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I am Fear itself. I am the great black river of terror.
~ Fear.
A dog and a maniac in the closet will seem like baby dolls compared to what I will let lose ABOUT THIS HOUSE!
~ Fear.

Fear is an evil man who thrives on the fear of others and the main antagonist in the The Haunting Hour episode "Fear Never Knocks". He dresses in a black jacket, wears a black cowboy hat and has pale skin.


Jenny and Jack are temporarily staying with their grandfather who is a successful renowned psychiatrist. Jenny wants to have said career when she grows up and asks Grandpa George what he is afraid of and how he gets his patients to face their fears, but he claims that he's not too afraid of anything and refuses to tell her anything else.

When Grandpa George goes out for his retirement dinner, Jenny sneaks into his office to test out his mysterious ancient recorder, and get a taste of what it feels like to be a psychiatrist.

Jenny and Jack pretend to be a psychiatrist and a patient. However, after the two of them admit being afraid of a killer dog and a crazy lady in the closet who wants to scratch Jenny's face, things get scary when their fears begin to appear in real life. Jenny realizes that Grandpa's recorder is making their fears come to life and the only way to make them go away is to face them by breathing calmly.

Despite the dog and crazy lady disappearing, things get worse when Fear himself appears in the lobby. Fear reveals that he sold the recorder to Grandpa George in a deal they made long ago, and now he's returned wanting it back so that he can unleash all the dark fears upon the world. Jenny cleverly tricks Fear into going into the box by saying she is afraid of Fear Itself and it disappears, finally bringing Grandpa George to peace. In the end, Jenny is seen lying in her bed, breathing calmly while you see the closet, showing that no lady is in it.


  • He appears to be based on the A Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddy Krueger.
  • In the credits, he's only called "The Collector".
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