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Do you want to come out, and play?
~ Fault Zone
I will now seek my revenge...on the rest of the world.
~ Fault Zone

Fault Zone is a fictional supervillainess created by Electronic Arts, in conjunction with Marvel Comics, in their first attempt to bring Marvel Heroes to a video game platform, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects.



Maria Petrova grew up in modern day Moscow and, from a young age, demonstrating a natural gift for dancing. She became the youngest prodigy at the Imperial Russian Ballet where her skills sensitivity, and discipline were far beyond that of most professionals. As a teenager she starred in several productions and became a reowned icon of dance.

At the age of 15, on the opening night of her lead role in Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, Maria was in a terrible car accident. An earthquake struck an elevated highway that collapsed instantly, killing her parents and leaving her paralyzed. Retreating into seclusion, she grew angry at the loss of her family and her stolen dreams. To her, life was a cruel joke. She hated the world.

Niles Van Roekel offered to return Maria's ability to walk. He promised to replace her atrophied muscles and damaged nerves with cyberneics. At the same time Roekel attached his seismic weapon through her nervous system and taught her how to control its power. She enjoyed possessing a fantastic destructive power, finding it was a way she could get back at the world.

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

During the invasion of the Imperfects on New York, Fault Zone was successful in defeating The Thing but was later stopped by Storm on the Brooklyn Bridge.