It is you, the great Dex Dogtective who's about to take a fall!
~ Fat Cat Burglar's first line.

Fat Cat Burglar is a minor antagonist in the 2012 critically panned animated film Foodfight!

He is an obese cat (called by Dex) criminal who is one of Dex's enemies. He is shown to have ugly and irritating, hairless hamsters as his minions.

He was voiced by Harvey Fierstein.


Fat Cat Burglar is an infamous criminal in the supermarket world, he and his minions are shown at the beginning of the film battling against Dex Dogtective on the top of an air balloon, after stealing a bunch of kittens. Dex beats his minions by throwing a cheese bite away from the balloon which ends with the minions falling after trying to get it. Now only Fat Cat and Dex. Fat Cat tries to kill Dexter but Dex beats him by putting a needle in the balloon while Fat Cat cowardly says him not to do it, making it pop and flies away with Fat Cat, Dex then rescues the kittens. It is unknown what happened to Fat Cat but he's presumed to have died probably by falling from a great height or crashing into a building.


Fat Cat Burglar is an obese rat. He has a purple mask, hat and white and purpled striped clothes. He also has a green bandolier with a gun.


  • Despite being called Fat Cat, he isnt even a cat to start with. In fact he's obviously a rat, with nothing cat-like about him. This name could be due to him stealing kittens or the movie and dialogue being awful.
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