjudged his intentions and wonder if there is any way she could repay him for his kindness. Clark only wanted one thing the identity of his father's killer and was certain it was Zod because he took him from Tess and was last seen alive with Zod.

Faora knows Clark wants justice, but she warns that Zod has a lot of loyal followers and, if Clark goes after him, there would be a war. Faora later attended the funeral of Alia who was killed by Zod for killing Jor-El.


As Faora read a newspaper at a Metropolis newsstand, Clark appeared to remind her not to show her Kryptonian dog tags, it would be best if she kept her Kryptonian origins a secret. Faora continued to mourn the loss of the solar tower following its destruction by Clark and feels as though she no longer knows who to trust.

Clark tells her he understands she is still upset but that she can't change what has happened and the future will  be better without the tower. Faora says that what gives her hope is the fact that Clark has found her sister Vala. Clark walked with her to see her sister Vala, and the bookstore Vala worked at. Faora told her sister to close the shop, while she went for cappuccinos.


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