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From this day forward, you will honor the oaths you have made to Her Majesty the Tsaritsa, and you will stop at nothing to bring Snezhnaya victory. You shall sweep through this land like the icy winds of the furthest north, as strong as the hoar frost of Zapolyarny Palace. You will chill the very marrow in our enemies' bones! Her Majesty expects of you loyalty, ruthlessness and meticulouness...
~ Childe's speech (prior to being twisted).
Sorry... to also have you shoulder the grievances of the world. Since you could endure my bitter cold, you must have the desire to burn? Then, burn away the old world for me.
~ The Tsaritsa
Proud Fatui comrades, I know your hearts harbor both the fires of rage and the cold of eternal winter. Each one of us has borne witness to the absurd callousness of the foundational principles of this world. So, let us don our masks in mockery of the world as we go forth and rewrite the rules of destiny.
~ Pierro in the Mocking Mask artifact.

The Fatui (Fatuus for a singular member), also known as Diplomats of Zapolyarny Palace and Diplomats of Snezhnaya, are a corrupt and malicious delegation of "diplomats" hailing from the Zapolyarny Palace in Snezhnaya under the command of the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya and are led by the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, and are one of the two main antagonistic forces in Genshin Impact alongside the Abyss Order, serving as one of the most constant threats to the Traveler and to the entire world of Teyvat. They also appear as the main antagonists in the supplementary manga.


They, unlike the Abyss Order, are an organization utterly controlled and composed of humans and are more well-organized economically, militarily and politically. The Eleven Fatui Harbingers who each control a certain division inside of Fatui to fulfil their mysterious and sinister missions given by the Tsaritsa and are scattered across all of the Teyvat continent, using conspiracy movements to infiltrate inside of the nations' governments so they can plant their seeds of corruption in an attempt to control the affairs of all seven nations of Teyvat.

The Fatui is described as an overwhelming military force in terms of power and numbers in the world of Teyvat that makes it the strongest of all the seven nations in Teyvat, and are widely distrusted, feared and despised by all other nations. The organization is mostly composed by combatants rather than politicians and merchants for an organization who proudly call themselves as "diplomats".

Hailing from the frozen lands of Snezhnaya, the Fatui are publicly seen as a political department of Snezhnaya that represents the good will of the Tsaritsa and manages the foreign affairs with all other six nations, often using economical means and fair trade movements to first engage with other governments in order to safely insert their influence inside of the nations' center of power. Once they have near full control of the government and capital, the Fatui ceases being the once-friendly and diplomatic group and starts using corrupt and violent means to get what they want, putting abusive taxes and inhuman demands that naturally will always cost the lives of civilians on the process.

Despite their public façade of a benevolent group that seems to engage with merchants and politicians with friendly proposals, their infamy is already too obvious for the Fatui to keep hiding their true colors from the people and are now widely viewed as a threat to all nations. The Fatui are experts in the field of economics, defense and policies and will use any modern ways to have full control of all nations of the world to further the Tsaritsa's "perfect world".

Despite their loyalty to their queen, many of the Fatui's underlings themselves are unaware of the Tsaritsa's true plans and no one dares to question her true motives. The only one so far that comes closer to know the Tsaritsa's true purposes may be La Signora who is directly in charge of gathering the Gnosis of the other Archons of Teyvat. Despite their good organization, the Fatuis are divided in divisions which each group is headed by one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, therefore the groups don't have any contact and relations with each other once said groups isolate themselves in different regions of Teyvat to complete their tasks.

While the Fatui are widely distrusted, hated and feared by the people of Teyvat, in-game, it's presented that many grunts are actually normal workers (all of them being from the staff teams) and are unaware of their superiors' true intentions once they are limited to only follow their orders while their military is fully composed of trained troops who ruthless killers in their ranks. Moreover, when said underlings try to be presented as "evil" they ultimately fail to even become a suspicious enemy.

The Fatui seems to be the group controlling the Northland Bank, a national bank founded in Snezhnaya, opened a bank in Liyue and has become the favorite bank of Teyvat probably due to their openly illegal activities. As a neutral department, the Fatui often uses the bank as a mask to cover their operations and will more likely use the branch as their center of intelligence to command their operations across the region.




Main article: Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya

The supreme leader of Fatui as well as the ruler of Snezhnaya, the Cryo Archon and one of The Seven. As the Empress of the country, the Fatui, specifically the Eleven Harbingers answers directly to her and vowed to fight and die for her at any cost even if it costs the lives of countless innocents from Snezhnaya and even other nations, implying Fatui are more than willing to wage war at any moment for her.

Despite the Fatui's loyalty to her, Dainsleif calls her to be a god with no love left for her people while her own people not affiliated with the Fatui only seems to adore her out of fear.

Eleven Fatui Harbingers

Main article: Eleven Fatui Harbingers

The Eleven Fatui Harbingers are the top echelons of the Fatui and the Tsaritsa's most powerful lieutenants of her country who have been given absolute authority and also have had their abilities boosted with the Cryo Archon's own power, giving them enough power to face Archons themselves. This makes them even more powerful than a normal Vision wielder, who are already far more powerful than an ordinary mortals. Each Harbinger leads their own division within the Fatui.

When an individual becomes a Harbinger they immediately also become wealthy enough to literally buy anything in the world of Teyvat and are recognized as powerful members of Snezhnaya high society. Since their wealth is private, the Harbinger is allowed to do anything they want with their own currency even if it's going to be used in trivial things like buying an extremely expensive gift for a friend or relatives. When members of the Fatui have proven themselves in their own strength in combat, the Harbingers chooses them to become their direct subordinates of the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya.

According to Oz, their wickedness knows no bounds.

Image Name / Alias Vision Delusion
18436.png 1st - Pierro "The Jester"


Pulcinella.png 5th - Pulcinella "The Rooster"


Tar-of-Deceitful-Dreams.jpg 6th - Scaramouche "Balladeer"


9300433.jpg 8th - La Signora "Fair Lady" Pyro Cryo
430r40403.png 11th - Tartaglia "Childe" Hydro Electro
930r30r.png ???th - Il Dottore "The Doctor"


18436.png ???th - Pantalone "The Indefinite"


18436.png ???th - Sandrone "The Puppet"


18436.png ???th - Capitano "The Captain"






Government agents serving the Fatui from the shadows. The duty of a Fatui Agent is to settle debts — but not only those of a monetary or goods-in-kind nature.

They also ensure dues are paid when it comes to the principle of "an eye for an eye". If there is one thing the Fatui are not known for, it is leniency, and whoever dares to oppose them will invoke the full force of their wrath upon them.

Fatui Agents are mercenaries skilled with multiples skills of assassinations, mainly in stealth movements and are users of multiples Sacrificial Knives that are similar to elemental daggers to conduct their pyro Vision.

Cicin Mages


The Fatui's mysterious all-female mages control bat-like creatures called Cicins. So far, only Cicin Electro and Cyro Mages were found in-universe. A Fatui Mage who can command Cicins in battle. Similarly to the way Electro Cicins go crazy for Mist Grass, Cicin mages take great pleasure in toying with their prey. They seem to wander the land aimlessly, as if compelled by some unknown duty.

Alongside pyro agents, the Cicin Mages are among the most numbered agents of Fatui across Teyvat but their purposes are unknown besides sometimes serving the Harbingers with their personal most vital quests. Unlike other Fatui members, Cicin mages are mentally unstable and show psychotic behavior like wandering around the land like childish lunatics and laughing insanely while in combat. Likewise, the reason why Cicin Mages present such odd behavior for a Fatui army is unknown.

Currently, the Fatui Cicin Mages come in two variants: Electro and Cryo, both are capable of generating an Elemental Shield for defense.

Mirror Maidens

Enemy Fatui Mirror Maiden.png

Mirror Maidens are honor guards of Snezhnayan that command Hydro Mirrors in battle. They are willing to do anything to achieve the grand goals of the Fatui, stark opposites of their "maiden" title. Their posture is highly dignified, as if they are worshiping a god.

The Hydro Mirror manipulated by Mirror Maidens lures those enchanted by them to willingly fall for their illusion. Nothing seems to escape their ears. No one knows what those covered eyes have seen or what kind of obsession might be reflected in them.

Mirror Maidens are currently only located on the islands of the Inazuma nation.

Fatui Skirmishers


The Fatui Skirmishers are foot soldiers that compose the spine of Fatui's army, usually being the front line of the organization's military might. A skirmisher is a soldier encased within a Fatui war machine. These skirmishers do not question if they shall live or die as they advance into nations far from home to complete advance missions and lay the groundwork for operations to come.

Unlike the elite Mages and Agents, Fatui Skirmishers are soldiers of lesser individual might. To complete their tasks and reduce losses in men and materiel, their tactics are thus more reliant on teamwork.

All Fatui Skirmishers are capable of generating an elemental shield, which boosts both their offensive and defensive capabilities. With the exception of the Anemoboxer Vanguard, once their shield is broken via through elemental reactions, they will become compromised and stunned, leaving them vulnerable for a short period of time.

The Skirmishers come with different variants, all have their own varying abilities:

  • Geochanter Bracers: Fatui Skirmishers that harness the power of Geo and defend their allies. They attack by conjuring Geo projectiles with their staff. If their Geo barrier is activated, they can teleport away from the Traveler for breathing space or generate a huge Geo shield to defend their allies against ranged attacks.

The Geochanter Bracer is voiced by Stefan Martello in the EN dub.

  • Pyroslinger Bracers: Pyro Skirmishers armed with a flaming rifle. They can back off from the Traveler and initiate a counterattack with their rifle.

The Pyroslinger Bracer is voiced by Thomas Bello Rivas in the EN dub.

  • Cryogunner Legionnaires: A fattish Skirmisher wielding a freeze gun. They spray jets of Cryo blasts, dealing rapid damage. When the player character strays too near, they can perform a charge attack or a leaping attack when the player character strays too far.

The Cryogunner Legionnaire is voiced by Dan Foster in the EN dub.

  • Hydrogunner Legionnaires: A Legionnaire-type Skirmisher wielding a Hydro gun. They can fire jets of water to deal moderate Hydro damage, however their potential comes to their ability to support their allies by healing them. When infused with their elemental barrier, they are capable of providing HP regeneration instead of just restoring it.

The Hydrogunner Legionnaire is voiced by Michael Schwalbe in the EN dub.

  • Anemoboxer Vanguards: These Skirmishers are armed with gauntlets that can manipulate the Anemo element. They can perform a powerful punch that deals Anemo damage or generate an Anemo shield which provides them immunity to physical damage for a short period of time. If their shield comes into contact with Pyro/Hydro/Cryo/Electro elements, they can perform an elemental absorption that sucks the player character before unleashing a powerful punch, dealing the absorbed elemental as damage. Aside from these, they can bring back a downed teammate whose elemental barrier is destroyed.
  • Electrohammer Vanguards: Skirmishers with an Electric hammer capable of dishing out powerful Electro energy. When infused with their elemental barrier, they are capable of dishing out AoE Electro damage.

The Anemoboxer Vanguard and Electrohammer Vanguard are both voiced by Dan Foster in the EN dub.

Known Staff

Felix, a subordinate of Childe

  • Barnabas - A Fatui scientist from Sumeru, serving as a secondary antagonist. He was sent to Mondstadt to pursue Collei which he experimented on, but was eventually defeated by Diluc.
  • Luke - A Fatui diplomat stationed at Goth Grand Hotel, Mondstadt. His work was only to protect the entrance of the hotel to keep non-Fatui personnel away from the entrance.
  • Viktor - A Fatui diplomat that seems to be more busy delivering boxes for the organization's operations in Mondstadt. It's unknown if Viktor is part of some division of Fatui but before the Traveler arrived in Mondstadt, Viktor was sent to the city to work for Signora but was left in the dark since the day he arrived and stayed his entire time inside of the Cathedral waiting for orders that never came. Although during the Commission "Return to Days of Winter", Viktor finally got some new orders and bids farewell.
  • Pavel - A non-combatant staff member working for Tsarevich, a famous merchant from Snezhnaya rather than affiliated with Fatui itself. He seems to be upset all the time.
  • Mikhail - A diplomat from Fatui who openly admits his hatred for Mondstadt and constantly antagonize the Knights of Favonius as weak, cowards and inferior to the Fatui's army, something he feels proud of and genuinely believes in Signora's diligence and objectives.
  • Lyudmila - A diplomat from Fatui dispatched to Mondstadt and seems to be one of the few Fatui to be actually non-Jingoist of some sorts. Instead of appealing to the people's fears she genuinely cares for the people of the seven nations and is known for being a pessimist that the Fatui's nefarious plans will never go well much to Mikhail's annoyance.
  • Felix - A diplomat of the Fatui working to Childe's division in Liyue as his right-hand man.
  • Ekaterina - A bank teller at the Northland Bank branch in Liyue Haror. She serves as one of Childe's most trusted underlings in Liyue and manages the bank in his absence.
  • Nadia - A Fatui Guard found in front of the Northland Bank branch in Liyue. Nadia was assigned to serve as a guard for the bank who is constantly writing letters to her family in her homeland which seems to be her hobby while serving Childe in Liyue Harbor.
  • Vlad - A Fatui Guard assigned to serve as a guard for Northland Bank branch in Liyue Harbor and serves to Childe's division. Much like Nadia, he is homesick and is had trouble forming bonds and relationships with the people of Liyue due to their cultural barrier. After accidentally finding Nadia's letter and mistaking it to be for him, they became pen pals.
  • Kliment - A self-proclaimed archeologist who has no regards or reverence towards ancient Archon relics, rather he values them for greed and profit. Unlike the other Fatui members, he sports no mask.
  • Nathan - A double agent of the Fatui sent to join the Watatsumi Army as a 2nd Naval Lieutenant. He was actually sent there to sabotage the resistance in order to prolong the conflict, thus serving as a major antagonist in the third act of the Archon Quest's Chapter II.
  • Borenka - A Fatui Intelligence Offcer found during "Clean House" World Quest. He was sent on Inazuma to collect remnants of the Inazuma Shogunate. Eventually this draws the attention of the Traveler and Shizuru, eventually defeating him twice as a result.
  • The Ninth Company - A squadron of Fatui sent to the Chasm with a collaboration with the Liyue Qixing. After their mission failed and the most of the members went missing or have died in the underground mines, the Liyue Qixing became enemies with them like most of the Fatui after Tartaglia summons Osial.
    • Anton Melnikov - The Ninth Company Commander who was originally sent along with his squadron to investigate the mysterious sludges in the Chasm's underground mines. Apparently, majority of his comrades were either lost or died as a result and the mission failed after the device they're supposed to use exploded and failed to purify anything. Thus him, Radomir, Danila, and Temur are the only ones left and were left weakened due to hunger.
    • Radomir - A Hydrogunner Legionnaire working in the Ninth Company. Among the four other remaining members, he is the most laid-back and polite. He often disciplines Temur for his insolence and thanked the Traveler for aiding help to them.
    • Danila - A Geochanter Bracer working in the Ninth Company. Like Radomir, he is also calm and polite although he is somewhat doubtful about Anton's commanding skills.
    • Temur - A Pyroslinger Bracer working in the Ninth Company. He is the most cocky among the four remaining members, showing pessimism to Anton after the latter becomes the acting commanding officer. He does not hesitate to sarcastically mock his fellow comrades, but nonetheless shows admiration after the Traveler helps them.
  • Katarina Snezhevna - An Electro Cicin Mage that was sent in the Chasm in search for her lost stepbrother. She would later run into the Traveler, which ended up in conflict due to miscommunication. After she clears up everything, she would later learn the news that her stepbrother managed to escape.

Former Staff

  • Krupp - A menial working for Il Dottore as his servant. He was later killed by his own master for his ineptitude and breach of confidential information.
  • Corporal Mashkov - An Electrohammer Vanguard working in the Ninth Company. After he found Anton interacting with the Traveler, he labels him as a traitor and tries to rob the Traveler of their food, but was eventually defeated as a result.
  • Lyudochka Snezhevna - A Fatui posing as "Gendou Ringo" after Momoyo faked her death. While regretful for her actions, she was convinced by the Traveler to remain on Inazuma and adopt her new identity as "Gendou Ringo".





  • All of the Harbingers' names are derived from archetypes of stock characters in commedia dell'arte.
  • The Fatui were often thought to be based on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Soviet Union by some players once the Fatui uses the same methods of propaganda to plant their influence inside of a government while using underhanded methods into convincing the local regime into doing their biddings.
  • Cicin Mages, of all Fatui grunts, became the most well-known enemy of the group thanks to their overall design that was said to be way too similar to the playable Anemo-character Sucrose and due to their "sexually" implied JP voicing. While Cicin mages' voice acting was considered fairly normal to the game's standards in all other languages the JP version implied Cicin mages to be assertive psychotic-sadomasochists (furthered with implicative sexual quotes such as "The more, the merrier!") who takes sexual pleasure in making their enemies suffer while also enjoying being hit.
  • The Fatui are also involved with loan shark-activities and will execute their clients if their debt is not paid.
  • The masks wore by several members of the Fatui (mostly rank-and-file) are very similar to the ones used by the White Fang from RWBY. The previous version of the Fatui Agent from Beta version came closer to be called an inspiration.
  • "Fatui" is loosely translated from Latin for "fools".
  • Humanly, the Fatui possess the largest human models of the game with the Skirmishers being the tallest humans to ever show up in the game yet.
    • The Mirror Maidens so far are the largest female human characters in the game.


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