Felicia Scott

Felicia Scott is the main villainess from "A Dozen Red Roses," episode 1.19 of The Mentalist.

She was portrayed by Rebecca Rigg.


Felicia Scott is an actress and the wife of Felix Hanson, who was financing Felicia's latest film. She was also the stepmother to Felix's daughter, Sydney. However, Felicia had grown to despise Felix after an argument over script issues, leading her to believe that Felix was suffocating her and wouldn't want men looking at her. Following the argument, Felicia planned to kill her husband, and when Sydney's boyfriend, Brandon Fulton, visited the home looking for Sydney, the villainess began seducing him and manipulating him into doing her evil bidding. Felicia falsely claimed that Felix was abusing her, and shortly afterwards, Brandon lured Felix to Hollywood Blvd by telling him that Sydney was in trouble, and it was there that Brandon shot and killed Felix with a .45 caliber pistol. After Brandon panicked over killing Felix, the evil Felicia lured Brandon to her home, where she took the gun and killed him.

Felicia managed to make Brandon's murder appear to be committed in self-defense, after feigning fear when Cho and Rigsby arrived at the scene. However, Felicia's villainous deeds were revealed when she and Sydney filmed their movie, only with Sydney hurling her accusations toward her evil stepmother instead of reciting her lines. Felicia attempted to deny everything, but after Patrick Jane's "direction" for the villainess to come clean, Felicia finally broke down and claimed that Felix was suffocating her, a form of abuse, which the crew doesn't buy. In her interrogation, Felicia confessed to everything, though not entirely truthful in her statement. She claimed that Brandon forced himself on her and she let him; flashbacks showed that she was the aggressor. While she admitted that Felix loved Sydney, Felicia claimed that Felix didn't care about her own needs, and went as far as to say that if he had, none of this would have happened. Felicia was arrested (off-screen) for killing her husband and Brandon.