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~ Fart

Fart is a one-time villain from the FOX animated sitcom, The Cleveland Show, only appearing in the episode "B.M.O.C.". He is a college boy at Kappa Alpha Kappa, who usually hangs out with Brad and Murphy. He usually never talks and the only noise he makes is farting. He is villainous for sexually assaulting Roberta.


In "B.M.O.C.", Cleveland showed Roberta his old college fraternity, Kappa Alpha Alpha. When Cleveland went to the fraternity, he triumphantly announced his return, as though people would remember him. Brad, Murphy, and Fart took notice of him and decided to go up to him and screw with him. The trio walked up to them and pretended to recognize him. Brad introduced himself, Murphy, and Fart. When he introduced Fart, Fart farted. The trio told Cleveland that they were having a contest to see who was the best Kappa Alpha Kappa alumnus and Cleveland accepted in taking part.

Cleveland got himself drunk silly during the challenge and wound up, duct-taped to a donkey. At this point, he realized, the trio was making fun of him, just as they sent the donkey walking into the forest, taking Cleveland with it.

Fart, along with Brad and Murphy later went to The Queercore Underground Afrobeat Microhouse Memphis Soul Post-Meta-Folk Festival (QUAMMPF), where they met up with Roberta and started hitting on her. Roberta refused to go out with them and the three of them started sexually harassing her. Roberta fought back and beat them up. Whenever she landed an attack on Fart, this would cause him to fart. Eventually, Roberta defeated Fart and left him lying on the ground in pain. After Roberta left, Fart broke voice, telling her that she won't get away with what she's doing because he is a prince. Fart flopped back down and let out one last whimpering fart of defeat.


  • Although Fart usually farts instead of talking, he spoke at the end of his appearance, talking in a proud British accent, wherein he claimed to be a royal prince.


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