Fedora is a soldier in the Warp Monarch and antagonist in Chouseishin Gransazer. Despite dying in the ancient past, Fedora's spirit survived into the present day, eventually coming into conflict with the Gransazers.


Fedora fought for the Warp Monarch in their war against Earth. Despite dying in the conflict, Fedora's rage towards humans caused him to live on as a spirit.

In the present day, Fedora possessed the body of Henry Wakasugi to carry out the orders he received long ago, eventually bring him into conflict with the Gransazers.

Via the Crystal Slab, Gransazers and Professor Wakui discovered Fedora's true identity and history as a soldier for Warp Monarch. The Gransazers then went to confront Fedora again and used the Crystal Slab to make Fedora realize he was dead, finally putting his spirit at rest.


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