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He told me everything.
~ Chris's Faz-Goo Clone telling Dr. Little that he succeeded in the experiment.

The Faz-Goo is an organic substance which appears in the Fazbear Frights series as the main antagonist of He Told Me Everything and The Puppet Carver.


He Told Me Everything

Chris joins Mr. Little's science class, which is famous for hosting once a year a "life changing experiment". That year's experiment consists of pulling a tooth out of the mouth and putting it into a substance, called the Faz-Goo, which is contained inside the Freddy Fazbear's Mad Scientist Kit. According to Mr. Little, the goo will grow into a mouth and tell them something they'll never forget, and then they'll die. Chris is afraid of pulling a tooth out, so he brings one of his baby teeth instead. After all students put the tooth inside the Faz-Goo, the substance grows a tendril, who attaches itself to their finger. All the students, one by one, start to get up and telling Mr. Little that they were "told everything", aside from Chris, who decides to wait, following the advice of Mr. Little, who claims he'll remain in the class all night. Chris starts feeling exhausted, and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he finds out the goo has obtained a humanoid form and grown, becoming way bigger than before. He also sees his left eye being sucked into the substance, and realizes the Faz-Goo has been sucking his organs out of his body. He attempts to cut off the tendril or at least to get up to ask for help but is unable to do so. He falls asleep again, and when he wakes up he sees the goo has turned into an almost identical clone of himself. He uses his last forces to tell the clone everything essential about him and advices him to treat well his family and his dog, with the clone ultimately agreeing. He then has his right eye sucked out of his body and definitely dies. The clone puts Chris' remains into a biohazard bag and goes to Mr. Little, telling him "He told me everything", before walking outside of the school with a smile on its face.

The Puppet Carver

Jack, who miraculously avoided being killed by the blades inside the puppet carver, gains a new appreciative outlook in life after coming so close to death. He decides that from now on he will be a better person, apologizing to all the people he hurt in his life, starting by buying donuts for his wife Becky, who was costantly mistrated by him trough the years.

While walking to the donut shop, Jack hears wet and squishy footsteps following him. He hides in an abandoned office building from whoever was making the footsteps, but pink goo crawls under the doors and continues to follow him. The slime enters through both the door and the window, leaving Jack cornered. The creature, strongly implied to be Faz-Goo, is described as being made of veiny bags and long tubes surrounded by translucent goo. It rearranges itself, obtaining a humanoid form, and touches Jack. This causes him to feel a very strong emotional pain, the same pain Jack caused other people to experience throughout his life. Then the pain suddenly stops, with the creature is apparently gone.

When Sage disposes of the old machine, he notices an odd smell coming from it. After pulling out find what appear to be human organs and a pink substance, which seems to imply Faz-Goo killed Jack and replaced him. Not understanding what it is, he throws it away in a nearby dumpster.


  • It's implied, altough not confirmed that all the other students in Mr. Little's class were replaced by Faz-Goo.
    • If that's the case, it's likely that Chris using a baby tooth rather than an adult one was the reason his clone didn't grow as fast as others.
  • Trough The Puppet Carver, some snippets the novel Sage is writing are shown. Those snippets focus on Sylvester, a wooden creature created by a scientist without the ability to feel any senses aside from sight and hearing. Wanting to become a human like others, he obtains the help of a character called The Fixer. After going trough a very painful experiment, he actually manages to reach his goal. The ending reveals he even managed to have a daughter. It's likely that Sylvester is a parallel to Faz-Goo and its desire, eventually fulfilled, to obtain a fully human appearence. It could also imply some Faz-Goo clones managed to produce offspring with humans.
  • The origins and true nature of Faz-Goo are still unknown.


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