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Father Nikolai is a minor antagonist in Dragalia Lost who appears in Alex's Adventure Stories for both her normal and Gala variants.


Father Nikolai is a light-tan skinned man with grey hair, pale skin and a short beard. His choice of attire is a primarily colored white, hooded robe with yellow lining. He also wears a red scarf and a gold necklace.



Alex was escorting a priest with the help of Euden and Elisanne when they were confronted by bandits, after Elisanne dispatched the bandits, Alex takes out another assassin when she senses another him. It is here that Alex realises that the priest the assassins were supposedly targeting was really one of Father Nikolai’s cronies and that their real targets were Euden and Elisanne. The priest insists that Alex was the traitor and tries to strike her down only for Euden to block him. Alex promptly takes out the crony.

When Elisanne demands Alex to explain her past with Nikolai, it was revealed he was taking advantage of her anxiety regarding Elisanne’s defection in order to have her (Alex) eliminate those opposed to the teachings that supposedly clarify Morsayati as being the child of Illia.

Later after reading an S.O.S. written in a paper folded into a crane, Alex dispatched two thugs and, with the help of Elisanne and Euden interrogated the caretaker of the child who handed the paper crane to Alex. It’s revealed that the caretaker was sending children to the church to become assassins for Nikolai.

With this information in mind, Alex tracks Nikolai to the church he is residing in to confront him over the children he was training to be assassins.

After Alex declines an offer to rejoin him, he flees leaving the assassins to deal with the heroes, only for Alex to track him to the forest so he will answer for his crimes. He was taken into custody after blacking out.


Later on, he was seen out of prison where a traveler rejected an offer from him to make a praye much to his irritation. He was later confronted by Alex about Klaus, the man who knows about the scroll of perditions.

Following the murder of Klaus with Nikolai using Alex as a scapegoat, he was expecting a reward only for Dorothy to assassinate him.


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