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The Fat Little Asian Boy is a recurring antagonist in Brickleberry. He is an unnamed little elementary school boy, who loves bullying and abusing other people. He works as the right-hand bully for Brant and usually punctuates all of his insults with loud, obnoxious laughter, followed by an explanation of the joke.


In "Little Boy Malloy", Malloy got sent to Hazelhurst Elementary School, where he was bullied mercilessly by Brant and his obnoxious little sidekicks, one of which was an unnamed fat little Asian boy. The fat little Asian boy bullied Malloy and treated him like garbage This was all until Malloy dished out some insults onto the school's guest speaker from Brickleberry National Park, Steve Williams, making him cry and soil his pants. The fat little Asian boy thought this was so hilarious that he befriended Malloy and declared him "The King", thereby dethroning Brant as his leader. After this, the fat little Asian boy and all of his friends turned on Brant and started bullying him. On the night of the school play, the fat little Asian boy bullied Brant for Malloy stealing his girlfriend, Colette. When Malloy went mad with rage and mauled Brant to death, all the fat little Asian boy could think of doing was laughing at him.

In "Obamascare", the fat little Asian boy showed up in the audience at a young Woody Johnson's elementary school graduation, yet still somehow managed to stay the same age. When Woody accidentally walked on on stage butt-naked, the fat little Asian boy laughed his head off at him and bullied him because of his weird, misshapen testicles.


The Fat Little Asian Boy is an extremely loud, brazen, and shamelessly disrespectful little boy, with no filter or sense of common courtesy for anybody unless that somebody happens to be just as rude and nasty as himself. The fat little Asian boy gets a real thrill out of the suffering of others as he laughs at hateful insults directed toward them and laughs his head off when people get hurt. He's so sick and deranged that he even cackled himself lime no tommorow, when he saw his former friend get mauled to death by a bear. The fat little Asian boy is a "Chigga", who acts like a stereotypical black rapper archetype, dressing up in lots of ostentatious bling and using a bunch of street-talk and slang words. Despite all of the horrible things he does, none of the teachers ever seem to do anything to punish him, allowing for him to be just as wild and unhinged as he wants, without dealing with any negative consequences for his deplorable actions.

  • His name has never been revealed.


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