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Meat is meat and a man who produces meat has to eat. It takes all kinds of... creatures, to make Farmer Vincent's fries. There are too many people in the world and there is not enough food. Now this, he takes care of both problems at the same time. I am the most hypocritical of all butchers. My meat... uses preservatives.
~ Farmer Vincent

Vincent Smith, also known as Farmer Vincent or Pigface, is the main antagonist of the film Motel Hell.



Vincent, is a cheerful but mysterious farmer who uses human flesh to have breakfast in his famous hotel, he is in charge of hunting people while his brothers are in charge of covering him up. He is very proud of his work, but he tried new ways to make meat more delicious, so he experimented with humans. Vicente Smith and his younger sister Ida live on a farm, but they own a motel called "Motel Hello". Vincent's flesh is actually human flesh and he sets traps on roads and nearby to catch victims. He buries the victims up to the neck in his secret garden, then cuts the vocal cords to prevent them from screaming and they stay on the ground and feed until he is ready to harvest. Ida also helps Vincent.

Motel Hell

Vicent shoots the front wheel of a couple's motorcycle. A man nicknamed Bo is in the garden, but Vincent brings a man named Terry from town to the motel. Sheriff Bruce arrives the next morning, Vincent tells Terry, that "his boyfriend" died in the accident and was buried, a trip to the cemetery shows his crude marker on the grave and Terry, without having to go, decides to stay in the motel. Vicente and Ida continue to capture more victims for the garden, but Terry gradually becomes attracted to Vincent's honest manner and country charm, much in the face of Bruce, his companion who tries to woo himself without success. Vicent captures more victims by placing the fences for the cows in the middle of the road to make his victims stop, allowing them to be captured. There is also a fake ad and lures on a couple of libertines, believing the hotel to be an articulated furnished. The next day, Vincent suggests that they teach Terry to smoke the meat. Ida becomes jealous and tries to drown Terry, but Vicente comes to save her, this is revealed that Terry is completely in love with him, and tries to seduce Vicente. Vicente denies her flirting with him, saying that he must first get married. She agrees to marry the next day. Bruce hits the road to protest Terry's choice. He tells Terry that Vicente has "syphilis of the brain". Vicente arrives and goes to his brother with a shotgun, to prepare for the wedding, Vincent, Terry and Ida drink champagne, the alcohol was full of medicines Terry faints. Ida and Vincent then some of the victims prepare for the wedding. Meanwhile, Bruce investigates the disappearances, begins to suspect the brothers.

Vincent and Ida kills three victims and take them to the slaughterhouse, eliminating the other three, the land around Bo and escaping, Bruce sneaks back to the motel to rescue Terry, but Ida returns. She ambushes Bruce and beats him up, then Terry takes a gun point to the meat processing plant where Vincent tells her the secret about him, then Terry is horrified at the prospect of eating human meat. Meanwhile, Bo escapes and frees the other victims from the orchard. Vincent sends Ida to the motel to look for her brother, but the victims attack her until she is unconscious, Terry tries to escape from her, but Vincent releases gases, and then from the belt to a conveyor belt. He is interrupted by Bo, who blocks through a window, but Vincent strangles Bo until he weakens him. Bruce breaks free, finds one of his brother's shotguns, and goes to the plant, but discovers that his brother has assembled a giant saw and places a pig's head on his face. Vincent disarms his brother, but Bruce takes his own chainsaw and they fight chainsaws. During the fight, the strap that restrains Terry is activated, slowly sending it to a cutting blade. Despite his injuries, Bruce drives the chainsaw deep into Vincent's side. Bruce frees Terry, and then the farmer who regrets his final words, leaving the farm and "secret garden" to Bruce, and regretting simulating him by using preservatives. Bruce and Terry go to the "secret garden" and only find Ida, who is head first buried. They leave the motel; Bruce comments that he is glad that he left home years ago, Terry suggests that the motel is where the demon lives. The neon sign that says "Motel Hello" fully shorts out one end, permanently obscuring the "O" saying "Motel Hell:,


  • The film is based on a 1978 script called Meet the Smiths by Robert Jaffe.
  • Vincent's character is based on of Norman Bates, Drayton Sawyer and Leatherface.
    • Furthermore, Motel Hell was originally titled Psycho: The Next Generation, and Vincent Smith would actually be called Vincent Bates, and be the child of Norman Bates.


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