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Introducing the Fearsome Four, guaranteed to destroy Darkwing Duck or your money back!
~ Liquidator

The Fearsome Four is a villainous group from the DuckTales reboot series and the secondary antagonists of the 2017 DuckTales reboot series episode "Let's Get Dangerous." They are a qua-trio of villains from Darkwing Duck's rogues gallery from a fictional universe summoned by Taurus Bulba via the Ramrod. They are based on the Fearsome Five from the original Darkwing Duck series.


  • Megavolt - Electricity-based villain. Voiced by Keith Ferguson
  • Quackerjack - Toy-based villain. Voiced by Michael Bell
  • Liquidator - Water-based villain. Voiced by Corey Burton and Keith Ferguson
  • Bushroot - Plant-based villain. Unvoiced


The Fearsome Four were once fictional supervillains from the defunct Darkwing Duck television show. However, after Taurus Bulba seized control of the Ramrod, a device that can punch holes into other universes, he used it to bring the villains from their reality to his in order to help him conquer the world.

After the villains help Taurus apprehend Scrooge McDuck and his nephews, as well as his former boss, Bradford Buzzard, when they all tried to stop him, he then sets them all loose on St. Canard to search and destroy the real-world version of Darkwing Duck aka Drake Mallard. Alongside Launchpad McQuack and Gosalyn Waddlemeyer, Drake attempts to defeat the villains, but is quickly overpowered. He then decides to go into Taurus Bulba's headquarters to confront him personally, only to be quickly captured by the villains.

The Fearsome Four then help Taurus Bulba with his live broadcast of Darkwing's execution, but were interfered by Launchpad and Gosalyn, who got in by disguising themselves as fellow supervillains. A brawl breaks out between the villains and heroes, and one by one, the villains were defeated. After Gosalyn reluctantly destroys the Ramrod to save the world at the cost of her grandfather, the unconscious villains were then sucked into the unstable rift.

It is currently unknown if they were returned to their own world, got trapped in another, or were simply destroyed.


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