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Felicity Parham is a background character in the Cartoon Network series The Amazing World Of Gumball.

She serves as the the main antagonist of the episode in Season 3, "The Law". In this episode, while the Doughnut Sheriff was fired, Gumball jaywalks, causing her to go on a psychopathic rampage through the park while driving a hijacked ice cream truck. She also has a son named Billy, who is a blue sphere.

She returns as the main antagonist in "The Egg" along with her son, Billy, where she criticized Nicole about her family and insulted her. Nicole turns into a demon and attacks Felicity and tried to eat her, only to be interrupted by noticing Anais and Billy are gone. The two mothers continue to fight again, but finally found their kids in the museum. Nicole then punches Felicity away.

Her third role as the main antagonist was in "The Blame", Felicity bans all video games in Elmore after her son Billy passes out from his first sight of them. She locked the students of Elmore Junior High in the library, forcing them to read books. Gumball and his friends suddenly get an idea to ban all the books in Elmore. The students then barged into the auditorium and sang the song "Books Are Violent", terrifying Felicity and the other parents. After the song is done, Felicity and all the other parents want to ban books as well, but Gumball says that the real lesson they were trying to teach was that media isn't the source problem but it is rather how parents teach their kids to react to it. However, Felicity comically doesn't learn anything from the children and she and the other parents destroy all the books in a giant book burning.




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