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Fastener is a recurring antagonist in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. He is the pet creature of Scanty and Kneesocks, as well as the rival and evil counterpart to Panty and Stocking's pet Chuck.

Appearance and attributes

Unlike Chuck, who has a distinctly dog-like appearance, Fastener is a strange plush-like red creature with mean, glowing green eyes and scythe-like claws. He has two zippers on his body, one circling his neck like a collar and the other running vertically through his forehead. Fastener may be designed to look like an imp.

Fastener seems to be "piloted" by a very tiny female demon living inside him. This demon is romantically involved with the equally small devil who lives inside of Chuck.

Just like Chuck, Fastener can "speak", but only ever says his own name.

Personality and Role

Fastener fulfills roughly the same role for the Demon Sisters that Chuck fulfills for the Anarchy Sisters, though he seems to be abused a lot less often. He is both their pet and servant, and usually drives their stretch limousine-SUV, G-String.

Fastener is significantly more intelligent and more competent in his work than Chuck, who harbors a special dislike for him. Apparently, the two went to Zipper School together, and Fastener was rich and popular while Chuck was the bottom of the barrel. Their rivalry is ongoing to this day.

Powers and Abilities

Fastener has the power to regenerate from seemingly lethal injuries, but his healing factor seems to be less developed than Chuck's.

Fastener can use his limbs as deadly scythes. Although he does not engage in combat with the Anarchy Sisters, he has occasionally chopped Chuck to pieces. He is also skilled at laying down traps, but also only for Chuck.

Fastener's dragon form

Like Chuck, he possesses a monstrous Ghost-like form, which he can unleash by unzipping himself and turning himself inside out. This form appears to be a large winged dragon with two heads (each of the two being half a normal head split vertically). In this form, he uses his lethal claws to chop enemies to pieces, but when he did it to a similarly powered-up Chuck, the latter regenerated instantly and blasted Fastener with a beam of energy, taking him out of the battle.


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