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When the world is full of wyverns, the legend is revived. Meat is eaten, bone is crunched, and blood is sucked up dry Fatalis. He burns the earth and melts through iron. He boils the rivers and mows down trees. He awakens the winds and lights an inferno. He is called Fatalis, the wyvern of destiny. He is called Fatalis, the wyvern of destruction.
~ A quote from "The Legend of Fatalis".

The Fatalis are major antagonists in Monster Hunter. They are a species of Elder Dragon.


Monster Hunter

The Fatalis are a group an ancient Elder dragon who has prowled the lands since ancient times. Most originally believed that Fatalis was a myth but those who learned the truth barely lived long enough to tell the truth .It was responsible for destroying the Schrade Kingdom in a single night which it now calls the ruins its home. Many hunters have sought to challenge it and kill it, but none of them ever returned. Fatalis would melt the armor of the hunters it killed onto its scales to make it even harder to kill. Those whom have worn its armor start to slowly become mind-broken and possessed by the still-living dragon.

Fatalis's body can change due to either its location or its age. Some transform into the stronger Crimson Fatalis if they mutate or spend excessive time in volcanic regions. This version is red, can cause the blastblight status, and has different horns compared to regular Fatalis. If a Fatalis lives long enough, it can become a White Fatalis. This version is the strongest version of the three with access to thunder and create powerful storms.

Dragalia Lost

Fatalis appeared as an obtainable dragon and boss in the Dragalia Lost x Monster Hunter collab event: Monster Hunter Primal Crisis. Fatalis is said to have entered the space between worlds known as the Otherworld. Despite the Otherworld's life-eroding black mana, Fatalis is resilient enough to survive in it without issue. Whenever a rift into a new world opens, Fatalis travels through it to to raze it to the ground. When it's the only life in that world that remains, it returns to the Otherworld to repeat the process.

As a useable dragon, Fatalis grants the adventurer it's equipped to a 80% strength increase if they're attuned to Shadow. However, should the adventurer shapeshift into Fatalis, they become afflicted with the Curse ailment for the duration of the quest.


Overall, the Fatalis are elder dragons with a deep hatred of humans. Its hatred for humanity is so deep that it is said that it would burn thousands of hunters and melt their corpses into it's hide to make a suit of armor much like what humans do to monsters. Fatalis are also quick to lash out on other monsters who coexist with humans, and the area that they are located are always dark, barren, wastelands devoid of any life. It is a species that both man and monster alike fear. Fatalis's presence is none to make other monsters flee in terror. Even other lesser elder dragons like Lao-Shan Lung and Teostra have been seen in different lands trying to escape from Fatalis.





  • There are multiple species of Fatalis currently present in the series, Black, Crimson and White along with a variant of the Crimson Fatalis exclusive to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
  • Minus the very first game on the PS2, Fatalis is always kept as a secret postgame boss locked behind certain requirements; never having any relevance to the plot of said game.
  • A Fatalis is responsible for wiping out Castle Schrade, making the entire region a barren wasteland that the dragon dominates.
  • The Fatalis are currently the only monster in Monster Hunter that is confirmed to be genuinely malicious as most other monsters are just animals with hyperbolic features and abilities, while the sapiency of elder dragons like Alatreon and Dire Miralis isn't made clear enough.
  • Crimson Fatalis is a member of the species that has travelled to the volcano and inhabited it for a long period of time. Its been hurt by the excessive heat as time passed on, making this variant of Fatalis more hostile and vicious than the original.
  • White Fatalis is claimed to be the same Fatalis that was responsible for destroying Castle Schrade and retains blood red lightning instead of fire.
  • Despite being very powerful, Fatalis has poor eyesight, relying on other senses to find food and hunters.


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