Father Gregory Johann Mendel

Father Gregory Johann Mendel

Why is it that these peas in a pod are alike as two peas in a pod?
~ Father Gregory Johann Mendel

Father Gregory Johann Mendel is a controversial, German Jesuit priest who conducted genetic experiments on countless felines including the legendary cat prophet Claudandus in his reseach on hereditary before his death later came at Claudandus' claws for the not-so humane experimentation on him and the cats, and he is a minor villain in the 1994 German animated, film noir, mystery movie Felidae.


  • Father Mendel was referred to as "Gregor Mendel" which is the name of the German-speaking Augustinian friar of Silesia, Gregor Johann Mendel, who founded what is known as "Mendelian inheritance".
  • His name only appeared as "Mendel" in the end credits of the film.
  • He was voiced by both the credited Christian Schneller in the German version and the uncredited Rick Jones in the English version.
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