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~ Fawful's most famous quote.

Fawful, known in Japan as Gerakobits (ゲラコビッツ, Gerakobittsu), is one of the main antagonists of the Mario & Luigi series, serving as the secondary antagonist of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, a minor character in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the main antagonist of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser and the overarching antagonist of Bowser Jr.'s Journey.

He was the right-hand toady of Cackletta in Superstar Saga and later became his own master as well as the master of Midbus. He is an eccentric Beanish genius who is notable for speaking in grammatically incorrect English and making obscure food metaphors (e.g. "And this battle shall be the delicious mustard on that bread!...The mustard of your doom!"). Fawful is a mechanical genius, but his common sense suffers due to his extreme rage which often causes him to act in a delusional manner.

He was voiced by Nami Funashima in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story with high pitched laugh effects being used for him for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.



Though his past is largely unknown, Fawful is inferred to have been a long-time follower of Cackletta prior to the events of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and names himself as a pupil of hers in-game. He is officially confirmed to have gained his status as the greatest of Cackletta's students through his evil genius.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Fawful introduces himself

Fawful accompanied Cackletta to the Mushroom Kingdom, where he aided her in stealing the Princess's voice. While the two were on their way to the Beanbean Kingdom, they encountered the Mario Bros. and Bowser, who had formed a temporary alliance to stop the two villains. Taking care of Bowser, Fawful attacked the Mario Brothers. The Bros. destroyed Fawful's Headgear and then beat him. Unfortunately, Fawful summoned another Headgear and used it to knock Bowser's Koopa Cruiser out of the sky. Fawful appeared again attacking Beanbean guards in the mountains. When Mario and Luigi encountered him, he summoned a large stone to block their path.

Fawful was later seen when Cackletta made off with the Beanstar and summoned Queen Bean to attack the Bros. He then attacked Woohoo Hooniversity with Cackletta; it was there that they planned to awaken the Beanstar with Princess Peach's voice. Why they chose this location specifically is never mentioned. The plan didn't work out so well; it seemed the Princess was aware of the villains' plan and had gone into hiding, and the Princess whose voice had been stolen was Birdo. Birdo's squawking voice irritated the Beanstar so much it smashed through the floor and then the Mario Bros. showed up. The Bros. took out Fawful by hammering him into the ground and then fought Cackletta who they defeated and crippled. Fawful sucked his mistress's energy into his Headgear and planned to attack the Mario Bros., only to be stopped and flung through the roof by Prince Peasley. Landing in Stardust Fields, Fawful found an unconscious Bowser (formerly Popple's Rookie) whose body Cackletta possessed. Cackletta then began to call herself Bowletta.

Fawful appeared again guarding Joke's End where he stole the Beanstar from Luigi after seeing through a fake one. Like Bowletta, Fawful was fooled by Luigi pretending to be the Princess (leading to Bowletta releasing the real Peach and swiped Luigi instead) and as a result, the plumber was able to steal back the Beanstar.

Fawful realizes he doesn't need Cackletta

Fawful showed up again as the penultimate boss in Bowser's Castle. Fawful, here suited in a skin-tight pink suit with a wing-like cloth under its arms, now had a large mecha that looked like his head and could shoot lasers. Also, Fawful could attack the Bros. with an electric antenna in his head. Sometimes, he would come out of his mecha and use electric bolts at the Bros., or he could fly away and then charge at one of them. Mario and Luigi could only attack Fawful when the mech overheated and he was forced to come out. After beating him in battle, Fawful tried one last ditch effort to beat the Mario Bros. but only ended up being knocked out of the castle by Luigi and his Hammer. He seemingly exploded as he fell, implying that was the end of him, and an apparition resembling Fawful reappears as one of Cackletta's attacks in the final battle, which would imply that he is dead; however, future events seem to prove that this is not actually Fawful and merely a generation of him.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Fawful in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Fawful returns in the sequel to Superstar Saga, confirming his survival but does not play an antagonistic role this time. He owns a badge shop named Fawful's Bean n' Badge beneath Peach's Castle where the baby Mario Bros. (who are the only ones that can enter his shop) can trade Beans for badges. He is clad in a similar outfit to the one that he wore during his previous battle although this version is silver and white skinsuit with a curved collar instead of a spiked blue collar and pink one. He does not recognize the Bros' infant counterparts as the Mario Bros themselves, though he does comment that they seem rather familiar. Despite his attempt to make a more honest living, he foreshadows his eventual return to villainy in Bowser's Inside Story, by saying that he had before giving the heroes a hint as to their next objective.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Fawful entices Bowser with a Lucky Mushroom

Fawful again makes his latest appearance in this game as the main antagonist, serving as Bowser's arch-nemesis. Fawful now has his own henchman Midbus to act as his brawn. He tricks Bowser into eating a vacuum mushroom and takes control over him. Bowser sucks up the Mario Bros., Peach, Toadsworth, and a number of Toads into his stomach bloats, then falls unconscious, leaving Peach's Castle for Fawful. Bowser wakes up early and escapes from the cave Fawful put him in at Cavi Cape but Fawful encounters him again outside and boasts about fooling him and his plan to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Right at that moment, Bowser's Castle is under siege by Fawful's forces which easily take the castle. Fawful somehow brainwashes most of Bower's minions (But traps some of them in cages scattered across the game) and Bowser's Castle is remodeled changed to Fawful Theater. After a long walk, Bowser eventually reaches Fawful Theater, where Fawful takes him onstage to fight Midbus. After Bowser Defeats Midbus, Fawful leaves and has his brainwashed Boos take Bowser to a Buffet full of extremely unhealthy foods, and force-feed him until Bowser's immense weight gain causes him to get stuck in the floor. Fawful takes Princess Peach out of Bowser's body, so he can use her for his plan later on. Bowser gets unstuck and manages lose his weight, but ignites a storage area full of bob-ombs, and he is blasted all the way back to Cavi Cape.

Fawful stealing the Dark Star

After finding a pipe leading out of Bowser, Mario, Luigi and Starlow hear Fawful searching for the Dark Star in the Toad Town caves and attempt to reach it before he does. Unfortunately Fawful is able to reach it before them and makes quick work of the security system guarding it. Just as the three of them enter the room, Fawful blasts them all away and boasts to the Mario brothers about awakening it and having anyone who opposes him "beat like naughty little eggs." He then flies off to Peach's Castle, completely taking it over, and attaches the Dark Star a machine that drains Peach of her powers in order to break the seal on the Dark Star. The Mario Bros. attempt to reach the castle but the slowly awakening Dark Star creates a dark barricade on the bridge. Fawful then sends a Fawfulcopter out to them that he uses to boast and mock them more as they are forced to withdraw.

The Fawfulized Peach's Castle

Way later in the story, after collecting the three Star Cures that form the Miracle Cure that cures the Blorbs, the Mario Bros. are able to use the cure to destroy the barricade although it also vanishes in the process. When the Bros. and Starlow get to the castle's courtyard, they find the whole castle is full of Fawful's minions, and have to traverse through the dangerous fortress until they finally reach where Fawful has been awakening the Dark Star. Fawful was using a sort of magic that Princess Peach had to awaken it, which weakens the princess immensely.

When the Dark Star awakens, Fawful rushes over to it and uses his vacuum helmet to absorb its power, but Bowser interrupts him before he can gain more than half of it. He becomes the much more powerful Dark Fawful. The Dark Star enters Bowser's body, against the will of him, and starts to absorb some of Bowser's DNA. The Dark Star slowly generates a clone of Bowser, and this leads to the Bros. trying to stop the Dark Star before it can become more powerful.

Super Peach's Castle of Fury

After the Bros. attempt and fail to destroy the Dark Star, it leaves Bowser's body and transforms into a weakened Dark Bowser. As Bowser and Dark Bowser are convering, they both hear Fawful calling for the Dark Star so he can drain it of the rest of its power. Dark Bowser then remembers that Fawful was the one who drained it and leaves the room in search of him. Bowser tries to follow him but instead runs into Dark Fawful who, in his anger at not getting all of the Dark Star's power, initiates the castle's transformation into 'Super Peach's Castle of Fury' and flies back into the castle. The giant robot then crushes Bowser but, thanks again to the Mario Bros. he is able to grow to giant size and fight with it. It should be noted that the robot castle is also capable of generating black holes, which shows how intelligent Fawful is, at least when it comes to technology.

Bowser damages the castle robot enough for it to resume acting like a regular castle, Re-enters the castle, fights Dark Fawful and defeats him, destroying most of him, but still lives as a smaller being made of Dark Matter. He escapes and is then inhaled by the Dark Star, completing its dark power and finally completing Dark Bowser. Bowser chases Dark Bowser, who also has an unconscious Princess Peach, to the top of Peach's Castle. The Final battle begins. During the Battle after Dark Bowser loses 1000 HP, Dark Fawful Bug heals him and powers him up making him huge. Punching Dark Bowser's stomach makes him spit out what's left of Fawful and lose his power-up. Bowser can then inhale him for the Mario Bros. to fight. Once he falls into him he turns into a gigantic fusion of Fawful and the Dark Star. By breaking Fawful's glasses and his three-leg appendages, the Bros. can finally directly damage the Dark Star Core, the source of all the negative energy.

When the core is destroyed, Dark Bowser is severely weakened, and Bowser lands the final blows. The Dark Star is finally destroyed for good, and the purple wind and bleak sky disappears, restoring the light to the Mushroom Kingdom. As for Fawful, he survived the battle, though he was reduced to a head and fading without the Dark Star to sustain him. He feigning remorse, he gives one psychotic smile in his final attempt to destroy the Mario Bros, self-destructing during one final suicidal attempt in a massive explosion that, instead of destroying them, forced them and all of the Toads out of Bowser. The Mushroom Kingdom returns to normal, thus bringing Dark Fawful's mad reign to an end, and ending the mad Beanish once and for all.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

Fawful reappears in this 3DS remake serving the same role as in the original game. However, he is also the main antagonist of the game's side-story Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser. In Minion Quest, Fawful brainwashes many of Bowser's minions under his command by spraying them with a gas that only minions with unwavering loyalty (or high “Minion Spirit”) are immune to. Fawful originally planned to enslave Bowser, who he found unconscious on Hoohoo Mountain, but after Bowser awakened and escaped his grasp, Fawful decided to brainwash the Koopalings instead with an extremely potent version of his mind-controlling gas.

The first attack on Beanbean Castle Town

Fawful then ordered them to conquer different parts of the Beanbean Kingdom so he and Cackletta can take control of it entirely. However, Captain Goomba and his Goomba Squad managed to defeat each Koopaling in battle, freeing them from mind control and relinquishing each region they’ve conquered. Fawful fought the Goomba Squad at Bowser’s Castle where he was seemingly defeated. Although this was a ruse to trick the squad into working for Bowletta (who was disguised as Bowser). When Fawful was confronted by them a second time, he sent them down into the lower parts of the castle, where he battles them with his robotic forces and was eventually defeated for real, thus ending his plans. However, this presumably takes place before the events of his final battle since he was still within the castle.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey

Fawful serves as the main antagonist in the 3DS remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. In the game's side-story Bowser Jr.'s Journey, Fawful is the bigger bad, as he is the one who assigned the Best Fitness Friends to steal Bowser's Castle from Bowser Jr. and the Koopa Troop while Bowser is away. He only appears twice in the mode, at the beginning where he instructs the Best Fitness Friends to infiltrate Bowser's Castle while he captures Bowser at Peach's Castle. Later in Dimble Wood, Fawful obtains a Vacuum Shroom from Dieter and uses it to make Bowser suck up Peach and the Mario Bros.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

Fawful appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a neutral-type primary spirit, who grants a boost to electrical attacks when equipped. His spirit battle is a Stamina battle against Iggy Koopa equipped with a Rocket-Belt and R.O.B. on the Prism Tower stage.


Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Fawful is fought twice in the first game and is first fought on the Koopa Cruiser as the second boss. When he starts the fight he is wearing his headgear which allows him to fly, though it has no effect on the battle, and he has 18 HP, 13 POW, 28 DEF, 1 SPD (In the remake he has 30 HP, 6 POW, 6 DEF and 5 SPD), no weaknesses and he only has one attack.

  • Energy Blast: Fawful will yell "Fink-rat!" and the color of his text determines which brother he will target. The headgear will then shoot a green and yellow ball of energy at the targeted brother and they must jump over it to dodge.

After enough attacks the headgear will explode and Fawful will be left on the ground. In this phase of the battle Fawful has 12 HP, 13 POW, 28 DEF, 20 SPD (In the remake he has [WIP]), no weaknesses and he still only has one attack which is relatively simple to dodge.

  • Roll: Fawful will run up to one of the brothers and attempt to roll into them, this move can be countered by jumping and he can be hurt if you land on him.

After beating him, Fawful does not give EXP and concludes the battle on his own terms instead of exploding like most other enemies and bosses.

Fawful is fought for the second time as the penultimate boss of the game in Bowser's Castle. He is now wearing a skin-tight pink wingsuit and has an antenna which drastically change how he fights. He starts the fight in his Fawful Dome, a machine that has 0 HP, 95-125 POW, 999 DEF, 80 SPD (In the remake it has 24 HP, 100 POW, 147 DEF and 110 SPD), is weak to jumps and hammers and has 2 attacks. Fawful can open the dome and has 3 attacks, during 2 of these he can be damaged and he has 400 HP, 105-150 POW, 175 DEF, 120 SPD (In the remake he has 880 HP, 180 POW, 147 DEF and 110 SPD) and no weaknesses.

  • Spiral Blasts: [WIP]
  • Energy Spin: After dealing enough damage, the dome will begin to rapidly spin and create 5 energy balls that circle around it, at first you block the move by hammering them but if you can't get them in time it switches to dodging them by jumping over them instead.
  • Energy Sparks: Fawful will open the dome and shoot out energy sparks one-at-a-time. The shadow will go over whichever brother is being targeted and it will fall, he can stop them in mid-air to confuse the brothers, and the Bros. will need to hammer them back at him. After finishing the attack Fawful will close the dome.
  • Dive: Fawful will open the dome and swing his arm, which arm he swings determines which brother he will target. He will then jump high into the air and then glide towards the targeted brother who needs to hammer him to block the attack. After finishing the attack Fawful will close the dome.
  • Energy Beam: Fawful will open the dome and start charging a beam, during this Fawful Blocks will fall down and hover above both brothers. The Bros. have to repeatedly jump to break them and then jump over the beam Fawful shoots out of his antenna as it goes from one Bros. to another. If they cannot break the blocks in time there is no way to dodge the attack. After finishing the attack Fawful will close the dome.

After doing the energy spin attack, the dome will overheat and Fawful will jump out and frantically fly above it for a few turns before retreating back into the dome. After beating him, Fawful gives 1500 EXP and always drops a golden mushroom but has a 61.29% chance of dropping a 1-UP super (In the remake Fawful gives 999 EXP and always drops a space suit).

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Fawful is fought twice in the third game and is first fought by Bowser as the penultimate boss of the game in Peach's Castle. During the events of the game, Fawful has absorbed half the Dark Star's power and has transformed into Dark Fawful. He has

  • Chandelier Swing:
  • Rocket Charge: In the remake, the previous attack is actually replaced with a new one. Fawful will fly back off-screen and then, using his headgear, quickly charge at Bowser 3 times. The first is from the front and needs to be punched to block it and the second is from behind and needs to be ducked to dodge and the third is a repeat of the first.
  • Shooting Stars:

After a few turns, the headgear will detach from Fawful and not reattach after the turn ends. Bowser can then inhale it and now Mario and Luigi can fight it, in this battle the vacuum helmet has 2 attacks and 1 other move.

  • Vacuum: This is an unavoidable move where the vacuum helmet will inhale one of the brothers' command blocks and they be unable to use it for a few turns.
  • Energy Blast:

Fawful is fought for the second time as part of the final boss by Mario and Luigi in Peach's Castle. After losing the last fight, Fawful died and was reanimated through the dark power he had stolen as a large black head with interchangeable limbs (2 crab-like arms and 4 spider-like legs) and was then absorbed by Dark Bowser and merged with the Dark Star Core. During the fight between Bowser and Dark Bowser, Fawful is not seen until after Dark Bowser loses all his HP and collapses which is where he uses his first move.

  • Healing Aura: Fawful will use the power of the Dark Star Core to create a glowing hot pink aura around Dark Bowser that fully heals him. If Dark Bowser is depleted of his HP while Fawful is outside of him, Fawful will run back to Dark Bowser and do this move.

After being healed, Dark Bowser will grow much larger which now makes his belly vulnerable. If Bowser punches the belly, Dark Bowser will cough up Fawful and revert to normal (In the remake he will then use all 3 of his normal attacks directly afterwards). Bowser then has to inhale Fawful which will cause Dark Bowser to also try to inhale him back in, if Dark Bowser wins you have to redo the Dark Bowser fight but if Bowser wins you move onto the second fight. Fawful will fall into Bowser's body where the Bros. can fight him, he will then use the Dark Star Core to grow huge. In this form he has 5 different areas to target, two glasses and three appendages. To attack his legs you need to destroy his glasses (In the original you could still destroy his legs since he couldn't retract all of them but in the remake he can retract all legs by grabbing the ceiling. His glasses have

  • Chase: Fawful will use the power of the Dark Star Core to cloud the area in darkness and will then appear as only his head (In the remake he also has his arms which he uses to drag himself forwards). He will then begin to chase the Bros. as the Dark Star Core will attempt to ram them into his mouth, the color it glows determining which brother it will target, getting faster as the attack goes on. If a brother is hit twice, they will be close enough for Fawful to eat them. After dodging the core enough times, the brothers will reach a portal and escape before Fawful can catch them. In the remake Fawful can only use this attack after the second time he's been inhaled. After destroying all of his legs, Fawful will fall and become immobilized while the Dark Star Core is now in reach. It has 1560 HP, 204 POW, 131 DEF, 154 SPD (The challenge medal changes it to 2340 HP, 510 POW, 197 DEF, 231 SPD and in the remake, while there is no hard mode option, its stats have been changed to 2070 HP, 205 POW, 147 DEF and 150 SPD), no weaknesses and has 2 attacks.
  • Spear Swing: The Dark Star Core will create a long spear-like limb from its star and swing it around in circles. For a few rotations the attack will not hit the brothers on the ground, but it will move down to trick them into jumping into it. After several rotations it will begin sliding on the ground and has to be jumped over. From the second time onwards that the Dark Star Core uses this attack, it will follow it up with a dark missile that will deal massive damage to whichever brother it hits and likely will make them dizzy. The target is determined by the rotation of the spear from earlier, clockwise for Mario and counter-clockwise for Luigi. The missile needs to be blocked with a hammer and it will fly back and damage the Dark Star Core.
  • Dark Orb Spin: In the remake, the previous attack is actually replaced with a new one. The Dark Star Core raises a bunch of dark orbs of varying sizes from the ground and spins them in a circle around it. To dodge the attack you have jump over each of them though the core can lift some up so that jumping makes you hit them and if a brother hits an orb it will disappear. After multiple rotations, the core will rise high above and bring all the remaining orbs up to it to create a dark missile, the size of the missile depending on how many orbs are remaining. The bigger the missile, the more damage it does but it will still likely inflict dizziness regardless. The shadow will move to the targeted brother and needs to be blocked with a hammer and it will fly back and damage the Dark Star Core.
  • Dark Laser: The Dark Star Core will turn its star into a circle and begin charging a laser. In the time it takes before shooting, Starlow will appear and the brother have to grab onto her to avoid the laser. She will fly up if both brothers grab on or if the laser is about to fire. The laser deals massive damage and inflicts poison.

If you cannot defeat the Dark Star Core within a few turns, it will suck up Fawful and fly out of Bowser and back into Dark Bowser. If you defeat the core it will die in a massive explosion and Dark Bowser will become immobilized. Since it is the final boss, neither Fawful, the Dark Star Core or Dark Bowser drop anything.


Powers and Abilities


  • Durability: Fawful could take multiple powerful hits without damage with the most extreme example being when he was launched out of Bowser's Castle's mouth and fell all the way down but later turned up alive and seemingly no lasting physical damage.
  • Enhancement: During the final battle at the end of Superstar Saga, Fawful unveiled an unnamed but more powerful outfit and an antenna-like protrusion from his head in place of his hair that he would retain until Bowser's Inside Story. Although unnamed in the original, the character profiles for the Minions' Quest sidemode of the remake refers to this version of him as Most Furious Fawful Z.
    • Flight: Fawful can fly by flapping his arms while wearing his wingsuit, though he is seen visibly struggling and sweating profusely.
    • Energy Sparks: Fawful can fire sparks of energy out of his antenna bulb and can stop them in mid-air as they are moving.
    • Energy Beam: Fawful can fire a large beam of energy out of his antenna bulb but he needs to charge for a few seconds to use it.


  • Intelligence: Despite being completely insane, Fawful was a genius, designing armies of robot soldiers and saucers to use during his invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom and designing his masterful Vacuum Helmet seemingly by himself with some Sid from Cackletta.
    • Manipulation: Fawful was also good at manipulation, tricking Bowser into eating his Vacuum Shroom with just a few choice words and later tricking him into another trap.
  • Speed: Despite being physically weak, Fawful was extremely fast on his feet to the point of dodging one of Bowser's sliding punches.


  • Vacuum Helmet (Headgear): Fawful's signature weapon which he could use for various purposes. It was his only machine to appear in more than one game though in both appearances it did not look the same.
    • Flight: The Vacuum Helmet could fly with its rockets and can suspend both itself and Fawful in the air.
    • Energy Blasts: The Vacuum Helmet could fire large yellow and green balls of energy from the space like top. These were strong enough to knock Bowser out of commission with one hit (as seen when he ambushes them on the Koopa Cruiser), take down the Koopa Cruiser with just a few blasts, and stun both Mario Bros after being defeated in the original game.
    • Vacuum: The Vacuum Helmet could create a swirl of incredibly powerful wind to absorb things into his helmet which is shown to be anything from Cackletta's soul to the Dark Star's power.
      • Power Transfer: The Vacuum Helmet was shown to be able to transfer the energy it collected into Fawful seeing as the Dark Star's power it absorbed transformed him into Dark Fawful.
  • Fawful Dome: During his final battle against the Bros in the first game, Fawful utilized a massive green dome resembling his face (dubbed by the targeting reticle as "Fawful Dome.") It is left in the castle after his defeat and was likely destroyed along with the castle it was in when it blew up and fell into the ocean.
    • Durability: The Fawful Dome took any attack that the Mario Bros perform on it and refused to open and isn't even dented. However, if attacked enough or if it attacks too much, it will overheat, burning Fawful and making him eject so that he can be hit.
    • Spiral Blasts: The Fawful Dome could fire pink spirals out of its eyes to look outwards and then inwards, injuring the Mario Bros if they make contact.
  • Floating Platform: Fawful used a floating, spinning platform to get around in Bowser's Inside Story. It's ultimate fate however is unclear since it stopped appearing after Fawful stole the Dark Star. However, it was likely put into storage by either the Koopa Troop or Mushroom Kingdom as a reminder of his invasion.
  • Ray Gun: A device Fawful carried around on his belt which served a various array of purposes and was a very helpful invention for Fawful.
    • Extraction: Fawful's gun fired spiral projectiles at it's target's host which caused a large yellow glowing hand to appear inside the host and search for it's target. Once it finds it's target it snatched them away and brought them out of the host and to the holder.
    • Ice Beam: The gun fired a white beam of ice that altered a target's DNA, giving them ice powers and overall just making them stronger.
  • Fawful Express: A train constructed by Fawful and piloted by the Monty Bros.

Powers and Abilities


  • Dark Powers: Near the end of Bowser's Inside Story, Fawful absorbed half of the Dark Star's power and got new abilities as a result
    • Umbrakenesis: After absorbing half of the Dark Star's power, Fawful gained the ability to manipulate darkness.
    • Flight: Dark Fawful could fly at will without having to lift a finger, creating a trail of darkness behind him and making the same sound the Dark Star does when it moves.
    • Dark Energy: Dark Fawful could create balls of dark energy from his hands that he can attack his opponents with, when they hit someone they have a chance of lowering their defence.
    • Portal Creation: Dark Fawful could create up to four dark portals at a time which he can send attacks through.
    • Sustainability: Dark Fawful was able to stay alive (as the Dark Fawful Bug) despite Bowser having basically killed him.
  • Dark Powers (Dark Star Core) Transformation: After losing his body and being reduced to a shadow of his former self both physically and mentally, Fawful was absorbed by Dark Bowser and merged with the Dark Star Core, gaining a new form and new abilities in the process.


  • Vacuum Helmet (Headgear): Dark Fawful retained his signature weapon but this time had an AI that allowed it to fight by itself.
    • Flight: The Vacuum Helmet could fly with its rockets and can suspend both itself and Fawful in the air.
    • Energy Blasts: The Vacuum Helmet retained the ability to fire large white and blue balls of energy from the space like top.
    • Healing: Presumably due to being enhanced by the Dark Star, Dark Fawful's vacuum helmet was able to spray him with a purple gas that makes him recover health.
  • Super Peach's Castle of Fury: During the events of Bowser's Inside Story Fawful usurped Peach's Castle and remodelled it in his own image. Along with this he also turned it into a giant robot that could change between its castle and robot forms at will.
    • Transformation: The castle could turn into its robot form whenever needed and switch back just as easily.
    • Speech: The castle had a massive speaker in its mouth that allowed it to speak, something every other giant boss lacked.
    • Flight: The Castle had rockets in all of its towers and the main building though it only used them to land after being thrown by Bowser and not in the actual fight.
    • Black Hole Cannon: The castle had a cannon that came out of the middle tower that can fire black holes.
    • Energy Beams: The front towers could fire massive energy beams strong enough to knock a giant Bowser back considerably.
    • Missiles: The back towers could fire multiple missiles in succession at an enemy.
    • Invisibility: The entire castle could turn invisible using technology based on Boos.
    • Shield: The castle could surround itself with an impenetrable pink shield that could not be destroyed though it could still be knocked back.
  • Ray Gun: Dark Fawful retained his gun for combat but it had turned red and could now fire multiple star projectiles that fly in circles.
  • Bowser's Castle (Fawful Theater): After taking Bowser's Castle for himself, Fawful remodelled it and gave it a few new abilities.
    • Flight: The castle was equipped with multiple rockets that it uses to fly through the kingdom, dodge projectiles and to charge at opponents
    • Cannon: The castle's Bowser head could retract and a cannon came out to fire a massive cannonball

Powers and Abilities

    • Limb Retraction: Fawful could switch modes in his smaller form between four spider-like legs and two crab-like arms but cannot have both out at the same time. In his giant form he can retract all of his limbs and the Dark Star Core can detach itself at will.
    • Healing: Fawful could fully heal Dark Bowser every time he fell, meaning that, if Fawful wasn't dealt with, this fight could literally go on forever (well, until the dark hurricane eradicated the world at least).
    • Corruption: Fawful's mere presence inside Bowser's body caused the area h was in to become twisted and warped.
    • Size Manipulation: Using the power of the Dark Star Core, Fawful could grow many times his normal size, becoming a towering giant and being able to have both arms and legs out at the same time.
    • Regeneration: Fawful could regrow limbs after they've been destroyed.
    • Veil of Darkness: The Dark Star Core could release clouds of darkness that turn everything pitch black.
    • Charge Blast: The Dark Star Core could charge up and shoot out an extremely powerful laser.
    • Kamikaze Tornado: In a last ditch effort to kill the Mario Bros. Fawful grew to massive size and exploded into a dark tornado, killing himself in the process.


  • Arms: The Dark Star Core had no weapons but his arms could be used to strike his enemies.


Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Eeyah ha ha ha ha ha! I am the great Cackletta's most best pupil, who is named Fawful. I am here, laughing at you. If you are giving us the chase just to get your previous Princesses' voice back, then you are idiots of foolishness! Princess Peach's voice will soon be the bread that makes the sandwich of Cackletta's desires. And this battle will be the delicious mustard on that bread! The mustard of your doom!
~ Fawful's first words to the Mario Bros and Bowser after being summoned by Cackletta to deal with them on the Koopa Cruiser and before blasting Bowser into near unconsciousness.
Eeyah ha ha! Next it is the turn of you!
~ Fawful after disabling Bowser and before engaging the Bros in their first battle against one another.
Bah! Now is when the time for talking stops! I do not have the time to stop and smell foul roses such as you! One fell swoop is how I shall deal with you fink-rats!
~ Fawful after losing his first battle and immediately before crippling the Koopa Cruiser and causing it to crash into Stardust Fields.
Nnrghhh-GACK! Y-you again! You are the fink-rats that swooped in with the Bowser that I hate. Hmph. HMPH I say to you! While I was busy with Prince Peasley, you have been catching me! I have fury! But Cackletta has already begun smearing the butter of her next tasty plan across Beanbean Castle! Since you two cannot make it in time, I say to you that it is better never than late... So here is your halting place!!! I have fury! Since you will not be shattering this stone, I laugh at you trying to climb down this mountain!
~ Fawful, when confronted by the Bros at Whoohoo Mountain after killing a guard and before dropping a boulder down (which the Bros must break with a hammer) to prevent them from advancing until the Prince Peasley monster boss, has been defeated.
Preparations have completion! O Great Cackletta, unleash the voice of Princess Peach on the Beanstar when you are wanting to!
~ Fawful having completed his Peach Bots under Hoohoo University.
I have fright! A situation we had no suspected has begun to d-develop! May we flee?
~ Fawful after the failure of the Peach Bots and before the Mario Bros arrived.
CACKLETTA! Do not have worries! Watch! I am sucking up your energy with this headgear!
~ Fawful after the defeat of Cackletta (initially underground and then leaping above ground) before absorbing Cackletta's essence into his helmet to salvage what's left.
I say to you YES!
~ Fawful when being told to kill the Bros by Cackletta's remains and immediately before being knocked out of the Hoohoo University.
O...G-Great...Ca-Cackletta...W-will this
~ Fawful after finding Bowser unconscious in Stardust Fields (apparently out of breath thanks to having to walk due to the loss of his helmet)..
So! The fink-rats come at last! Now is the time that you hand over the Beanstar, you little men! Send the Beanstar up to the top of this pedestal, and be hasty!
~ Fawful when meeting the Bros at Joke's End.
Send the Beanstar up here! Oh! Oh, I can see through your pathetic designs, you ugly thing! That was a FAKE Beanstar! Now you give me the real one!
~ Fawful when Luigi confronted him and then stunning him with an energy blast before then stealing the Beanstar from his unconscious form.
HAR! You idiots of stupidity!
~ Fawful after having stolen the Beanstar and then leaving to meet Bowletta on the roof.
O Great Bowletta! At last we have the Beanstar! I am joyful!
~ Fawful calling for Cackletta atop Joke's End.
I still have rage over that fake Princess Peach... Do you hide something?
~ Fawful on the repaired Koopa Cruiser after they captured "Princess Peach" and after Bowletta wondered why "Peach" hid her face.
Yes. Moustache.
~ Fawful after Bowletta tricked "Peach" into revealing that she was Luigi by saying there was a massive cockroach behind him. Said in response to Bowletta asking if he saw the obvious 'stache.
I have fury! At last, my entrance with drama! Finally! Now is the time my true might shines, like many angry sunbeams of rage!
St-standing in the spotlight at such a gala of spectacularity...My nerves are nervous! I am thinking...Cackletta's revival was all thanks to my quite nasty efforts! Which means that all this time, I am Fawful, who is just an ordinary toady! Such working, all for others.
~ Fawful unveiling his final battle form and possibly hinting at his future as a main antagonist in BIS.
And THAT means...The true meaning of our battle gives me fear and confusion! I need no long speech before my battle! Snack on my wrath, fink-rats!
~ Fawful before firing on the Mario Bros and engaging them in battle for the final time.
Ouch! Hotness! It is the overheat!
~ Fawful whenever the Mario Bros ever overheat his Fawful Dome.
Urggh...Unless my mind is crazy, I have somehow managed to lose...This must be fate...Urrrgh...I must accept the defeating...
~ Fawful after being defeated in his final battle but immediately before stunning Mario with an energy blast from his head and scaring Luigi into uselessness.
I have fury! Now, taste the finale, when carelessness opens the door to a comeback not expected by you! Your lives that I spit on are now but a caricature of a cartoon drawn by a kid who is stupid! You shall all fall and vanish with your precious Beanbean Kingdom as I laugh heartily at you!
~ Fawful gloating over said small victory before Peasley showed up and knocked him down. The penultimate line may also be a jab at Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and Luigi as well as Bowser.
I have fury! In the last moments of the finale of the finale, when relief leads to negligence that begets rashness... That is when the comeback that faltered comes back and beats your pathetic comeback that I scoff at!
~ Fawful having stunned the Bros with energy Bros after their final battle before Mario and Luigi recovered before slamming him underground and then out of the castle as well as his final words before his presumed death.

Bowser's Minions

Hah! Take this Bowser to the away place...
~ Fawful's first words in the sidequest when he finds Bowser unconscious before Captain Goomba arrives.
Is it Fawful that you are speaking toward? No, it cannot be truthful... It is a "weird guy" he is lobbing his words pf filth at.
~ Fawful when Captain Goomba got his attention when he said "hey weird guy."
Hah! HAH, says Fawful! HAH! That spray of experimentation is working like a charm filled with luck! With this, no one will be able to have resistings of my power!
~ Fawful when brainwashing Private Goomb.
Hah! Now is the time of telling me whose underling you are! Have the saying of my name! "Mmm! And it comes in two fun flavors. I am liking the peppermint mocha..." I will work him until his bones become dust and the dust has grown mold!
~ Fawful once he has brainwashed Private Goomp and making off with Bowser.
Hah and hah again! It is my having of luck that caused our meeting here! The Koopalings seven! It is I who am the king of you now! Now! Have the saying of my name!
~ Fawful when he arrived to brainwash the Koopalings.
HAH! I had knowings that the Koopalings would not go down so easily...Now is the happening of Plan B! Time for max-strength spray! Your brains will be washed with 99.9% effectiveness! It is a thing of amazement! So, Koopalings seven...How are you finding my spray of delicious wickedness?
~ Fawful adding a special orange mind control gas to the usual purple when the original type proved ineffective.
Ah! The ringings of that sound are as sweet as particularly sticky treats! But that Goomba...I wanted to wash his brain even more than the Koopalings! I supposed I will have forgettings for the time that is now...
~ Fawful having brainwashed the Koopalings and regretting not having brainwashed Captain Goomba.
Your plan is a stupid plan full of grubby grub holes! There is no home for you to be having! Your home-having plans are for naught! My words will be spoken with the bluntness of a knife for buttering! Bowser's Castle belongs to Fawful now!!
~ Fawful confronting the minions (now including Lakitu, Captain Boo, Captain Shy Guy, and Captain Koopa just before they left for Joke's End.
Your belief is as necessary as shaving cream to a hairless monkey! It is most easy to conquer a castle that is full of emptiness! What kind of army of stupid havings leaves their castle without guarding?!
~ Fawful responding to Captain Goomba accusing him of lying about his takeover of Bowser's Castle.
Your rhyming is unspecial and full of cringe! Now is the time of good-bye!
~ Fawful after Captain Goomba consulted with his subordinates about whether all the minions came and after Captain Koopa told a bad rhyme. He then left to where the Bros found him at Joke's End.
Fawful is king of everything... Fawful is king of everything... Now then...have the saying of my most glorious of names!
~ Fawful singing to the minions when he arrived for their final confrontation and then being dropped off by his headgear.
You are as annoying as an itch for which there is no scratching! Soon, you will be having regret for defying the Great Cackletta!
~ Fawful after Captain Goomba revealed their immunity to his mind control spray and after he and his minions were forced to fall back due to Iggy and Lemmy pulled off the same spin attack Iggy performed in the game.
I am having no understanding. You are evil minions, yes? You should fall to your knees for a genius of evil such as Fawful!
~ Fawful after Captain Goomba rebutted by saying that everyone had had enough of him.
Hahahaha! Oh. the chortles I am having! Did I already not tell you the news of your ultimate sadness. *singing* Bowser is not a thing that is here... Your tears make hee, har, and cheer... He's gone! He's gone! Fawfully-do! Just like, soon, the one who is you. *ends singing* Go ahead and have searching for all of the eternities! Hah!
~ Fawful after Captain Goomba demanded Bowser back and then mocking him for thinking Bowser was alive. He said nothing to begon the battle after this because Goomba engaged him in battle.
What happening is this?!
~ Fawful when activating a Mystery Block.
The end is here and full of finishings!
~ Fawful when activating a Lightning Block.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

I have boredom... Guests? Now I have... FURY! I say to you WELCOME! Welcome to Fawful's Bean 'n' Badge! In this place, beans are like precious treasure milked from a famous cow made of jewels! All who come with beans leave with badges so rare they make mustaches droop with disbelief!
~ Fawful's first words when the Baby Bros first enter his store and inadvertently reveals his survival.
What? The story of Fawful? Your words are not beans. I am not wanting them. You are like brainless cats that are too dumb to know they are stupid! You have curiosity... ...But my tale is long, so long it makes babies old and hairy lips grow grey with aging. Do you dare hear?
~ Fawful as the Baby Bros convince him to tell them his tale.
I am here, merchant of badges, only sometimes with fury, but I once had fury at all times. I drizzled rage dressing on the country next door. Rage dressing on a salad of evil!" And then the bad men came. Red and Green bad men. I had the punishment. Bad punishment with hammers and jumping on my head and the overheat of my ship. I have a little fury even with my remembering... Red! And green! A pair of jumping hammers in red and green who are looking like you! Those brothers of badness! My brain aches at their overalls! I have fury AND headache now! Fawful would be here, reigning over all and laughing at you! ...But no. SO MUCH FURY! Stupid mustaches! Hairs like the dirty tail of a horse in a barn built by a farmer who is crazy! ...I have calm. I am waiting like an elevator. I have the commerce. I run Fawful's Bean 'n' Badge, but... The day comes soon when Fawful rises again, and then no baby's candy has safety! I am counting chickens before they are even eggs, before the chickens are even chickens! I WILL! HAVE! FURY! I LAUGH AT DEFEAT! I FIGHT WITH RAGE! I HURT YOUR FACES!
~ Fawful recounting the events of Superstar Saga and alluding to his return in the following game.
D-Did I...Have insanity? Did I...have evil? I suppress the fury, but sometimes... The fury has me. Red and green puts the fog of rage in my eyes, and my mind goes crazy. P-Please... I will be fine. No worrying for Fawful. We talk of beans. Beans and badges... We begin trading! The beans hide in the dirts of this country like dirt-fish who like to eat dirt for dinner. Bean symbols like this are marking all bean spots. You are digging in dirt, right? You are digging under symbols. And you are finding much bean! Bean symbols have sneakiness! When the beans are gone, the symbols flee like babies! You are wanting much beans? Then you are hunting symbols. And digging and popping. There are even places to win beans in games, maybe... If you get many beans, you get many badges at this place, Fawful's Bean 'n' Badge!
~ Fawful calming down and explaining how beans work in the game.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Oh, breakfast boy is having the cravings again! He is simple like butter sandwich.
~ Fawful's first words in the game when watching Bowser head for Peach's Castle and the Blorbs conference. Note; these are the first words he speaks chronologically in the game since the sidequest takes place just before the main game starts.
Great news I am hearing! And you will join me in the completion of this plan to its utmost completing! Now where are the loud and muscle-having ones? Dieter! Beef! Kaley! Come and share in the chortles with Fawful!
~ Fawful upon being told by Midbus that his plan was set in motion and summoning the Best Fitness Friends.
Leave the capturing of Bowser to us! Yes! Fawful's wishes are the gold coins in your tattered thrift-store pants! You must never be forgetting about them!
~ Fawful telling Dieter of the plan and reminding him why they worked for him.
The timing is now... MIDBUS! Our waiting are at an end! Bowser seeks the castle of Peach, and Fawful seeks him! We must tempt him with the tastiness of a jackpotting a lucky Shroom...
~ Fawful when meeting with Dieter and Midbus outside of his shop.
Oh, Fawful will be feeding them! Oh, yes! And he will be feeding you the shinest if good coins of you are working fast!
~ Fawful after hearing a Dieter brag relating to the Minions eating out of his hand.
A WINNER IS YOU! JACKPOTTING! The customer has luck! And with luckiness comes a tasty Lucky Shroom!
~ Fawful when meeting Bowser for the first time in Dimble Woods.
Do not have worries for details! No, do not have the worries! Have the wonderful Lucky Shroom of tastiness instead! Chow this down and your luck will power up to super luck! Luck enough to beat Mario!
~ Fawful after Bowser questioned how he won anything when he had done literally nothing to warrant it.
I say to you YES! With every attack, lucky hits will shower in a happy waterfall! You will have such fury! Your strongest enemies will fold like napkins that are crying.
~ Fawful after Bowser questioned the afore-written claim.
Oh, yes, of course! ENJOY THE EATING!
~ Fawful after Bowser demanded the Lucky Shroom.
Such easiness! So easy that it gives me the gleeful chortles. I have such strategy! And now for the leaving.
~ Fawful after Bowser ate the Lucky Shroom and it started to affect him.
I HAVE VICTORY! Easy as bread sandwiches! And now for the proceeding of the plan I have planned! Midbus! Come!
~ Fawful taking over Peach's Castle.
What is your surprise face? Was there forgetting about me?
~ Fawful when he first properly met Bowser at Cavi Cape.
You are the one who is correct! Wasn't it full of delicious?! Such a special treat called a Vacuum Shroom! I, Fawful, invented it to make you inhale everything you see! And I, Fawful, am betting that you are remembering nothing. You inhaled like a hungry syrup pig at the free pancake buffet. And then you had the napping. And then I put you in that cave!
~ Fawful when Bowser recognised him as the Lucky Shroom salesman.
Beef? I am lacking in beef. Fawful is beefless. But I am having a goal! Mushroom Kingdom... WILL BE MINE! All of Mushroom Kingdom spread for Fawful like power brunch! First, the appetiser of making Toads round with blorbs! Then, the side order of using Vacuum-Shroomed Bowser! Fawful is gorging on his plan of win! And still he has hunger!
~ Fawful after Bowser asked what his problem (or "beef") with him was.
No hunger for nuts. Just to conquer Mushroom Kingdom... First the emptying of the Castle of Peach! AND THEN! Andthenandthenandthenandthenandthenandthen! The castle of Bowser for me! I will be powering it up into the castle of Fawful!
~ Fawful after Bowser called him nuts.
Hmm...We will be seeing... Anyway, I thought you would be sleeping long, like a lazy bear. And I am thinking you should be sleeping more! COME! MIDBUS!
~ Fawful after Bowser claimed that his castle would withstand invasion.
I HAVE BATTLE! Midbus! He is having a big punch!
~ Fawful during the original boss battle against Midbus.
That punch is like a danger sandwich... Not tasty Bowser... You are the handful.
~ Fawful after Bowser performed his charge punch before leaving.
I HAVE CHORTLES! It is I who added the nuts to that statue! I HAVE CHORTLES! Your plan that I laugh at now makes for more laughing! You are wanting your castle. You are not getting there!
~ Fawful when revealing the Sea Pipe Statue's transformation (via a Fawfulcopter). This was also the first use of his second catchphrase.
You have the impatience...You must stop and sample the sprinkles in life's salad bar. I say no to your rushing! Time instead for some playing with a Fawfulized statue!
~ Fawful's Fawfulcopter after Bowser demanded to be taken to Bowser's Castle.
I have the weeping! Such a reunion of sobs! You have Fawful with the family drama. But now I have chortle time! Fawful scattered your minions like litter from a sad, ugly cat. Are you wanting to hear them? For they are on the TV show. The TV show of your tears!
~ Fawful via a Fawfulcopter after Bowser left Plack Beach.
I HAVE CHORTLES! And soon, I have your castle! Fawful will love it there! You will visit, perhaps! Fawful will reserve the Crying Room for the crying for your minions. And the crying will be like a savory soda for my soul! NOW I HAVE FURY! Some fighting will be slowing you!
~ Fawful's Fawfulcopter after showing a montage of the captured minion groups. He then flew in two Treevils to try and stop Bowser which served as a tutorial for Brawl Attacks.
I HAVE FAWFUL! Excited crowd! You feel it? (Crowd cheers). Fawful is also feeling it! I am needing to feel it even more, though! (Crowd cheers). MORE! (Crowd cheers). MOORE! (Crowd cheers). Oh, I am feeling the power! It high fives Fawful's face! (spins on the spot) And now I will use that power to call our most special guest, who you will be cheering! Today's special guest... The famous KOOPA KING! BOWSER!
~ Fawful when appearing for his show in Fawful Theater.
I HAVE CHORTLES! It is an entrance of amazement! Like only a special guest does! Now a Midbus battle will unfold like an angry dip of many layers on the chips of wildest hopes!
~ Fawful after Bowser was sent rocketing onto the stage via his special chair and was stunned upon impact on the back wall.
MIDBUS! COME! It is time! The Heavyweight Cage War of All Destruction! Midbus! Crush this spiky snack, and we will have more chortles!
~ Fawful after he dodged a sliding punch from Bowser by running in a big circle before starting the second Midbus battle.
And the winning is for... BOWSERRRR! Such a fight of fury! Oh, Fawful is leaving! But first! You had victory! Now the celebrate! Yes, at the magic feast of honor! COME! BOOS!.
~ Fawful after Bowser defeated Midbus
I HAVE CHORTLES! First, your beating of Midbus! And then, the chubbening with the special dishes of tastiness! All in my master planning! Oh, I have such chortles! There was a slight changing to my perfect plan!
~ Fawful when using his gun to take Peach from Bowser's body.
Yes, Fawful said "plan." A plan of Bowser inhaling Peach, sending the Mushroom Kingdom into the hands of Fawful! But now for the changing, I am needing the princess! Come out for the playing! Come to Fawful!
~ Fawful after Bowser question that last statement.
Such ruh-rounding on your buh-body Bowser! Buh-but Fawful gave you the Puh-princess Peach diet! Huh-heavy... And nuh-now! All preparations have cuh-completion! At the long last, we -buhn-begin the fuh-furious Age of Fawful! Buh-Bowser! You are needing to huh-hit the gym! Huh-heavy... Muh-Midbus! Help! Midbus! Come! MIDBUS!
~ Fawful after Princess Peach landed on him and then after Midbus decided not to help him.
I HAVE CHORTLES! I HAVE CHORTLES! The beauty hurts my teeth! Such power of darkness! My spine has the tingle! Time for the crying! Too badness for you! For the Dark Star is snuggled with Fawful! Are you wanting to see it? Fawful's new Dark Star? You look! Such pitch-black power! Fawful sings a song of bad! Mushroom Kingdom is so sad! All of it is for Fawful! And...the rhyme...with... that. It is Fawful day! Joys! Be trembling before me! All who resist will be beat like naughty little eggs! I HAVE CHORTLES!
~ Fawful before stealing the Dark Star and then addressing the Mario Bros and Starlow.
Such excitement, like a pie made of wow! The Dark Star's dark power is building! I HAVE ANGST! Do not tell Fawful that. That gives Fawful stress! We are just at the starting. The power of the Dark Star is still sleeping like a dull baby. It is taking time for the Dark Star to draw out the power of Princess Peach!
~ Fawful once he had set up the power draining contraption and then once Midbus commented that this could let them conquer the world.
Bad noise! I have many chortles at such stupidity! We are snug as bugs snuggling in a comfy rugs. The Dark Star's blockade laughs at intruders!
~ Fawful after the alarm showing that Dark Star created a wall like barricade to Peach's Castle went off.
I HAVE CHORTLES! Again the tears are flowing! But not on the face of Fawful! Fawful is on the cozy couch, sipping tea that laughs at you! And he is watching the seal on the Dark Star as it breaks... When it does, the kingdom will be dark as darkness! But until then...maybe Fawful will have some shopping.
~ Fawful via a Fawfulcopter when he confronted the Mario Bros and Starlow for setting off the blockade.
Fawful won't lie. Fawful has shock at you getting here. But that shock turns to chortles as you stop here! There are doors here that need keys, and Fawful has them! You will wander forever in my modified castle of Peach until you cry from lack of doors! You have energy like an angry little battery with no friends. But even if you get past the doors, the castle of Peach...Oh but I have secrecy! Fawful says no more! Are you catching my Fawfulcopters?
~ Fawful via three Fawfulcopters when he found out that Bowser had broken into his castle.
I HAVE CHORTLES! Are you liking them? The giant Fire Piranha Plants Fawful has raised? They are enjoying the barbecue of whatever goes near thier mouths! Do they give you the angry faces? Then just fly up and hit them with spikiness! Oh, but I have sadness Tears of laughing for poor Bowser, who does not fly! I HAVE CHORTLES!
~ Fawful via three Fawfulcopters after Bowser in ball form was set alight by two giant Piranha Plants.
I HAVE CHORTLES! AND I HAVE EXCITEMENT! At last, the Dark Star awakens like a naughty napping baby!
~ Fawful when the Dark Star started to awaken.
Fawful hates your timing! A nuisance barge barging in at the critical time for us! I have uneasiness... Bowser keeps appearing like an ugly rabbit from the hat of a magician who stinks! So Fawful will fight to help Midbus have victory! But Midbus has pride... So Fawful leaves him to you! MIDBUS! POWER UP!
~ Fawful when Bowser then showed up and then making his right hand into Blizzard Midbus.
It it it it it it it...IT WAKES! It has awakness at last! Fawful has waited so long! I HAVE SUCTION! With this, I am taking the Dark Star's power!
~ Fawful when the Dark Star awakened and used his headgear to absorb the Dark Star's powers.
I...have...DARKNESS! So very darkness! The dark power builds like a skyscraper of evil! With the dark power in me, the world... The world...IS FOR FAWFUL!
~ Fawful as he turned into Dark Fawful and his final words before his supposed death.
Where is the Dark Star?! Fawful has more suction for the rest of the dark power!
~ Dark Fawful's line in the distance which alerted Dark Bowser to who stole his power.
It is you who are the pain to me! I am needing more power! Your meddling has made Fawful have a fury as big as the world! Bowser! It is time for meeting and greeting with your doom! For now it is the end of the final act of the finale's closing last encore! I am having this castle! And now I am thinking... It needs Fawfulization! Time for the remodelling! SUPER PEACH'S CASTLE OF FURY!
~ Dark Fawful revealing himself to Bowser and after he was called a pain.
Fawfully-doo! Where are you?! Dark Star, needing you! Dark power, yoo-hoo! WHERE TO FIND YOU...
~ Dark Fawful's rendition of Scooby Doo Where Are You in the conference room.
I have shock at you! You are surviving? Fawful hates you! But I am Lord Fawful! I am ruling the world!
~ Dark Fawful when confronted by Bowser who he had crushed under the Super Peach's Castle of Fury
I have chortles... You are underestimating Fawful, who has the suction machine for draining the dark power! Fawful only got half the power, but I am thinking it is enough to KO you, the king of stupid! You have gotten in Fawful's way at each of the turns... Just like the red and green moustaches who I hate... Fawful hates your faces... But... Now...Fawful says goodbye to all your fink-rat faces forever! Bowser! Meet... FURY OF FAWFUL!
~ Dark Fawful before starting his boss battle.
~ Dark Fawful upon being defeated.
i have fury? fury?
~ Dark Fawful upon turning into the Dark Fawful Bug
You...Moustaches...with...why...fury....whenever... Fawful...just wanted...some kingdom conquering... Fawful tried...Fawful gave the 110 percents... Fawful worked the overtime... Fawful was the team player... Fawful put in the hours... Fawful got the hands dirty... But every time...Always... The moustaches...arrive... Always in Fawful's way...Alwaysalwaysalways...
~ Fawful revealing that he survived the Dark Star's destruction.
I have remorse... Fawful understands... Fawful gives up... Fawful will disappear with no troubles... Here Fawful goes...The disappearing... Forever disappearing... WITH YOU!
~ Fawful's final words before his death after Mario and Luigi defeated him.


Fawful's Laugh (Dark Star Core)

Fawful is There (Fawful & Midbus' Theme)

Swirling Shadows (Fawful & the Dark Star's Theme)

A Fateful Clash! (Dark Fawful's Battle Theme)

In the Final (Dark Bowser & the Dark Star Core's Battle Theme)



  • Aside from Bowser (who is in nearly all of the Mario games anyway), Fawful is the single most recurring villain in the Mario & Luigi series.
  • The reason for Fawful's bad grammar is because his creator, the game's designer and illustrator Masanori Sato, envisioned him to be a parody of bad English translations and dubs in the spirit of 4Kids.
  • Despite being Fawful's signature and most recognized piece of equipment, the Vacuum Helmet makes very sparse appearances in the series. It disappears from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga after Luigi steals the Beanstar, is completely absent from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, but returns very briefly in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story where it is used to absorb the power from the Dark Star to the battle with Dark Fawful where it is destroyed. Though it looks noticeably different from the one in Superstar Saga, with two white eyes instead of a mouth of jagged teeth along with some other differences, so it could be an upgraded version.
  • Fawful could also be a mirror to E. Gadd in a similar way that Wario is to Mario, except that Fawful and E. Gadd don't seem to personally know each other. They both have a single strand of hair, similar blue glasses, a short body with a semi-childlike appearance and a talent for building machines.
  • In the remake of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, there is a photo hung up in one of the Woohoo Hooniversity battle backgrounds that seems to resemble Fawful. This could imply that he used to go there and was notable enough for this picture to still be here and even possibly explain why he and Cackletta chose this place to attempt to awaken the Beanstar. It is unlikely that the picture will still be there after the attack for obvious reasons. It should be noted that this isn't confirmed which is why this isn't in his history.
  • In the remake of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the scene of Fawful alerting Cackletta and her summoning the Koopalings has been removed so that the side mode's story fits better with the main game's. Oddly enough, sprites exclusive to that scene like Bowletta laughing in the throne are still in the game's files.
  • At the end of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Fawful's hair is replaced by a long antenna with a yellow bulb. He still has this in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time but it is gone by the time of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. There is no known reason for the antenna... it could be a machine Fawful built, it could be a spell from Cackletta but there is no canon explanation for why it suddenly appears and just as mysteriously disappears.
  • Fawful does not refer to himself in the third person until after his defeat in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (excluding the remake which has him say it a few times in the side mode) which, along with his rant in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, could imply that he was truly starting to lose himself long before losing himself to the Dark Star's power.
  • Fawful is one of the few recurring Mario villains not affiliated with Bowser in any way (although Bowser was used in his schemes) unless you count Bowletta.
  • Fawful is also currently the only recurring Mario character to be permanently killed off and not even show up as a ghost.
  • Towards the end of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and its remake, Fawful can be seen starting to drift away toward Cackletta's plan hinting he may have planed to overthrow her from the start. It is also possible that he lost respect for her after her multiple failures since he mentions that he is just realizing that he did most of the work and didn't need her before the last fight in that game and he easily could have left her behind after their defeat at Woohoo Hooniversity.
    • This is backed up by the remake as in the side mode Fawful is manufacturing an army of prototype Mechawfuls in the lower part of the castle and is shown more than ever drifting away from Cackletta, even rejecting a direct order of hers to fight the Bros. together.
  • In the original American release of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, during Fawful's second battle, Popple's theme is mistakenly played. In any other version, it is the correct Cackletta's theme.
    • In all versions of the remake, Cackletta's battle theme is played as intended.
  • Despite Cackletta being the main antagonist of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, Fawful was the one who set the game's events into motion, and was even responsible for reviving Cackletta.
  • In the remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Fawful's voice clips have been slightly modified to sound very slightly deeper instead of the super high-pitch voice he had in the original. His voice as the Dark Star Core seems to be the same as it was in the original though.
  • In the remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Fawful has quite a few sprites never used in the game such as a talking angle never used and his head facing normally in the angle of the scene in the Bob-omb Depot (These are not the same as his battle sprites).
  • It is possible that Fawful learned about the Boo technology he used to make his castle turn invisible from Yikk, a long dead professor studying Boos whose tower was taken over by Fawful and turned into a giant robot as well.
  • In both the original and the remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Cackletta's theme can briefly be heard in the Deep Castle track which could possibly allude to Fawful becoming more like his master over the course of the game wether he realizes it or not. In the remake this part of the song is more noticeable than it was in the original.
    • Dark Fawful's outfit is also very similar to the one Cackletta wore in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and his battle theme is a remix of her's (which he also did use once in that game but I digress). Also in the remake his collar color was changed from grey to mauve and the inside of his mouth is now blue instead red (possibly implying all his insides are darker colors now), likely to fit the cooler color scheme and further differentiate this form from his normal one.
    • They are also similar because both have lost their bodies and become a creature only vaguely resembling their former selves and then fought and died inside of Bowser.
  • In the remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Peach's Castle is completely different visually. In the original it was merely beat up with Fawful decorations scattered around and machinery coming out of the walls. In the remake the castle has been completely remodeled with the amount of Fawful decorations drastically increased, the castle now looks more metallic, dark clouds loom above long before the final boss and the castle has a darker color palette. This obviously also means that Super Peach's Castle of Fury (the final giant boss in the game) now has a new color scheme to match the castle.
    • The castle now has many more details, such as pillars with a recreation of the Fawful Dome on top of them and the desk in Peach's Bedroom now has a framed picture of Fawful, a monitor, a toolbox, some notepad pages pinned to the wall and blueprints for Super Peach's Castle of Fury which may imply that Fawful stole the bedroom for himself.
  • While in the original Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Super Peach's Castle of Fury comes out of nowhere with the only foreshadowing being machinery strewn about the castle, in the remake there is more foreshadowing: the castle looks more metallic already, there are blueprints in the bedroom and there is way more machinery in and outside the castle.
  • In the original Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Fawful has unused sprites of him laughing with large empty glasses and seemingly getting electrocuted. It is possible this is either for an unused scene or when he was attempting to absorb the Dark Star's power (This sprite is in the gallery if you're interested).
  • While the Mechawfuls' antenna reference Fawful's antenna from the days of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, it is possible the Dark Mechawfuls foreshadow Fawful's core form later in the game. They have red "glasses", their antenna has a black star on it that can fire a laser very similar in appearance to the one the Core can fire and when their heads fly out of their bodies they even have claws that resemble the ones Fawful has in his smaller form.
  • In the original Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Dark Fawful had the normal boss theme. In the remake both him and the Dark Star got their own themes, Dark Fawful's being a slower and more twisted recapture of Cackletta's battle theme from the first entry in the series titled "A Fateful Clash!".
  • In the remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Dark Fawful's stats have been raised with the exception being his speed.
  • In the original Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Dark Fawful could be beaten without destroying the Vacuum Helmet if your attacks dealt over three hundred damage because that's how much it heals, in the remake this number was boosted to 500 HP to keep players from cheesing the fight.
  • Dark Bowser and Fawful inside him are likely a thematic parallel to Bowser with the Mario Bros. inside him.
  • In the remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, the final boss backgrounds have been changed. While the outside one is very similar it now shows intense dark gales and debris being carried by it. Some the debris are broken Fawfulized Peach statues, trees and leaves. The inside Bowser background is drastically different from what it was originally. In the original it was a chaotic mess of all colors with the floor inverting palettes and the background changing colors. In the remake it has a consistent color scheme and there are multiple twisted organic Fawful shaped holes in the walls.
  • In the original Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, you could skip breaking the glasses by using special moves in the final battle because Fawful couldn't retract all his legs. In the remake this was fixed by having Fawful always retract any legs you target, grabbing the ceiling and retracting all of them if you use a move that targets more than one.
  • In the remake of Bowser's Inside Story, Fawful laughs and points at the Bros. before transforming into his final boss form but is missing a lot of sound effects including but not limited to the laugh when he grows, a lot of the noises he makes in attacks and the glass shattering noise when he falls.
  • In the French version of Fawful's final monologue, he laments about his past and actually mentions Cackletta, calling her a "hysterical hag".


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