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Get this Fuckers!
~ Faye Daniels taunting villagers as they burn alive.

Faye Daniels, born Christina Tina Murphy is one of the four villain protagonists in the 1980 Italian horror film Cannibal Holocaust. She was the script writer for Alan Yates and his crew, helping them perform atrocities against people in the Amazon rainforest, then altering the footage to remove their involvement all to get sensationalist footage for their documentary so they can become famous.

She was portrayed by Francesca Ciardi.


Early life

Originally known as Christina Murphy, she grew up in San Diego, California, later changing her name to Faye Daniels somewhere along the lines. Described as very ambitious by her more humble sister, Faye moved to Hollywood and tried to become an actress, but when that fell through she joined a graduate school in Manhattan, New York, where she met Alan Yates. The two quickly hit it off and began dating, with Faye moving into Alan's home.

Together with Alan, they formed a crew that supposedly filmed sensationalistic documentaries, doing works filmed across the globe such as Green Inferno and The Last Road to Hell, with Faye writing the script and acting as assistant director. In actuality, these "documentaries" were composed of staged or engineered atrocities by the crew, with Alan and Faye altering the footage to make them look like heroes delivering the truth to the public.

Final Documentary

In 1979, Faye along with Alan Yates, Jack Anders and Mark Tomaso traveled to the Amazon rainforest for the sake of their new documentary, Green Inferno, which would allegedly covering the warring Ya̧nomamö and Yacumo tribes.

When their guide, Felipe, was killed by a rattlesnake, leaving them in a lawless land, the crew realized they now had an opportunity to terrorize the region free of repercussions from the authorities, believing the natives would be too primitive to stand up to them. They marched into a Yacumo villages and started taking advantage of their hosts, killing their animals.

Eventually the crew, Faye included, set fire to one of the Yacumo's huts, was forcing people to stay inside the burning building so they could alter the footage and frame it as an attack by the Ya̧nomamö tribe for their documentary. Faye gleefully recorded the carnage, taunting the villagers and excited by their suffering, started making out with Alan shortly afterwards.

Another recording showed Faye recording Yates saying as "social surgery" is needed to remove "diseased elements", as a pregnant native woman tied to a pole was violated by several other native women who had been forced to do this by the crew.

When the crew recorded their rape of a Ya̧nomamö girl, Faye angrily yelled Alan was wasting footage and they have only three cans of film left but Alan and Jack stopped her feeble attempts as she called them bastards. In the next footage from the camera, Mark filmed the woman's corpse impaled on a post as Alan held back his grin (implying he actually killed her), claiming the natives did this to her as a cruel punishment for the loss of her virginity. Faye stared at the ground and glanced at Alan as he said this.

In the final reel of film, the last moments of the doomed crew was seen as the vengeful Ya̧nomamö surrounded the crew from all sides, as Faye clung to Alan he exclaimed to keep filming as they'll get an Oscar for this. Jack is then wounded by a Javelin to Faye's horror, this is then followed by Alan then shooting Jack in the leg to obtain more footage, ignoring Faye's objections.

After ritually mutilating and cannibalizing Jack, the Ya̧nomamö catch up with the rest of the crew, whilst Alan waves around his flare gun, Faye is separated from him and yells for help from her boyfriend. Alan momentarily has a breakdown, stating he needs to save his fiancée, but Mark convinces him they need to finish the film. As Mark films Faye is beaten and gang raped by the Ya̧nomamö, who finish by mutilating and decapitating her then eating the remains similar to what happened to Jack. Shortly after killing Faye, the Ya̧nomamö then catch up with Alan and Mark, finishing them off too.


Faye disliked it when Jack and Mark filmed her whilst she was dressing and also had a fear of tarantulas, screaming when one crawled on her.

Like her comrades, Faye showed traits of sadism and lewdness as she and Alan both got excited when seeing the villagers burn alive, and started having sexual intercourse right in front of them. Similarly when Felipe died, Faye was rather blasé and calmly smoked as Anders buried the guide's body. She also mocked and yelled at the villagers as they died.

Despite this, she appears to have marginally more morals then the rest of the crew as she was horrified by Jack's death, tried to get Alan to save him and tried to stop him from shooting Jack's leg. She also made a small effort to stop the rape of Ya̧nomamö woman and was angry with Alan afterwards, though she claimed this was because the footage of the rape wouldn't work with their documentary.


  • Whilst Faye is sometimes thought of a non villainous individual due to being the only member of Yates crew to show opposition to their rape of a Ya̧nomamö woman, she had no issues with helping kill many Yacumo villagers, including children, or altering the footage of her and the crew's crimes.
  • Much like Alan, she is shown to be a hypocrite. Her public bio on the official site, reveals she publicly claimed to be an animal rights activist, yet the she had no compunction with her boyfriend's excessive cruelty towards animals and was even amused by it.
  • Faye's actress, Francesca Ciardi, was disgusted by her character's atrocities and threw up doing the turtle scene.


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