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The Fasion Victim is a villain from The Powerpuff Girls comic book issue, "Now & Zen". She is a giant, interdimensional crab, who tries to make everything look beautiful, by destroying what she deems to be "ugly" and recreating it into something else.


In "Now & Zen", The Fashion Victim invaded The City of Townsville and blasted her lasers at people, who were driving their cars on the streets. By blasting people, she gave them a bunch of overly elaborate, fancy clothing items that only made it harder for them to drive, and caused them to crash.

The Powerpuff Girls flew in to stop The Fashion Victim and send her back to her own dimension. However, The Fashion Victim blasted Blossom with her laser, giving her tacky legwarmers, that she really did not like. She then blasted Bubbles with her laser, giving her bellbottoms, which she was equally disturbed about. Buttercup laughed at the two, thinking she would have remained completely unharmed before The Fashion Victim blasted her and gave her a girly blouse. Buttercup was so embarrassed and enraged at this, that she ferociously punched The Faction Victim straight through the air, which caused a rift in the fabric of spacetime, sending her hurling straight back to her own alternate dimension again.


The Fashion Victim is a giant red crab with cubical claws and legs, short blonde hair, and sharp teeth. She dressed as a 1930's girl, wearing a blue pillbox hat, a white pearl necklace, a blue dress, and pink lipstick.


The Fashion Victim is very obsessed with fashion and other people and things looking pretty and fancy. She doesn't take too kindly to something looking less than "beautiful" and will force everyone she sees into overly elaborate clothing items that do nothing but inconvenience them and look extremely tacky in the process. The Fashion Victim believes as though she's superior to everyone else because of her fashion sense and expects to be worshiped as an idol for being supreme beauty.


  • The fact that she is a crab is never acknowledged at any point.
    • However, it's possible that her being a crab is a visual pun. Since she "decorates" the city with her fashionable clothing, it's possible she's supposed to be a "decorator crab".
  • She is the first original female villain to be introduced in the comic franchise.