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"That 'yes' was pretty *cocks gun* liberal with the letter Y.
~ Fascist Rick growing suspicious of Rick C-137's claim of fascist adhering.

Fascist Rick is a minor antagonist in the Adult Swim animated series, Rick and Morty. He is one of the many fascist counterparts of Rick Sanchez.


This Rick appears to be quite willing to help one of his own with the condition that they support the fascist ideology. This version of Rick appears to be less prepared to be die than the protagonist Rick. He is also ambitious as he quit spending time with his grandson to pursue a desire of getting involved with politics and being a member of the elite. Due to him being a member of the elite, he struts around his house holding a martini and wearing a bathrobe.


Before getting into politics, Fascist Rick and Morty would regularly go on adventures much like the ones the series' protagonists go on. When ventured into politics, he helped the president sterilize China. His involvement in politics would cause a rift in the relationship between him and his grandson and would eventually lead to his downfall.

Woken up by a clone with the mind of Rick Sanchez C-137, Fascist Rick walks into the garage to investigate. He learns the reason why the clone is there and he is willing to help him as long as he upholded a authoritarian and fascist ideology. Rick C-137 tells him that he does but with a disingenuous cadence in his voice. This leads to Fascist Rick to become suspicious of C-137 so he cocks a gun and prepares to shoot the clone.

The two get interrupted by the Fascist Rick's Morty who C-137 attempts to trick into killing Fascist Rick by saying that he is his Rick and that Fascist Rick is actually a socialist. The Morty betrays and shoots his Rick regardless of C-137's attempt to trick him due to the anger of his Rick getting into politics and discontinuing to go on adventures with him.


  • His behavior of carrying a martini and wearing a bathrobe is also shared by other fascist counterparts of Rick.
  • There is a photo of him standing next to the President of the United States with a signature and a message reading "Rick- Thanks for sterilizing China!"



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