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Farbros is the Bakugan belong to King Zenoheld made by Professor Clay and a major antagonist in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia.


Farbros first appeared battling the six solders of Vestroia to take their attribute energies. At that time, Farbros was still incomplete, functioning at only ninety percent in terms of response time. However it still held its own against all six of them and winning the fight in the end. Later, Farbros is shown with MAC Spider, Dryoid, Aluze, Macubass, and Boriates, at the Mother palace airport.

Zenoheld later uses Farbros to battle Gus Grav and his Rex Vulcan. It wins easily, even killing Elico and Hexados, Gus' other Bakugan. Later, Farbros battles Drago and Helios after Dryoid loses to them. It becomes difficult for Farbros due to Twin Destructor attacking it. Zenoheld uses the trap to its max, which barely causes a win and causing Dragos attribute energy to be taken.

Farbros got repaired and battled Prince Hydron and his Dryoid. Although losing in the first round, Farbros makes a comeback by beating Dryoid with a huge power difference.

When Spectra Phantom invades the palace, Farbros and Helios fight again. At first, Farbros seemes to be winning, but when Vulcan arrives to assist Helios, it gets backed into a corner. It then joins with the alternative system, although it gets killed after Hydron stabs him in the back.


  • Farbros is the only Bakugan used by a main antagonist to not be a real Bakugan, due to being completely mechanical.


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