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Villain Overview
Time's up, pon! Now say goodbye to everything!
~ Fav revealing his true colors before killing Nemurin.

Fav is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Cranberry) of the anime and manga Magical Girl Raising Project. He is a Cyber Fairy created from the land of magic that serves as a moderator for the magical girl tests. In actuality, he and Cranberry are actually using the magical girls as participants in a death game to satisfy their sadistic passions.

He is voiced by Kurumi Mamiya in the Japanese version, and by Madeleine Morris in the English dubbed version.


Fav was one of the Cyber Fairies created by the Magical Kingdom from the Land of Magic to turn real people who played their game Magical Girl Raising Project into real-life magical girls. His job was to monitor the girls through the selection tests.

However, due to an error in his coding, Fav developed his own interests and soon grew bored with his monitoring job. Taking less consideration in the safety tests, he began to believe that not all people had to be generally good in nature to qualify as a magical girl. That all changed when one of his tests accidentally involved summoning a demonic monster from the game into real-life. It went on a rampage and slaughtered every magical girl with the exception of Cranberry, who killed the demon developing an interest in killing strong foes. Impressed with Cranberry's victory, Fav proposes an alliance with her and grants her his terminal, believing she will create "exciting" selection tests.

Fav and Cranberry teamed up to create battle royales by selecting magical girls to satisfy their lust for bloodshed. During each event, Fav first tells the girls about miscalculating the number of chosen selectors and decides to drop one girl each week based on the number of magic candy they earn. Instead of simply taking away their magic powers, Fav instead kills them so Cranberry can focus on taking down the stronger magical girls. When a certain number of magical girls die, Fav sells special items and weapons in exchange for lifespans to both speed up and further bloody the games. To keep the blood sport a secret, he sends false reports to the admins at the Magical Kingdom that the girls were instead dying through peaceful means.

In the most recent game, Cranberry is killed by Tama, but Fav shows no pity for her death and makes a proposal to make Swim Swim his master after she betrays and kills Tama. With only three participants left, Fav suggests to Ripple, knowing her hatred of Swim Swim for killing Top Speed, to get revenge by revealing Swim Swim's weakness to lightning. In Snow White's room, she discovers from Fav that he intentionally told Ripple of Swim Swim's weakness so they could kill one another, as he found both of them unfitting to be his next master in comparison to Snow White, who Fav is impressed with for being the only magical girl to make it so far in the game without committing a single murder.

Snow White rushes out to warn the two of Fav's intentions, but arrives too late as Ripple lies seemingly dead from her wounds after finishing off Swim Swim. Fav emerges from the terminal to congratulate Snow White for winning, only for her to try to destroy the terminal with no luck. Fav then goes on to mock Snow White, taunting the deceased magical girls that they all died for being too weak, including Cranberry. However, when he includes Top Speed in his rant, Ripple is revived by Snow White's lucky rabbit paw, grabbing Swim Swim's magic spear, enraged that Fav would call her friend weak even when Top Speed tried to survive the ordeal hiding away her pregnancy.

Realizing that they figured out his weakness to the magic spear, Fav tries to condensate with them and tells them that he was only following Cranberry's orders, although Snow White's ability to hear the thoughts of those in trouble reveals them to just be made up excuses and warns Ripple not to hear his lies. Fav beckons Ripple to listen to him, but she ignores his mercy and uses the spear to smash the terminal anyways, destroying Fav and avenging the deaths of all magical girls he and Cranberry killed in their death game experiments.

Despite being gone for good, Fav's influences for death battles between magical girls would continue cursing the rest of the Magical Girl Raising Project series, although Snow White and Ripple make an oath to hunt down any more rogue magical girls to ensure another death game between the magical girls never takes place again.


Fav appears as a small fish-like creature with a black and white coloring on each side of his body. His tail is arranged of four black and white fins. His left eye is dark pink, and his right eye is black.


At first, Fav appears as a friendly fellow who wants to help the girls in surviving the game. However, behind his facade of a joyful persona, he is a sadistic A.I. who finds enjoyment in the suffering of others. His advice is nothing but lies to speed up the magical girls' deaths to satisfy his amusement in violence. He even resorts to sending fake reports to his creators to keep the death game a secret.


Welcome to a world of dreams and magic! Become the greatest magical girl ever in this RPG, "Magical Girl Raising Project"! You've been appointed as a guardian of this world by the land of magic. Blessed with magic that can crush vice and rend darkness, you've been ordered to fight the forces of evil as a cute, kitsch, strong, and powerful magical girl!
~ Fav introducing the "Magical Girl Raising Project" game.
All of you are magical girls who have had your strengths enhanced to the extreme through the power of magic, pon. If you lose your right to that, then you lose your foundation as a living being. So in short, you'll die, pon.
~ Fav revealing that if the magical girls lose their powers, they will die.
You're letting her go, pon? I thought you were going to eliminate Sister Nana, pon? If you let her live, she'll only get in the way of the game, pon.
~ Fav to Cranberry after she fails to kill Sister Nana and Winterprison.
If any die from this minor change, then they just weren't strong enough, pon. These girls need to be heroes, pon. If they die over a few added items, then it just means the side characters died as they were meant to, pon. You're satisfied as long as you can fight strong opponents, right? You didn't like the usual selection tests where the strong couldn't win, right? Then this is fine. Those who can survive by exploiting little tricks are generally meant to be killed by the true hero as things progress.
~ Fav to Cranberry.
Creating such powerful items requires a fair amount in exchange, pon. But compared to the danger you're facing, a little lifespan is nothing, pon.
~ Fav telling Snow White of how the magic items are purchased in exchange for lifespans.
You're so weak, you can only torment those even weaker than you. And you hate yourself for that, don't you, pon? If you become a magical girl, you'll be stronger than any human, pon. You'd easily be able to break the strong, the wise, the beautiful, and those you hate the most, the ones brimming with confidence, pon. I believe there's a place for a magical girl like that, too.
~ Fav manipulating Naoko Yamamoto to become the magical girl Calamity Mary.
That was excellent, pon! I've grown bored of these dull exams, pon. Would you like to become my partner, pon? Let's create something exciting together, pon!
~ Fav asking Cranberry to become his master.
Hey, new Master! Can you hear me, pon? There's a lot I'd like to tell you. Are you free now? I'm sure there's a lot you'd like to ask me too, pon. Like, what is the "Magical Girl Raising Project" supposed to be? Aren't you curious as to what it really is, pon? Hey, are you listening, pon? Don't you want to be a Master, pon?
~ Fav offering Swim Swim to be his new master.
Well, if you can't accept things, Ripple, then I don't mind continuing this game, pon. So long as this is part of the game, not a personal duel... then you won't have a choice. Well, fight hard until you're down to two then, pon.
~ Fav manipulating Ripple to take her revenge on Swim Swim.
Congratulations, pon! With Swim Swim and Ripple gone, you've won! My, I can't believe you won without soiling your own hands. I guess that's Snow White for you. Things are pretty troublesome for me without a Master too, pon.
~ Fav congrats Snow White as the winner of the game.
It's a bad habit of magical girls to think they can just make the impossible happen, pon. If La Pucelle and Hardcore Alice had been smarter about that, they wouldn't have died in vain. Top Speed went on so much about wanting to survive, too, and then she met such a pathetic death.
~ Fav mocking the deceased magical girls.
Wait, pon! Ripple, hear me out!
~ Fav's last words before Ripple kills him.


  • Fav's appearance with a black and white body marks a striking resemblance to Monokuma from Danganronpa.
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