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The Federal Disaster Response Agency (FE.D.R.A.) is an antagonistic unseen faction in The Last of Us. Despite being a background faction, various individuals (including soldiers and drafted civilian workers) working under their auspices are seen.


After the outbreak of CBI (Cordyceps Brain Infection) in September, 2013, the Federal Disaster Response Agency has taken control of the United States Armed Forces and both of them declared martial law, rising in power and becoming a police state. The military move under FEDRA's command moved all uninfected civilians into large quarantine zones within major cities (including Boston and Pittsburgh) in hope to contain the fungus. Because of this, the Fireflies, a militia group were created to defeat FEDRA, restore the pre-outbreak government and find a cure for the disease.

Despite the Fireflies in an effort to take control of the quarantine zones, this results rarely achieved. For example, the revolt led by the Fireflies in Pittsburgh was briefly successful, but its inhabitants eventually became the Hunters. Another example was where the Fireflies were simply defeated by US military forces and eventually forced out in Boston. This may have been due to not managing to cause any large-scale uprisings by civilians, so the Fireflies there were mostly small groups of rebels who engaged in urban warfare and occasional terrorist attacks.

A mixture of the Fireflies, Hunters and independent civilians took control of the remaining zones.

Events of The Last of Us

By 2033, Boston, still under the control of the FEDRA who appears to have gained the upper hand in the war against the Fireflies. Despite controling only a few zones, it is still powerful, with control over the remnants of the US military, and they dispatch the latter to pursue Joel, Ellie and Tess who try to escape the Boston Quarantine Zone and reach the Capitol Building. Joel can view the files of FEDRA.

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