Father (1998 Avengers)
is a villain in the 1998 movie, The Avengers, Played by actress Fiona Shaw.

As Mother's off-sider, she claims Mrs. Peel suffers from a mental disease. Later at Steed's apartment, however, Mrs. Peel is arrested by her, as Steed visits Invisible Jones, a man inside The Ministry, to investigate the meaning of a map Steed found at Wonderland Weather. Steed determines Father is working with De Wynter after viewing some photos of failed genetic experiments. Father and the Mrs. Peel double (from here called Evil Peel) capture Mrs Peel, but are confronted by Mother, who is incapacitated. De Wynter - controlling Prospero and the weather - confronts the world's leaders, boasting that 'weather is not in God's hands, but in mine' and they will buy the weather from him, they will pay a lot for it, and they have got until midnight to pay up.

Father and Evil Peel take Emma to a hot air balloon, where Emma escapes during a snowstorm. Father and Evil Peel perish in an explosion.