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Last time you paid your bill, he was a skinhead.
~ Fat Whutzat telling Lobo of his financial issues.

Fat Whutzat is the owner of a store that sells music and repairs bikes. He is a good friend/enemy of Lobo who keeps informing him of financial problems.


Whutzat owned a music and bike repair store with his two daughters. He has known Lobo for many years. One day, Whutzat stole Bo's bike and can't give it back until Lobo has to pay for his financial issues. Bo decided to get the bounty of the Porkan criminal Mudboy for 20,000 credits. Whutzat gave Lobo his six Space Penguins to find the Porkan. As Bo got his credits, he gave Whutzat the money. Unfortunately, there is no money left for Lobo. This makes him strap Whutzat into a rocket with bombs that destroyed his home planet.


Where do you think you're going, 'Bo?
~ Fat Whutzat
What's that?
~ Fat Whutzat
Not until you settle up. No more credit.
~ Fat Whutzat
No can do. Ain't got a thing to load. Except maybe.
~ Fat Whutzat
You'd do as you're told.
~ Fat Whutzat
Five, ten, twenty large covers the past due. The rest will cover your bike. Too bad there's none left for you.
~ Fat Whutzat


  • Whutzat is inspired by fellow Lobo villain Tubo.


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