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"He was an inferior Rick. He was too political. I want to have fun, classic Rick and Morty adventures like the old days.
~ Fascist Morty talks about his desires and the reason why he killed off the fascist counterpart of Rick Sanchez.
~ Fascist Morty threatening Rick Sanchez with a gun.

Fascist Morty is a major antagonist in the Rick & Morty episode, Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat. He was an alternate version of Morty Smith who lived in one of the many fascist dimensions Rick Sanchez encountered trying to return to his original dimension.

He is voiced by Justin Roiland who voices all versions of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. Roiland also voices the Earl of Lemongrab in Adventure Time.


Unlike most Mortys, Fascist Morty was an extremely uncaring and strict young man. He also proved to be extremely backstabbing, shown when he killed his grandfather with the justification of him being too political.

Although he is all around a nasty and traitorous person, he still maintains a love for the adventures he has been on with his grandfather before Fascist Rick.


After dying on another planet, Rick Sanchez C-137's consciousness gets transferred into a clone that wakes up in the underground lab of another Rick. After meeting the other Rick, they have a casual talk and the other Rick reveals that the Earth that Rick has arrived on is a fascist dictatorship. Rick's apprehension towards this fact causes Fascist Rick to ready a gun. Fascist's Rick's Morty ends up walking in on the two's conversation before anything ugly could happen. Rick, being quick on his feet, attempts to convince Fascist Morty that Rick in front of him is a socialist. Although Morty does not believe Rick C-137's claim, he still ends up shooting his grandfather due to him, in his words, being "an inferior Rick [and] too political." Fascist Morty states he wants to just have the fun adventures he experienced with his grandfather and then pulls the gun he used to off his grandfather on Rick C-137 to force him to go on a "Rick and Morty adventure" with him, much to Rick's dismay.

Inside of Fascist RIck's Space Cruiser, Fascist Morty continues to hold the gun towards Rick C-137. The fascist counterpart of Gearhead also gets kidnapped into participating in the adventure. Rick and Fascist Morty get on the topic of Mr. Meeseeks to which Rick tells him that there is a Mr. Meeseeks box in the glove compartment of the Space Cruiser. When Fascist Morty pulls out the box, Rick pushes the button and tells the Meeseeks to kill the fascist. Not only does the Meeseeks attacking the Fascist Morty cause Rick to swerve the Space Cruiser but it also causes Morty to accidentally shoot Gearhead. After fighting for a few seconds, Meeseeks and Morty end up destroying the Space Cruiser's glass causing everyone in the car to be sucked out in space and suffocate, including Fascist Morty.


  • He is one of the few Morty's to cause the death of their Rick with the others being Evil Morty and Morty C-137 (the latter's Rick was revived).
  • Fascist Morty is a reference to toxic fans, who only want the show to do what they want. This is reflected when he killed Fascist Rick, forcing Rick to go where he wanted.



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