Faye Minden
Faye Minden is the main villainess from "Eleven Angry Jurors," episode 4.11 of CSI.

She was played by Ever Carradine.

Faye Minden is the sister of Rita and Terry Minden, and appeared as a witness reporting on Rita's murder, which she claimed was committed by Rita's husband Aaron Westonson. It was revealed that Faye was having an affair with Aaron, but as the episode progressed, she was also revealed as her sister's sole killer. Faye wanted Aaron all to herself and clearly saw Rita as an obstacle, and after luring Rita to the barn, Faye bludgeoned her to death with a pair of tree branch clippers. The twisted villainess placed her sister's body inside a barrel, doused her with gas and set her on fire to cover up the murder. However, Aaron began dating Faye's other sister, Terry, following Rita's death, and as an act of revenge, the evil Faye attempted to pin the murder on Aaron, while claiming that he forced her to help him cover it up.

Nick Stokes revealed Faye as the true and sole killer when he revealed that the gas Faye used was unleaded, and that her car only takes that type of gas. After failing to convince Nick that Aaron turned on her, she later claimed that her gas was used because Aaron's tank was empty. Faye's reveal was sealed when Rita's blood was found on the clippers, and she was later arrested (off-screen).