Faustus is one of the antagonists from Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain.


Faustus was one of the vampire lieutenants of Kain, who had started a coup to take over Nosgoth. When Kain is defeated by the Sarafan Lord, Faustus betrays the vampires and sides with the Sarafan, having his life spared and starting to hunt down all other vampires for the Sarafan. He had control over the humans from the slums of Meridian and the Smuggler's Den, bossing all of the Sarafan on the area.

When Kain reappears, Faustus follows him, expecting to kill him by himself. Kain meets him and recognizes him, demanding to know why he betrayed their kind. Faustus replies that there is no “their” kind, and that he had no pity towards the vampires he killed, as he wouldn't have for Kain after killing him. The two have a brief fight, but Faustus retreats to an area with furnaces, where he safely attacks Kain from above the furnaces. Kain becomes mist and activates the furnaces, severely injuring Faustus, who jumps to the roof where he attempts to strike Kain from above, but Kain easily dodges his attack, making him crash into the ground and allowing Kain to strike him several times. He attempts to do it again, but is too weak to reach the roof again, crashing into the ground and dying in the process.



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