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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Let us do without formal greeting...You all die now.
~ Feitan

Feitan is an antagonist in the anime/manga series Hunter X Hunter. He is a member of the Phantom Troupe, an infamous gang of thieves with class A bounties and the current de facto leader of the group. His physical strength ranks fifth in the group.

He is voiced by Akari Hibino in the Japanese version of the 1999 anime and Meredith Taylor Parry in the English version, while in the 2011 anime he is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi in the Japanese version and Tom Bauer in the English version.


Feitan is of small stature but is also lean and muscular. He has black, mid-length hair, grey eyes, and a pale complexion. He wears dark and baggy long-sleeved clothes, and a bandana sporting the trademark skull crest over his mouth. The location of Feitan's spider tattoo has yet to be revealed.


Feitan with one of his victims in the background.

Feitan is the Phantom Troupe's interrogator, being very proficient in the art of torture. His speech usually consists of few words and poor grammar; when angered, he speaks a language of unknown origin, different from the common language of the world.

He is cold-natured but very loyal to Chrollo Lucilfer and the Phantom Troupe as a whole. He is implied to be deeply involved with all Phantom Troupe activities, remembering exact details of how long it's been since the last time all of the members have gathered together, what has changed since then and who the new members are or when Chrollo gave him instructions.

Feitan and Shalnark tease Phinks.

Feitan occasionally clashes with the other members, but he seems to get along well with them. He is particularly close to Phinks, with whom he partners during missions and competes to see who can get more kills. Some subtle moments also suggest that Feitan has a good friendship with Shalnark: he once assured Shalnark that Uvogin would not be killed easily, and the two toasted each other while the Troupe celebrated their success after the second auction. He also seems to trust Shalnark's judgment, as he conceded on letting Gon and Killua go home after they were first captured by the Phantom Troupe, but only after Shalnark determined that it would be fine to do so. Feitan also displays a humorous side, shown when he and Shalnark tease Phinks after their respective battles against the Chimera Ants, with Feitan wearing a goofy expression on his face the whole time.

As the Troupe's interrogator, Feitan once remarked that he felt "most sorry" for his victim, indicating that he showed some signs of sympathy. However, he is nonetheless a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain. He once planned to rip off Gon's nails. Another instance of Feitan's sadism is the maniacal laughter and mocking directed at Zazan while the latter was agonizing.


Feitan is one of the outcasts who is not considered to be part of the society. People who live there do not exist in any official records, and the existence of the city itself is known to very few people.Later, the Troupe was joined by more members, in accordance with Chrollo's idea of a group comprising of exactly thirteen members, including himself.

Feitan is often seen in the anime and manga reading Trevor Brown art books.Feitan appears to be left-handed and seemingly ambidextrous as he is seen holding his sword in his left hand until it is broken and then switches to using his right hand during the fight with Zazan. When Chrollo used Neon's ability to predict the Troupe members' fortunes, Feitan was one of three members whose fortune was not told due to lack of information, since he doesn't know the date of his birth.

After defeating Zazan, the self-proclaimed queen of the Chimera Ants, Feitan became de facto leader of the Phantom Troupe, until Chrollo gets the use of his Nen abilities back.   

Powers and Abilities

Feitan is not recorded in any database, which makes obtaining information about him nearly impossible. Feitan's abilities stand out, even among the Phantom Troupe, over which, being the interim leader, has a moderate amount of authority. His extreme speed, great strength, and swordsmanship, together with his powerful Nen abilities, make him a deadly opponent. Since he rarely gets to fight at full strength, he often underperforms in terms of skills and abilities (Despite them still being remarkable) for the first minutes of a fight. Feitan also has a great strength of mind and a ruthless behavior that prevent him from hesitating.

  • Enhanced Strength: Feitan is the fifth physically strongest member in the Troupe. He was able to restrain Gon after the latter won an arm-wrestling contest against Nobunaga.
  • Immense Speed and Reflexes: Feitan's speed is among the highest in the Troupe. He was able to move behind and restrain Gon in the blink of an eye. After he unleashed his howl, Uvogin stated that for Feitan, covering his ears before the sound reached him was no trouble at all. Feitan was also able to jump out of a car before Fun Fun Cloth enveloped it. He beheaded multiple Mafia members in an instant. During his fight with Zazan, he moved so fast that Kalluto followed him with difficulty, and created multiple afterimages of himself while dodging all of Zazan's high-speed attacks, despite defining himself "rusty," while the other Spiders commented that he was not at the top of his game.
  • Immense Agility: Feitan is able to attack from every direction while darting around at impressive speed, recovering his position quickly right after an exchange of blows and assaulting the enemy relentlessly.
  • Advanced Stamina: Feitan was able to dodge nearly every attack from Zazan and move at immense speeds without breaking a sweat.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Feitan continued fighting against a very powerful enemy such as Zazan even after having one arm and some ribs were broken. After winning, he, alongside the rest of the Troupe members, fought and killed all the humans turned into monsters.
  • Master Swordsman: Feitan carries a concealed sword which he wields proficiently. He redirected most of Zazan's attacks with his sword. He can exploit an opening in the enemy's movements to land a deadly attack, as well as perform multiple feints so quickly that Kalluto, a talented assassin, could barely count them.
  • Master Torturer: Feitan is adept at torturing people in order to get information out of them, as he did with Owl, or to exact revenge, as he was going to do with Gon, and is eager to do so. He used a form of torture when he killed Zazan with his Pain Packer: Rising Sun.
  • Nen: Transmutation
    • He is a powerful Nen user whose Rising Sun would have been lethal to multiple members of the Phantom Troupe if they had stayed by the location where it was unleashed. Shizuku admitted that she and some other Phantom Troupe members almost died while trying to watch it. The armor, which he materializes before using the ability, suggests that he is skilled in Conjuration as well. Additionally, Feitan employs Emission to detach the aura from his body while preparing the attack. Using three Nen categories simultaneously demonstrates versatility and competence. Aside from Hatsu, he has also mastered advanced Nen techniques like Shu and Ko, which he can combine, as well as Ken. These advanced applications imply that he can use Ten, Ren, Zetsu, and Gyo.
    • Pain Packer: Pain Packer is activated by Feitan's rage. He conjures a suit of armor that protects him from the effects of the ensuing technique. His aura output also receives a boost. Phinks implied that there are multiple variations of this ability and that each has a different suit of armor.
    • Rising Sun: Feitan transmutes his aura into scorching heat, its power depending on the pain and injuries inflicted to him in battle. The ability is manifested by emitting a ball of aura into the air, which then transforms into a miniature sun that burns the victim to death. The more damage he has suffered, the hotter the fire, and the longer it will burn. Rising Sun has a huge attack radius. While Feitan wears his armor, he is not harmed by the heat and is supplied a source of oxygen. The activation requirement of this ability may suggest it is counteractive.


We take what we want.
~ Feitan.
Family? What's that?
~ after decapitating a mobster who survived their (Phantom Troupe Members) massacre and threatened to kill their families.
Piece of crap...Know your place.
~ to Zazan.
Hot enough for you? It scorches your throat closed so you can't breathe. You can run away, you know. If you can even move, that is. What's wrong? I thought your body was indestructible.
~ to Zazan when burning her to death with Rising Sun.
Out of fuel already? And the heat wasn't that strong...How unfortunate...You could have had a quicker death if you'd dealt me more damage. Well, you only have yourself to blame.
~ to Zazan after killing her with Rising Sun.


  • In the official databook, his name is also spelled as "Heytun".
    • The alternative form of Feitan's name may be a reference to his Chinese-like theme and "origin" as it is very similar to the hanzi 黑暾 (hēi tūn, in Mandarin), where 黑 (hēi) [usually] means "black/dark" (referring to the general color scheme for the character) and 暾 (tūn) [literary] means "new-risen sun/morning sun/sun above the horizon" (referring to his Nen ability Rising Sun).
  • When Chrollo used Neon's ability to predict the Troupe members' fortunes, Feitan was one of three members whose fortune was not told due to lack of information, since he doesn't know the date of his birth.
  • Feitan appears to be left-handed and seemingly ambidextrous as he is seen holding his sword in his left hand until it is broken and then switches to using his right hand during the fight with Zazan.
  • Feitan has often been seen in the anime and manga reading Trevor Brown art books.
  • The name Feitan and the Pain Packer ability are possibly both references to the Greek mythological figure, Phaethon, son of the solar deity Helios (the personification of the Sun). Phaethon means "Shining One" and was also the name of Phaethon, son of Eos (Goddess of the Dawn).
  • Feitan is apparently 28 years old.


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